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    I used to run 2 kempers midi'd together and switching with a midi moose. Now I'm using performance mode with a profiler remote. Is there a simple way to have the main KPA in performance mode switch the cloned KPA in performance mode so they run identically?

    Thanks all :-) His tone was unbelievable. He had a bludo-drive, two Dumble overdrive reverbs, a PRS custom amp, three Boogie MkI combos and two prs 4x12's. The security around his rig was pretty tight. I could barely get a pic, let alone a profile :-D

    I joked to my guitar tech that it would be worth a seriously large amount of money if I could just get the Kemper between his guitar cable and the speaker array for 120 seconds :-)

    Maybe I'll pluck up the courage next time. He was a bit busy wailing on Europa this time.

    Does anyone have a connection for KPA backline rentals in the USA? Our TM has been through the usual rental companies in Nashville and none of them stock. Rather call every back line supplier in the US, I thought it might be worth asking here. I'm after two KPA's (don't need the power amp version) for a two-month tour.

    So I am going to grab a 2nd KPA for stereo amping (the one reason I still use Guitar Rig/plugins/etc. is for quick stereo amp composing/tracking). I'm just thinking of the best way to split the guitar signal to both KPAs - I was thinking about just plugging the guitar into one KPA, out the direct out and into the second. Will that introduce any latency at all to the 2nd unit? I obviously for phase reasons want to have the exact same dry guitar signal timing into both units. I know I could use a splitter pedal before the KPAs also but if I can avoid having to use a pedal just for that, I will. Any comments/thoughts/experiences?

    I use two in parallel on tour. To keep the signal completely clean and have them operate independently, I send my guitar signal into a Lehle P-split, then left and right to the two Kempers. This has the added advantage, apart from discrete simultaneous signals, of having a phase reverse switch and a ground hum eliminator..

    If one falls over, the other keeps going - both running off a 1kva UPS.

    I always credit everyone I can think of. You paid them for their time, sure, but if you only credit people who helped you for free, it will probably be a very short list. I also believe firmly that the more goodwill you put into your industry, the more good luck will follow your career.

    You probably have heard his music without knowing that it was him. "Scatterlings of Africa" still gets airplay (at least here in the south of of Germany on SWR3).

    We spent a lot of time working on the German market. We did Rockpalast, Live Aus Dem Schlachthof, Deutschlandhalle Berlin and a huge tour of really great venues underwritten by Jurgen Turnau. Unfortunately, we didn't have the KPA then.

    Awesome photo, Andy, thanks for sharing. :thumbup:

    There you go, 1964 Blackface Bassman by Daniel Pee rocked the RAH! :)

    I noticed a photo on your FB page of a full recording 'Live' setup at I think the 2012 Canada show?
    Recording live shows, can we look forward to a "Live" album any time soon?
    That's going to be some fun, can't wait for that to release.

    Yep - big thanks to Daniel Pee and others like Till S who make amazing sounds for the Kemper that are completely usable and 100% amp-like for stage and cutting through the mix.

    As far as live recording goes, we recorded three shows on the US tour that sounded GREAT and we had enough multitracked material to do a live release from that tour. Unfortunately, the powers that be have canned that idea for the foreseeable future.

    I do have rough mixes of that tour from our engineer. The KPA sounded super-tight. :D

    joe blob- great photo!
    I have to say that I think this thread is just embarrasing, Armin who started it, stated (correct me if im wrong) saying he may have been mistaken and that he may have used different guitars in his evaluation but ...
    still it goes on, maybe its because creating music is so demanding that anything that stands in the way of perceived ability to create is treated like a witch burning and that is what this thread is ...witch burning.

    I'm going to build a harmonic perculator, not that I need one but I haven't built anything since i've had the kemper (before that 3 tube amps, recording preamps, 1176 compressor clones , a gyraf tube mic) but which circuit? there is 2 different schematics out there and some people swear by the orignal interfax harmonic perculator and some by a schematic that was found on the internet which differs form the orignal ....but then it seems there are several that all claim to be orginal..guess what? interfax used whatever components they had as long as it produced the same sound. fw 1.5.4 or 1.6.0 it does not fu*king matter, its good enough, its space age good, aliens will be landing and wanting the kemper technology and asking...but wheres all the new songs? well where are they?

    I think we should write a song about this thread. It needs to be country methinks :whistling:

    That is the mega case. I have the Thon case, which is almost identical. I have gone on four tours with my KPA in the case - flying in the aircraft hold, in the trailer on a tour bus, being bounced off loading ramps by stagehands.

    Yes, the case has a few scratches, but my Kemper doesn't! It looks like it did the day I bought it. :)

    If you're traveling with the KPA, get a road case.

    I just did it on my own.

    [Blocked Image:]

    The differences are minimal in your case. Probably the amount of gain in the profile has some effect on it.

    A small change in the signal between 600-900hz - but I doubt a bat could hear it. The interesting thing for me is the variance in your red line above 10-12k. It looks like the result of Spectral Band Replication. Did you use a lossless audio format for the comparison? (wav, aiff, etc. are good; mp3, AAC, Ogg are not). I'm just curious.