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    I agree :-)
    I could not even use Kemper if not owning my Friedman BE100 and Mesa JP2C etc.. and not making my own specific profiles ! I went thru all available profiles on the net and not even one sounded the way I setup my Friedman and other amps..

    So for me Kemper is just the tool which let me leave my heavy and fragile amps at home and use their DNA on stage without worrying about bad tubes and weight..

    Of course it's maybe 90% or little more of feel of my tube amps live on stage, but close enough to be happy and inspired..

    And no.. For me tube amps are not dead for sure.. I still need them if I change my mind or taste, and go to my Friedman or Mesa and set up deferent stomps and eqs and do new profiles and use them live exactly the way I love it to be :-)

    The same here..
    Only my first gig ,about one year ago with Axe seemed to be nice..You know..all that jazz about Axe..Vai,Petrucci..and now me ;-)..
    But after next gigs I started to hear more details in sound and it's plastic ,strange honkey quality..
    After 12 months I already hated Axe Fx..I play a lot of rock versions of Mozart,Beethoven..etc ..And I just couldn't play all staccato,fast passages cause the fill was so unnatural to me..
    Now with KPA it's all way around..As more I play the more I love this box..:-) Amazing IMHO...

    The only problem to me is the lack of whammy and pitch transposer/harmonizer which I use in few of my orginal composition and "Owner of the Lonely heart" by Yes cover song..and controlling mix of delay,reverb etc with expression pedal in it's full range...For this reason I'm gonna use again my G-Major2 as an effect long as I will get those effects implemented in to KPA..

    Well guys I can tell you that IMHO the Kemper + GT800 FX + TT CAB loaded with EVM12l is a fantastic combinaison ("cab bypass" set as a cab on the KPA) :thumbsup:
    Had my first reversal last WE with this configuration and WHAOUUU!!!
    So if Matrix could do an Amp that fit in the back of my KPA I will buy it.

    Yesterday I had a chance to test in my studio Italian guitar tube head DV Mark Little 40 L34 and I was very impressed when connected my KPA to return input in loop section (using it's power amp section with two EL34s)...Cause it's 40 watts amp with nice CPC circuit (scalling power down to 1 watt with dedicated pot) i pushed easy the power tubes a little...Really juicy,singing sound ala Guthrie Govan on his Cornford MK50H (which I used to use).I'm keen on to buy this little,handy amp (7kg) and use it as power amp with my KPA..or if any problems should occur with my digital lunch box (I'm sure will not 8) ) I could always go ahead with my gig using DV Mark as a regular amp 8o

    Ok so I am less then thrilled right now with going to FRFR. In my studio, through my KRK 8's Kemper sounds glorious, magical, stunning, breathtaking. I just received an RCF NX 10 SMA. I ran from monitor out to the RCF. The magic is gone. Pretty lifeless, boxy, and sterile. None of the bounciness I feel through studio monitors. To be honest, I hate it. I just came from an Elevenrack into a QSC K 10 and it sounded MUCH better. I havent had a ton of time to try and dial it in but Im curious, do you guys run your frfr from monitor out of the Kemper or do you run it from the main outs? Does it make a difference? I havent tried it yet. I was expecting to be blown away by the rather pricey RCF, but so far Im repelled by it. It could be I havent had enough time to dial it in, but so far it seems to need ALOT of dialing.

    In my studio I run it spdif out to my interface and I just cant stop playing. The 5153 patch just puts a grin on my face everytime. Playing that patch through the RCF sounds way different. I plan on spending alot of time with it this week trying to get it worked out, but curious as to what output you guys are taking to your frfr. Also, do you guys have to drastically eq your sound for frfr? I didnt really have to for my Elevenrack. Any insight would be splendid.

    Hi Jeff,
    I tried few times to go FRFR, but so far I always hated it, so I go now from monitor out(cabs disabled) to my power amp (Splawn Nitro loop return)and to 2x12 Cornford cab or 4x12 Splawn... I'm gonna to get also VHT 2502 or maybe DV Mark Little 40 and connect it to loop return..also used Rocktron Velocity 250,but real magic start when I have tube power amp and push the tubes a little..Then it really sings and fatsup nicely..Especially in live situation with loud drums in stage a good tube power amp seams to be the only real deal tonewise etc..Rocktron V250 while plaing home seemed to be ok, but on stage I found it plasic and lifeless...Pushing power tubes is the right way for me and KPA :-)..Of course in my studio on Yamaha msp10s the sound is great...but all stage monitors I tried so far sound like crap...I had the same sort of experience with my Axe Fx Ultra..
    Main out I send with cabs sims on to FOH..

    Nice :-) Waiting for your profiles unpatiently !

    There, I said it! I love it, it's awesome! I've just been jamming at home and recorded a quick of a new FRFR speaker and it sounds great, I then jammed for another two hours straight and I can't remember the last time I did that [Blocked Image:]

    In my case it's even better..I love playing live with my band more then ever..It's so nice under your fingers while playing with real drums etc...I use some Divided By 13 amp profile,tweeked to my guitar,power amp,speaker cab..It makes me appreciate more those superb tube amps out there I've never had a chance to play ever before in person..Thanks Christoph once again for this revolutionary tool and keep my fingers crossed for integrated power amp for KPA available soon :-)

    Yep late last year i thought i wanted a axe II, and yes there are alot of features i think would be nice to have here in the kemper profiler, but for some reason i kept coming back and looking for more information on this kemper amp. I got my ticket for the axe a few months ago, and found a video youtube that showed off all the presets, and i must say they have improved it quite a bit sound wise. I am pretty curious to see how much improved version firmware 5 has done
    for the axe, which makes it a difficult thing to pull away from. but from all the improvement the the vids i saw of the kemper just sounded more real then the axe. So I'm hoping this kemper amp can put to rest that a non tube amp cant be as good as tubed in my band mates ears, and when it arrives here in the near future, it will rock there socks off. I'm still rather bummed that i still am using my verve amp, and want a serious upgrade for that department, but that will have to wait a few more months till i can figure out the best route to go there. So the kemper is ordered, and will be in the mail tomorrow I'm guessing. Jeff from michigan

    I used my Axe Fx Ultra for one year (including 7 months Middle East tour of my Mr.Pollack band),and was pulling hair off my head to have a real amp feeling in loud band onstage situation..No luck...It was sometimes ok,but never great..Some plastic,stiff feeling,if you know what I mean..

    With my KPA..last weekend I had three shows and every one was a great success, pure pleasure and joy at last :-) And for the first time I sold out whole bag of my albums after the gigs,which always is an indication how I'm doing soundwise..Of course KPA still has some imperfections and bugs....but core sound is really good and I'm looking forward for dedicated power amp which I could install inside of this box,to have a nice stage package :-)

    That's just the way I roll. Besides, when you dial in a delay mix at home, it never seems right on a live gig, so you mess with it all the time. Years ago I finally just moved to delays where I could control the mix on the fly w/an expression pedal. Need no delay at all? Turn the expression pedal all the way down (plus you just saved a switch on your controller!). Need U2-level of delay? That's all the way to the toe. Anything in between is everywhere in between. It's beautiful.

    But the Kemper doesn't have that yet. How bout it, Cristoph?


    I agree very much :-) That's the most importand improvement I need now from KPA..

    Yes ! Christoph,PLEASE !!! Let us have 100% clean preamp sound from monitor out..It's VERY importand in my setup...I have hard time now because of actual limitation..PLEASE !

    Now I have to mic cab and give it to FOH instead of giving them a nice cab simulation from main outputs...cause when I add any cab sim to my preamp profile the sound of my monitor output changes in to something which I can't use with my power amp/speaker setup ! ..Disabling cab sim on monitor output doesn't work properly,at the moment..