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    I think the artifacts when morphing delay is a my big issue. I want to change from a short slap back delay to a longer solo delay. Even with the lowest rise/fall time there are unacceptable artifacts. You can use two effects instead but then you loose a slot.

    I would like to choose emmidiate cut off of the delay when you morph to a new setting


    I had the Helix floor but I never found really good OD/disortion sound. I had to use pedals and bought and tried new ones every week. I now have Stage and Two Kemper Kone cabs and I just love this setup. It is something in the sound, the breakup, dynamics and how it cleans up with the volume knob that I have never experienced before. At least not at reasonable volume levels

    Ok I do not use so much effects but if you need that Helix (or Axe-Fx) has more.

    For me the most important is the basic sound. If it is not what you whant it does not matter what effects you ad.


    I have two Kemper Kones (in stereo) And I love them.

    The Kones can be used with different imprints but you can also run them in ”FRFR” = with just the special designed Kemper speaker and no imprints.

    However do not expect that a profile that is created with i.e. Greenback always will sound the same with the Kone in FRFR mode as compared with the Kone with Greenback imprint and the Cab in the stack section disabled.
    Why? It’s not only the speaker element that effects the tone but also mik placement etc. The Kone can not simulate that.

    My experience is that samtimes the sound is very similar, sometimes the FRFR mode sounds better but in general the Kone + Imprint sounds best.

    That’s my personal opinion but I am far from a expert


    Now after I had my Kemper Stage for some 3 - 4 months I am selling all my pedals.

    I do not need them any more.

    One of the pedals is a JHS mod EHX Soul Food.

    Very good pedal so I decided to do a comparison and connected it to my stage.

    I am not a pro but I managed to tweak the Kemper drive so it was SO close and to be honest even though there was a slight difference (could probably be tweaked further) it was so close it was hard to decide which was the winner but I say Kemper Drive.

    It is a fantastic piece of gear!!:thumbup::thumbup:


    We all know the problem when you listen to music or edit a profile att low volume. You perhaps add more bass and treble and it sounds great but at playing level it sucks with to much bass and treble.

    I mostly play and try nwe profiles at bedroom level since I got a wife, ad dog, a cat and neighbours.......:rolleyes:

    Has anyone constructed an approximate EQ setting to adjust from bedroom to playing level?

    Next problem is that it also need to cut thru the mix but that you can adjust when the first is in place


    Hi and thanks for the reply.

    I do not really follow but thats probably because of my unclear question and english :)

    I have the input locked as you say but what I meant was that if you have several rigs and you want to go thru them quickly it is good to use the same settings for i.e. reverb and delay. I lock them at reasonable effect levels.

    Then I walk thru several rigs and suddenly I find one that I like. I perhaps tweak the bass, middle and whatever and then I want to save it.

    At that point I do not know what the original reverb and delay was and if I save the present rig, and not a copy, I store the locked versions and overwrite the originals, and they are lost.

    You write that it should warn each time I store but if I hit "STORE RIG" in rig manager I get no warning.



    Often if you buy rigs there is a lot similar profiles with differnt mikes, mike placement etc.

    Sometimes there are different effects in the rig an somtimes none. To compare rigs I add moderate delay and a reverb and then lock them. If I tweak a profile and ”save rig” I owerwrite the original effects which I perheps not want. I would like to have a warning before save - ”are you sure you want to overwrite original settings” or similar.


    Hi I thought I hade the same problem first. When I tried to close rig manager it said that it was still working.

    I closed anyhow and started again. It then said that the Stage had to be updated to latest OS and I realized I had not done that correctly.

    After I followed the instruction carefully it is now up running with no issues and I am very happy :-)

    I hope it works out for you.


    I would like to add a column for "Own comment" just as the column "Own rating¨

    I could comment which of my guitars the rig suits, note if it is clean, crunch, solo, high gain or whatever.

    And since I run the Kemper Kones I would really appreciate imprints of Scumback 75, Classic Lead 80 and Roland Jazz Chorus speakers.