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    hard times here in my house:

    my wife decided to play at Spyro (on play station 1) until she beats her previous record.. it will take 2 or 3 days, I guess. instead of getting bored I'm here in studio ''composing stuff''

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    Let's Be honest,

    Having an Home studio and the KPA Here with me it's not so difficult for me to .. #StayHome

    for the records I live near Como , Lombardia , Italy and pretty drastic solutions has been take here but it's not a big pain to have a lot of time to Play :)

    Coming from tube amps ...

    Well, of course it depends of the song,

    Sometimes the Lead tone it's just the sound with the Guitar's Volume at 10 where the Rithm tone it's Guitar Volume at 7 or so, and the 'Clean' is with Volume at 2/3.

    Anyway, Before I started to use Kemper the best way I found it was to switch on an MXR 10 Band EQ and/or a TC Nova Delay if necessary both in the Loop Fx of the Amp

    Basically I do the same with Kemper,

    I add an EQ (Graphic Eqaulizer) and/or a delay After the Stack section.

    Sometimes I save the 'new' Lead Sound as a New Rig, Sometimes I just turn the on and off with a external footswitch. it depens of the situation.

    HI and Welcome.

    1) If You wat to Adjust Reverb' setting (or any other stomp slot) Press the relative soft botton and adjust parameters of that effect. then if you want to save it press store and save it as a new preset.

    If You want to choose another reverb preset, also use the other Browse knob and the 1st soft button to choose the Category of Effect (reverb in this case) and the Type (Spring, Natura , Easy etc etc..)then scroll with the second Browse knob

    2) sorry I don't know anything about cab imprinting, I don't have a Keper Kabinet or Kone

    yes.. maybe something like that,

    I've just tried to get more space delateing some 'Stack preset' that I don't use anymore,

    than I Also deleted the 35 Cab Preset just imported and finally tried to Import them again from USB.

    It just imported 35 of them (reaching the 49 total cab like before)

    Sorry, I have 14 cab Preset and I was importing with USB 70 new Cab Presets (IR) but

    on the screen it shows a message like: only 35 has been imported, the others are already in the KPA or You reached the Limit.

    I cheked and Now I have 49 Preset (14+35 new ones)

    Is it not possible to have more than 49 cab Preset? Really??

    Hi You all,

    maybe You could help me to give a fair Price to this guitar.

    I ask because I've never been in business with guitars, I've always bought what I need or I particularly Like, without thinking too much about the price.

    the story is that it was mine,

    I bought used in a shop for 1800€ back in 2008 or so,

    then I've sold it for 1500€ to have some money to Buy a Custom Shop in 2012.

    In these days I've contacted the guy I've sold it, who still have it, and I would like to buy it back.

    I'm pretty sure He kept it in the same condition: near mint

    It seems that he wants some money more than 1500€ but now my question is.. How much is it fair to pay it?

    Here's some pictures, It's a Les Paul Classic Premium Plus of 1995.

    according to “if its not broke dont fix (upgrade) it.” I'm still with OS 7.1.5. and RM 2.3.14;

    (basically the last that doesn't require Win 10 to run)

    I'm useing the KPA almost every day and everything it's ok Here; it works fine.

    (to be honest the only, only, thing I noticed is this: I've done a profilie so far, then recently I've tweaked a bit and I've saved it Replacing the original one, and it happen that it changed the Author's name. it happend only once. I don't know why but it did it.)


    in this moment it's not time for me to test it with a 4x12, but I've just quickly compared Your ''Jubilee 2525'' with the DA Profile of my 2553 (50 watt of '87) .. I've used the same IR from celestion to test them.

    Just to be clear, when I did my Profile I've setted the Amp controls in this way: p6 b6 m5 t7 OM8 LM10 G7; Pentode/High Output mode playing a Les Paul on the Bridge PU.

    To be completly honest I've never had, or tried, the 2525 head here in my studio (or in a shop)

    ..but the way Your profile sounds like to me is Exactly the same It's supposed to be.

    (to make it very short a bit darker and compressed, less Brightness and with less 'headroom' than the 50 Watt origina version)

    So I guess Your is a good (honest/realistic) profile of the 2525.

    (and sincerly I immagine it's very hard to get a ''wrong'' DA profile)

    Probably the small differences You hear between your different 8 profiles You got are due to the tube warm up time.. or maybe the different Refine process You did before store it.

    Anyway to me it sound right/good!