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    Something really strange - I just downgraded to 1.03 and you know what? Same behaviour!
    So the new firmware seems to have changed something in the fundamentals of the unit or it was there before unnoticed. I had this strange feeling that since 1.03 my profiles didn't come out as cool as before but I was not sure if I was hallucinating or not, now I am pretty sure my ears have not been playing tricks on me. I am pretty sure the more midrangey tone that comes up after the unit restarts is the right sound and when you change rig and go back to the same the sound has a ton more bass and presence and less mids - It sounds good as well, but kinda scooped. Please Kemper Team - change it!

    I can confirm this too and think it's the most annoying bug until now. I can live with alot of stuff but not with the unit changing the sound in such a dramatic way. I love the Kemper but come on guys, time to bring out a bug free firmware!

    Hi there,

    another profile just uploaded. 5150MK1 Green. My old trusty original 5150 Head into a Laboga 4x12 Cabinet. Mic Position was more off axis as I usually do due to the Laboga Cab being quite fizzy. The positioning of the mic smoothed it out quite a bit. I think it went into an Audient Preamp and from there into the Kemper.

    Download via Rig Exchange. 5150MK1 Geen.


    Oopps, what happend there? Gain should be at about 3 o'clock. I'll re-upload in a minute....

    Done! Please use the newer version! How can I delete the wrong one?

    BTW, I prefer the H&K 2x12 to most any 4x12 I ever recorded - and that's quite alot. It ahs a strong bass for being a 2x12 and a very linear sounding, smooth midrange.


    just uploaded another profile of my beloved JCM 800. This time Soldano Hotmod removed and made into a roaring Metal Monster with Kemper's onboard Gain/EQ and Tubescreamer. If you put back all dials to 12 o'clock and deactivate the Tubescreamer you got the pure "Rock" 800 Sound as it was profiled. I think it sounds really pure and direct and just great. Cab was my H&K v30 2x12, miced with a SM57 on the edge of the dustcab, slightly off axis of the upper speaker into Amek 9098 Preamp into the Kemper. Enjoy!

    You can download it via Rig Exchange. JCM 800 Hi Gain.

    I was informed that the "Noon" position for the Tone in the Green Scramer is "minus 2,5". It sounds better to me now! :-)

    I actually keep all the dials at zero (except volume of course) and found this to be the best in my case. Still the Maxon before the Kemper sounds better. But that's "jammern auf hohem Niveau", isn't it?

    Yeah, a pretty basic Cab EQ would be great! Maybe even only a "Tilt-Style" EQ - sort of simulating moving the mic closer to the center or away from it.

    That would be really cool if you'd do another (great) profile of the modern channel through the cab! Off Axis miking will enhance bass as well and since those Rectos/Roadsters/Kings are not really bass shy I think you could try on axis with a SM57 on the edge of the dustcab/cone where it meets the rest of the speaker - this miking usually gives great balance on V30 Speakers - at least in my experience. Going closer to the center = more highs, moving away from the center = more lowmids/lows. Thank you so much!

    These are great! You captured alot of the "lush" Mesa magic in those! Very cool! Was it the Roadster Combo? Or Head and Cab? If yes, what cab?
    These are a little on the bassy side, but with a little bit of tubescream and/or Pream Definition raise and -2 in Bass they sound absolutely beautiful!

    Hi Guys,

    here's a link to the first profile I did:…-49%20-%20JCMHOTMOD2.kipr

    It's a a Marshall JCM 800 the 50 Watt Version. Made in 1982. It's retrofitted with the ingenious Soldano Hotmod and recorded with a SM57 edge of dustcab into an Audient Preamp through a 2x12 V30 H&K Cab.

    I dialed in the tone for use with a Tubescreamer so it's a little on the bassy side, but you do not need a tubescreamer at all. The JCM800 has a lot of low mid growl and a wicked attack. The Preamp definition was on 10 after profiling - so if the attack is too much just reduce preamp definition a little and you might want to reduce bass a little as well depending on your Pick Ups and playing. I am a pretty "hard hitter" on the guitars and use it with guitars equipped with EMGs.

    Here's me just jamming with a guitar and playing the first riff that came to my mind - after I double tracked it. Sorry for the sloppy playing:

    Ok, have fun and let me know how you like it. Be sure to grab that cab!


    Markus, is this you?

    Markus Stock
    Engineer/Co-owner of:

    This is me! Haha, it's really funny I literally just registered to the forum and read this.
    Got my Kemper since 2 days and I LOVE it to bits.
    I already made a (very quick) profile of my JCM 800 with a Soldano Hotmod through my beloved H&K 2x12 with v30s and planning to do a couple more profiles this week.
    Anyway, a cool place about one of the coolest pieces of gear available.
    I am looking forward to using the KPA live with my bands The Vision Bleak and Empyrium as well...