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    well... since you put it that way...

    here's a link to my dropbox with... I dunno.. may 750 meg of BIAB files... thousands of songs... they are nested in directories.. sorry I couldn't zip them but hey... have fun!!

    BIAB Files

    Wow, thanks for sharing this extensive library Duke! :thumbup:

    I agree, BIAB is great for jamming along, learning new songs and also a needy to tool for songwriting. I love it, and will upgrade to Mac 2014 soon.

    Now I have another question: I use a LF+12+ MIDI pedalboard so I could plug the expression pedal straight into it, instead of running it to the rear panel of the Kemper. Which option would be better, to plug the SP1 to the LF+ or the EP1-KP (even the SP1) directly to the Kemper?

    Using my KPA with LF+12+ snd EP1-KP (plugged into the LF) w/o any problems.

    I am having a heck of a time getting profile names to sync correctly!! I had them working yesterday but today they are off again?

    I had this issue as well. Things that minimized the synching issues (at least for me) are:
    - Make sure, you have the latest firmware for the LF+; there had been an updated recently addressing synching issues with KPA
    - Use shorter MIDI cables. I did use cables of 10 meter length. Now, 6m seems to be working better (signal latency?)
    - Always plugin/fire up the KPA first and wait until final boot is finished before switching on the LF+

    This might be voodoo, but my feeling is, it almost eliminated sync issues between the LF+12+ and KPA.

    There won't be a KPA 2.0 for a very long time (imho), for several reasons:
    - The haptic user experience of the KPA is very thoroughly researched, unique and visionary - in its essence comparable to iPhone / iPad
    - There are two different units available already: toaster and rack.
    - It is designed to scale for new features without hardware changes.
    - It does include hardware not really being used til now, so more to come.
    - A LOT of improvements, bugfixes and NEW features had been introduced by just a new software release (aka firmware upgrades)
    - And it scales for FREE!! I've never ever seen anything comparable like this before in any industry. An interesting combination of open source (rig exchange) and closed source (hardware, etc.)
    - The product has an appealing but polarizing design.
    - It definitly adds value to anybody using it, being hobbiest or professional.
    - They are just about to increase their trustworthy ambassador base (evangalists), though being quite very reluctant/hesitating with endorsments.
    - The company seems to have an autocratic/dictatorial mastermind as leader (CK instead of SJ) ;)

    Looks like they studied Apple quite well ;)

    So, I'd rather expect Kemper charging us for firmware V3.0, than introducing a new model, soon. The corporate strategy seems to focus on selling the existing hardware concept for a long time, before introducing a new model of our beloved Kemper.

    Ok guys bit of an update I have been talking to Andy from The Amp Factory about doing some professional profiles of this amp, he is interested in doing it.
    Anyone on here be interested in them ?

    Hi, I would definitely be interested in a profile of this. Would be great!

    One option could be to use the "snapshotting" function.

    From the Kemper manual:


    Back in the RIG page, the soft button “Browse Snapshots” allows you to browse snapshots with the BROWSE knob.
    Snapshots are backups of entire rigs, and are automatically generated for everything that would otherwise be lost. For instance, a snapshot is created when you store over an existing rig. This way, you can go back to what you’ve overwritten, at any point in time. You can also take snapshots manually by using the soft button “Store Snapshot” in the regular play screen.
    After pressing “Browse” you can use the soft button “Delete” to delete a selected snapshot, and the soft button “Load” to load a selected snapshot.

    Well, nothing works without "programmation and configuration". Neither the KPA plus any board, nor any other alternative product. Even when using 'real' stomp pedals, one would have to setup all parameter values properly, build a pedal board, arrange signal chain, etc. From my personal perspective, KPA plus a Luiquid Foot+ midi board, is one of the most flexible setups to have. But it is all dependent on your personal workflow and expectations.

    What could be the advantage of locking them then?

    To my understanding, the advantage would be, that you keep the exact same effects including all parameter settings, when changing rigs. So, could be that one want to change amps, or e.g. have the same amp with different gain levels and keep all effects as is.