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    Not sure about anyone else's unit but holding the system button only worked for me (to fix the monitor out problem) when I held the system button for the entire duration of the boot-up.. eg, power off > press & hold system button > power on and keep holding the system button until boot up has completed and it goes to the initialisation screen.....that might work for the spdif too as the monitor out problem was not even recognised as a problem in the changelog ?( but now seems to be fixed.

    Yeah, this is called pedal touch mode. It works pretty much like the swichless wah pedals (like bad horsie i think), where the wah is activted by a minimal move of the pedal, or just by placing your foot on the pedal.When you take your foot off the pedal, the wah is switched off.

    I use it with an old roland expression pedal and it works perfectly. i have placed that wah in the first stomp slot and used the "lock" function, so i do not need to set it for every preset. Awesome!

    Excellent, thanks. I will get a 30 euro pedal from thomann to try.

    They sent it to me last night, too. And together with a system re-boot (press "system" while starting the kemper) the problem is solved. I works very well.

    Hey thanks for that now works. I wonder why Kemper didn't mention that to me in their email.....I suppose I am supposed to guess :D

    Works great now, thanks again for your help.

    schneidas : I haven't tried the spdif yet....I will try and get around to that later tonight...actually not even sure if I still have and spdif cable. I have spdif inputs on my soundcard but can't locate the cable....will hunt around !

    They sent it to me last night, too. And together with a system re-boot (press "system" while starting the kemper) the problem is solved. I works very well.

    Ah, I will try pressing system on reboot and see what that does for me.....they didn't mention that !

    I had this problem with the original fw, have you updated yours?

    Yes, I am now on version 7012 that Kemper sent to me by email just today. Also I can force this bug to happen if I turn the character of the cab back and forth a few times....very consistent bug. I have reported to them.

    As I thought really, needs to be loud. I can turn the amp all the way up mid-day at home no problem. I'm in a house, not apartment, and I run my business from home. During the day all the neighbours are at work (so am I but I do mine at home), so I can get away with it that long as the house doesn't fall down because of the vibration :D

    I have large studio monitors too in my recording room.

    Can be a solution to this using the mic with a mixer (or audio interface) and send the signal to the kemper with higher level instead of using the built in mic pre?

    I did try that. If I simply record the amp with a microphone at low volume it sounds great but feeding the kemper with the same signal feed that would otherwise have gone to my recorder doesn't give the same result. Very odd. I will have to give it another go when I have more time.

    To get the Mojo out you should profile at gigging volume...difficult in an apartment. That's also one of the reason many people are using DI and Hotplate..

    Yes, that's exactly the reason that I'm using THD hotplate and then use someone else's kemper cab.

    It would be good to hear from some of the pro's in studios to get their input on this.

    Anyone have any links to Wah controllers that could be used with the Kemper. I don't need a full midi footswitch or anything like that, just a wah controller to plug into pedal #1 socket


    useful to know, thanks.

    When you guys make profiles, what volume are you profiling the amp at ? The reason I ask is that I tried profiling my Peavey C30 at home room level (and adjusted the mic input on the kemper) the result was not very good at all, certainly didn't sound like the same sound that the C30 does when recorded direct from the mic. So, I'm assuming you really need to slam the volume of the amp to get good results ? Advice from those who have actually put profiles up for download on this forum would be appreciated

    Here's an odd one. I was playing away for about 30 minutes and then suddenly no sound output from the main stereo outs. The unit was fully functional otherwise (no freeze).

    I rebooted and all was good again, but a bit worrying, especially troublesome if it happens during a gig !

    Actually that serial number wouldn't work anyway as I actually made a typo anyway :D (unless of course that typo made it someone else's serial number). It would be nice to delete the whole thread but I don't see anywhere in this forum to do that.

    I'll take a look at those. I just posted the results of profiling my JCA20H using the hotplate and added one of the cabs from the kemper to it.