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    I can confirm that everything helped in my case. Rig Manager now running on macOS Catalina and Kemper perfectly synced now. Thank you very much Kemper team for this fast fix!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Updated today (unwillingly) to mac os catalina. Re-installing rig manager did not help. Neither an update of xcode to the newest version did help. Nor deplugging all devices and bundling it with plenty of restarts.

    Rig Manager still does not want to run on my machine.

    Wie kommt Ihr mit der unglaublich großen Anzeige-Verzögerung beim Performance-Wechsel per Remote klar?

    Ich habe ne Menge Performances im Live-Betrieb in Gebrauch und muss zwischen den Stücken schon mal 10 oder 20 Plätze überspringen. Die Zielperformance trifft man einfach nicht auf Anhieb, es sei denn man zählt die Schaltvorgänge im Kopf mit. Blöde dabei ist, dass ich auch noch der Frontmann im Trio bin und den Zuschauernre immer erklären muss was ich da treibe, wenn's mal wieder länger dauert.
    Man kann zwar am Profiler selber auch über den "Type-Regler (glaube ich)" die Performance wechseln, aber das finde ich noch blöder, wenn man nach jedem Stück mit dem Rücken zum Publikum an seinem Amp rumfummelt.

    Ich finde, ein komfortabler Performance-Wechsel ist 'ne Grundfunktion für ein Floorboard. Irgendwie müsste das doch besser realisiert werden können.

    Meine Frage ist, warum du so viele Plätze überspringen musst? Ist eure Show sehr spontan ausgelegt? Ansonsten die Reihenfolge der Performances anhand der Set-Liste vorher festlegen und speichern. Dann brauchst Du nur noch sequentiell schalten.

    Wieviele Performances nutzt Du denn insgesamt? Pro Stück eine eigene oder ein begrenzter Fundus aus <10? Vielleicht ist deine Herangehensweise noch auf anderes Equipment vor der Kemper Zeit ausgelegt?

    Saw it at Musikmesse and talked for some time with the guys. The demo was quite surprisingly impressive (given the background noise at musikmesse). He was playing with kind of 80's super power strat. The emulation of various pickup types from ES-125, 335 up to tele & strat sounded promising.

    Seems like they take a similiar approach as Kemper with frequency profiling. The company started some 4 years ago, and they pretend to hold a patent on the profiling technology. Larger version of the pedal planned to follow/launch next year, earliest.

    Currently it is not possible to make your own profiles. Maybe a future feature. Though, they are planning something like a profile (rig) exchange platform.

    My all time favorite of Andy's amps is the 59 Bassman. It includes quite a few different boosted profiles and each time I go back to it I can hardly believe the sound of that thing. Just quietly, I think Leo Fender might have been onto something with that amp. Although there are quite a few Bassman profile sets around these days, this one jumps out of the cans like no other.

    +1 for the 59 Bassman - one of the first commercial profiles I got. And still loving it. Always getting back to it.

    Hi SloeGin,

    I just did a comparison between Atomic CLR (non-wedge, non-neo . which I own) and the Friedman ASM 12 (my friend's one) last weekend together with a friend. We also added some regular guitar cabinets to the test.
    Tried various profiles (clean, crunch and dist.), plus some acoustic sounds.

    In brief, the Atomic is more neutral to the profiles. Where the Friedman does have more of a "darker" base sound. Considered to be a designed by purpose feature. But this could easily be adjusted using EQ settings according to your needs.

    Having this said. Both are fantastic boxes, you can't go wrong with either. It is more a matter of personal taste. Maybe some other factors to be considered: size of company, quality of support, availability, price etc.

    What is your current setup / signal chain?

    Try the looper "at the end". E.g. using main out or monitor out and then go from them looper to the amp/monitor. Using a small mixer could help also.