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    it's time for me to change strings on an electric double neck (12 + 6) and I would appreciate Your help.

    Do you know any brand that sell directly a set of 18 strings?

    Last time that strings has been replaced on it, the liuthier had to use 2 set for regular electic guitar plus some others strings.. (he replaced pots and wires an the neck switch and of course also strings !)

    On that guitar I use Ernie Ball 10.46

    What do You suggest ?



    I asked them if It's possible to purchase some new LEDs as Spare Parts because I thought to replace them by my own.

    They answer that unfortunaly it's not possible to replace LEDs, BUT my KPA is part of the first batch affected by an issue on LEDs so they are replacing the entire front panel for free.

    (well they received my KPA today so, i guess next week they will do)

    I've shipped it last week, I just had to pay the cost of shipping to them.

    In my opinion it's a very professional answer from the company considering that I've bought the KPA in 2012, 8 years ago! ho ancora Windows 7 (e non ho alcuna intenzione di cambiare).. mi spiace non so come aiutarti.

    Comunque a quanto pare non sei il solo ad avere problemi con le ultime versioni del Rig Manager e OS.

    Boh, così su due piedi ti consiglierei di disintallare la versione attuale del Rig Manager dal pc e provare con la versione precedente.

    Attualmente sto usando la V. e non sto avendo problemi.

    Figurati! Prego! :saint:

    Ricordo che anch'io mi ero ''impanicato'' un bel po' prima di capire cosa fosse! :)

    tempo fa sono stati rilasciati dei Kemper Factory Content 7, che sono degli effetti a quanto pare. Li vedo in RM ma non so come importarli. Evidenziando la riga non c'è la solita icona della cuffia che abilita l'ascolto.

    .. per questo..mmm..

    No i Factory Content 7 che vedo io sono nella cartella Rig Packs e sono 287 rig (rilasciati inclusi nell'aggiornamento alla versione 7 del sistema operativo) quindi se hai installato la versione attuale dovresti vederli in RM anche tu e dovresti poter Sentirli come qualsiasi altro rig accessibile da RM. almeno a me funzionano normalmente

    Forse intendi i preset nella cartella All Preset.

    quelli sono Settaggi di varia natura (Effetti ossia memorizza come è sato settato un effetto) o Cab (come sono settati i parametri di un a cassa) Amp, Output Ecc ecc..

    ossia un preset di come è stata regoalta una certa parte di Rig.

    In questo momento ne vedo un totale di 758 di cui 457 sono al momento settaggi che ho all'interno del KEMPER mentre altri 301 allocati nei RIG dei FACTORY CONTENT di cui sopra)

    Cliccandoci sopra vedo che non li importa /carica direttamente nel Kemper.

    (cioè non va a inserire nel profilo attuale il setting in tempo reale come funzione per i RIG quando si accende l'icona delle cuffie)

    Però Credo che sicuramente ti dia la possibilità di Salvarli (tasto destro Copia/Incolla) su una chiavetta USB e importarli nel Kemper.

    Factory Content 7.jpg

    Sembrerebbe che il PC non veda il tuo PROFILER,

    Hai già provato a:

    - scollegare e ricollegare il cavo USB (sia dal PC che dal Kemper) ?

    - collegare il KPA ad un altra presa UBS del PC?

    - Riavviare il PC ?

    se no non saprei, mi è capitato in passato ma facendo una di quest tre cose è tornato a funzionare normalmente.

    I have the 4x12 Vintage 30; G12M; Blue; Classic Lead and G12H Anniversary

    The one I use most is : V30 412 C Hi-Gn All+Room Stereo or V30 412 C SM57 Balanced

    but it's great to have multiple choice of mics expecially for reamp needs.

    I've not tried any other cab such as 2x12 but I guess thay have the same Good quality.

    Seems to be a good solution to me.

    Ive Just Uploaded them again.

    plus 2 other slash related sounds

    - DI #34 is a AFD100 in 34 mode

    - DI Ld #36 is a Marshal JMP 2203 '77 Modded inspired by THE legendary Marshall used for Appetite recording session

    (Ld stands for Lead Sound)

    In each profile you can find the setting of the amp as it has been profiled reported in ''comment'' of the ''amp'' Tag.

    i.e. for the GnR 2555 SL ''p6 b7 m6 t5 OM7 LM10 G3'' means:

    presence at 6, bass at 7, middle al 6, treble at 5; Output Master at 7; Lead Master at 10; Gain at 3''

    I'm telling You this not to show how accurate I've been for those Profiles...

    You have to keep in mind the original settings of the amp before You judge/play them because I dont know How many Out There set their Amp with gain at 3 and Lead master at 10 and Output Master at 7 to get a crunch out of a 2555 . Probably only Slash on Stage with GnR.

    Have Fun


    So.. considering the fact that the Amps ARE both a ''limited edition''.. their profiles should be the same.

    a limited time profiled edition.

    I'm removing them from rig exchange.

    I hope you to them will enjoy with them for a lifetime


    Cool! I just bought that ownhammer GNR IR pack, the one of the 70s Marshall Cab used on Chinese democracy, should be cool!

    It's a pity that Chinese Democracy records just misses the hands and soul of Slash.:saint:

    Anyway the ''DI GnR 2555 SL'' captures an amp setting of the last Tour with GnR .

    Probably it's the Main Dirty sound of the last tour;

    You should just have to add here and there some of the Stomps or Effects shown in the video With Adam Day to get His Actual live gnr Sound.

    (I've missed them when they came in Italy last Year)

    on the contrary the ''DI GnR AFD'' it's one of the settings about the Slash records... the first with Myles Kennedy n Co.

    (I'll go to see them Live in Zurich next March)

    Anyway a cabinet portion featuring a 4x12 loaded with Celestion V30 will be an appropiate matching


    Hi guys, I've just uploaded two Direct Profiles (DI GnR 2555 SL and DI GnR AFD)

    I sow these videos times ago and I guess that maybe some of You out there would like to try out the sound with those Amp settings.

    I Use the Celestion IR 4x12 Vintage 30 as ''Cabinet''

    and they sound pretty cool

    I Hope You Like them



    they answer that I can go back from ''step 2'': Profiling Assistant page 2/3 to ''step 1'' :Profiling Assistant page 1/3 just pressing the button ''previous page'': <PAGE

    This makes me feel Very Stupid!X/

    Thanks for the support to Paul and the Kemper Staff

    I still don't understand why the profiler doesn't do it automatically but ok!..I'will press one button or switch the chicken knob if necessary.:)