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    I have an iMac running on 10.7.5
    I have installed the Rig Manager software without any problems
    'Thew "test login details" says ok
    iI have set the same author name in the software and in the profiler and in the software
    I have connected a USB cable från the Kemper to my iMac.

    I get no response on the profiler.

    When I change the patch nothing happens o the profiler

    I hope some of you guys can solve my problem!


    I noticed the same on two of the rotary knobs.
    I have no problem with the valuta changing by themselves
    I contacted Kemper support. First they said that I must have used to much pressure/ violence on the knobs.
    I asked how the pots are fixed to the chassie.
    I thought I could tighten a nut if I opened it.
    I got tehe answer that it must be a fault inside the pot and the KPA had to be returned to the seller.
    If I open the chassie the warranty would export.
    I have not sent it back yet. The pots is of to low quality I'm afraid.
    Mike / Sweden

    Tried it but only fast.
    With the profile I used I had quite a difference in sound when I lowered the clean sense (from aprox 9 to 3)and to the better in my opinion.
    The volume of the sound did not change more than slightly.
    Then I disabled the compressor (slot A) for that profile and then the volume dropped very much when lowering the clean sense (as expected) but the sound quality did not change as it did with the compressor enabled.
    With the compressor enabled changing the clean setting definitely changes the sound.



    One problem for me is that I am living in a flat with neighbors all around me.
    That forces med to play and tweak at a moderate volume.
    As we now that means that the sound will not be the same when playing at normal/high volume due to the fact that our ears is not working properly 8o
    On the other hand -if tweaked at high volume it will sound thin at my neighbor accepted volume...
    In the old days you had an "loudness" button on your HIFI amp that increased the low and high frequency when playing low.
    If it is not possible to include that in the Kemper it would be possible to create an EQ curve that compensates in a similar way so the profile tweaked at low volume would sound more correct at high volume.

    Is there anyone that has created such a "loudness EQ curve" or do you just compensate with the master EQ at the fly when gigging?


    But by using direct out I can not use any effect from the Kemper if I would like to.
    I also want to use the SPDIF from Kemper to Eventide.
    What is 'eating' the sound even though I disable STOMP, STACK and EFFECT?
    How come the tone is effected and not bypassed?

    I own a Kemper since a year but I also own a TC G-major2 and a Eventide Eclipse.
    If I connect my Godin LGX with piezo pic-up directly (actually first thru my BBE acoustic) to the Eventide and then out from Eventide to my EV SX100 active speakers I get a fantastic acoustic sound.
    Brilliant and crisp sound.

    If I first connect the guitar to the Kemper, and out from Kemper to Eventide I lose the brilliant sound.
    That is even if I disable the STOMPS, the STACK and the EFFECTS.
    I thought that should be the same as total Bypass but it seems not.

    Anyone having the same experience and how to solve it?
    Or am I doing something totally wrong?

    No I have to use a amp in the STACK to get similar sound.


    I know this is not a new request.
    I have own my KPA a year now.
    I think it sounds terrific.
    However the new firmwares seem to create new problems so I have decided to wait.
    What is worse is the time consuming way to try out new profiles.
    I own a TC G-major 2, and Eventide Eclipse. They can send Sysex directly from the computer and you could download and try out user patches in a breeze.
    I realize KPA profiles is not only about Sysex but er NEED an editor that could send patches via USB, delete profiles in KPA, transfer and save profiles on the computer.
    Untill then I will not even use the KPA and especially not try new profiles.
    I really hope that an Editor is close to be realized.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO CK, Kemper employees, and all KPA users!

    I bought two of them.
    The sound was fantastic but as you wrote, the hiss is very loud and much louder than my previous FBT Verve 12 sma.
    Since I mainly play at home and at modest volume I could not stand it and returned them.
    I bought a pair of EV ZXA1 and the hiss is not as loud and ok.
    The sound is still very good even though not as the RCF but the EV is nearly halv the price, here in Sweden.
    The high noise floor on these amps comes from the Class D technology.

    Or solder a Neutrik silent plug to the guitar end of the cable.
    Works like a charm.
    You do not need to switch anything - just unplug and plug in next guitar silently.


    I went on a few weeks vacation this summer.
    When I came back there were so many new rigs uploaded on the Rig exchange I did not have the time to download to USB, put it into and load the rigs in my KEMPER, and then delete perhaps 90 % of the patches because they were not suiting me.
    To compare with TC G-System, BOSS GT10 etc. that I owned, were you hook up the pedal with the computer (USB), choose a rig/patch and directly hear the result and IF you like something THEN you save it into the pedal.

    That is a big difference and if Kemper had an editor I would easily go thru the 300 rigs I still haven´t tried on the RIG exchange.