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    This is a sorf of demo recorded to give and Idea of how a MJW L6-40 could sound.

    a Strato on left channel, A Les Paul on the right, the same Les Paul for Lead part.

    Has been recorded more than one year ago, before I've reset my PC,

    I've just searched but I've lost the project so I don't have the backing track..sorry-

    But You have some space for Your Lead sound here and there if You want to jam on it

    ..just because maybe somebody want to sleep in bedroom.:D

    I don't have experience with Passive Cabinet and Power Kemper to be honest.

    I guess the best choise would be the Kemper cab or another cab loaded with the Kemper Kone..

    Times ago I had 2 Active cab, Floor Monitors (so connected via Monitor output not athe Speaker Output)

    db Technologies Flexsys FM8 (8'') and the same but with10''

    they were both Loud.

    Hi and welcome.

    for the marshall switch

    Set it in Mono (like the pic) and use the right input (16Ohm),

    Connect the speaker Output of Kemper (the red one) with a Cable for Speaker.

    For FRFR...FR passive cabinet for Bedroom.. I would reccomend Headphons, not a Cabinet.


    This simply starts by the tuning experience, where the Tuner bubble got a very short spike upturned and then swings in a position and stays.


    If i got Your right, I think this just depends on how much strong you Hit strigns when tuning..

    try to hit them softer and it will not happen (with your fingers or useing a lighter pick)

    I use 1,14 picks and if I don't use it softly it happens on every guitar, from the cheapest Chibson to the Most expensive Custom Shop. No matter about string Gauge or General Set up or Diapason lenght.

    If you hit strings too hard the first vibration generates a higer pitch.. then it naturally low down by itself.

    Congrat for You new giutar!

    Sorry guys,

    Has anybody had experience with Marshall Valvestate 8008 or 8004. ?

    Sometimes, when I need to record Larsen/Feedback I use to plug the Monitor Out (Cab Off, Master Mono) into the return Fx Loop of a Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet 3210 Full Stack and, for what I need to do, it Works Great.

    I like the fact, in this amp, the loop Fx is the last thing before the Power Amp section, so You don't have to care about any of the knobs on the front, not even the master volume, you set everything form Kemper and That's it!

    It has a Lot of Volume (normally I use to set the Monitot Out Volume between Min -30 and MAX -12 db)

    I don't like that it's, of course, Mono.

    For sure it's not a good portable solution for Live stage, .. unless you Want to use Kemper but Show up Your Marshall Stack on stage, it's always cool right?

    .. anyway it's the only UN-Tube Head I have so.. It's my chioce and use it sometimes.

    ah, for the record I had 2 EH44 Magnum, and I confirm it colors a lot the sound, It's ok until 9 o'clock or so.

    It's ok if you don't need really high volumes or if you like the way it change the sound.

    It starts to become fat around 10 o clock and it adds Gain and Compression from 12 o clock

    I guess I also did a couple of profiles of the EH 44 before I sold them both.

    Well Anyway, if you have any opinion about those rack poweramp by marshall, let me know please.

    I was playing a particoularly bright sounding guitar, and so I had to roll down the Presence control of every Rig to balance/reduce this nasty brightness,

    so I thought it was better to create a EQ Setting dedicated to this guitar (did it) and Lock it (did it).

    I mean This EQ

    Unfonunalty it doesn't stay Locked and every time I change to another Rig, the Presence goes back to the orignial position saved in the Rig the sound returns to be too Bright.X/

    If I need the EQ preset just created I can Still find it saved in EQ section but I have to manually select to load it?(

    I don't understand.

    Any advice? (beside Create, Save and Lock an EQ Stomp Module cutting off this Brightness)


    I have been using the ART Xdirect (which Burkhard suggested as suitable in the DI thread) for nearly two years without any problems. Some day I will buy the Kemper DI and see if it makes any difference but for now the ART s working just fine and I’m nearly 100% certain the palmer will also work perfectly well.

    I use the Behringer ultra-G ''which Burkhard suggested as suitable in the DI thread'' but I don't think I'll never buy a Kemper DI as far as I will never buy that 2 way switch at that price!?!? come on.

    yes sure, and the other ''ispiration'' track is ''So long sin city'' By Mark Lanegan / Slash

    I guess You can Download it from Soundcloud if You like to Jam on it... isn't it? let me know


    well I don't have I better name yet so..

    Instrumental with acoustic, bass, organ, and a 12 strings

    Hope You like it. .. it's a pretty sad song but the chorus opens up to a better feel.

    let me have Your opinion


    I like Them!

    I've also tested with different IR's from Celestion

    (4x12 with greenback's; 4x12 G12H Anniversary and 4x12 V30)

    and they always sound Gooood!

    sorry, are they all Merged profiles? (even those 3 Without Plumes Ts?)