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    I know a lot of people ask for the EQ controls to behave like a 'real' amp, but for me it'd just be horribly confusing.

    One of the things I like about the KPA's amp eq is that it is consistent across every profile. It behaves the same way, every time. Tweaking a real AC30 takes a different approach than say a real Fender Twin or a Marshall Plexi. Not just because the AC30 doesn't have a Middle control, but because they're different designs and have to be treated slightly differently.

    I don't want to be tweaking a sound and have to remember (or learn) how a particular amp, that I may have never owned (or even used) reacts to its controls.

    That's Also True.

    I've been thinking about this general idea for a while now. Born from the idea of theoretically profiling an amp at every possible setting, and then mapping each individual profile to the knobs, so each time you move a knob (volume, gain, EQ, etc.) you are switching to a different profile with those actual setting. Of course, profiling an amp in every possible setting would be madness and probably more than any computer could handle, but it would amazing if Kemper could let people create, say, 5 profiles with different settings and then linking those settings with the knobs on the KPA and then use an algorithm to kind of connect the dots between different settings. It's a lot easier to estimate what the treble would sound like at 5 if you know what it sounds like at 3 and at 7.

    Maybe we'll get this fancy merging feature on the Kemper 2... if that ever gets released

    Yep, pretty Impossible and tremendously Time Consuming to Profile an Amp At every singol (analog) setting!.. but... 5 or 10 Profiles could be a Good starting point.

    NO I don't need a KPA 2.0. : If Possible It Must be available for the actual KPA.

    I guess this Feature it's a matter of Software, Not Hardware.

    IF They can, they Can do it with the actual hardware...or, at least, I (REALLY) HOPE IT!

    Yeah. Please bring it back or do something awesome with it.


    I'd like it could Work like the profiled amp EQ (tone stack??!!??).

    Let's say You, with just 3 profiles (or more if neecessary), let the KPA Learn How the Amp's EQ reacts/interacts/shape the sound.

    I mean:

    (without changing anything else that EQ settings on I.E. a Classic Marshall control pannel)

    Get profile #1 All EQ Pots at 0 ( treble at 0, mids at 0, bass at 0)

    Get profile #2 All EQ Pots at 5 ()

    get profile #3 All EQ Pots at 10 ()

    then A Great Feature to Merge them (profile #1+#2+#3 or more if necessary) to generate a One 'Master' Profile where the EQ reacts like (as close as possible) the Profiled Amp.

    I guess, what above, may seems like a dream, but actually, Now, the Profiler is, one way or another, already able to Get the Gain Structure of an Amp..

    so it doesn't seem to be a ''Mission Impossible'' right?

    it's happening again ..not very often honestly but it happens.

    During this last year I ve noticed that it's Not related to:

    -KPA connected or not to PC;

    -Rig Manager running or not;

    -Turning on position: tuner, browser, performance or Profile.. it could happen or not indipendently.

    -OS version (I m almost always updated to the last OS release.

    -Profile loaded at startup.

    A Constant, When I turn on Kpa, is that I use the alternative Input always already connected ( the rear panel one ).

    I don't know... it's more like a strange random behave.

    I always solve rebooting, it never happend twice in a row.

    Yes.. I got You. It's a shame when You can not export Preset as IR. I wish WoS was able to do it but it's not possibile.

    anyway You can still create a 'classic' IR with a software like voxengo deconvlover or similar.. I've done it a couple of time but I quit very Soon.

    cheers.. just jokeing.. no problem man.

    Yep, Wall of Sound also works as "just" an IR loader in Your DAW.

    I started using it intensly 'cause the free Cab already included is actually a Marshall 1960 AV (4×12 w/V30) that was and still is my Main/Fav. cab for a long time.

    So I ve stared experimenting with it..

    It was a lot of fun, easy to use and damn consistent.

    About Celestion IRs, as I've said before, My Favourite one is the Mix of 57+121+421 of a 4x12 V30. But with Wall of Sound I've also made my "Signature" preset Mixing those 3 singol IR in a different, personal way.

    If I don't go wrong I ve also shared it in a profile on rig Exchange.

    I Know Celestion did his own plug-in to use their 'Dynamic IR' or whatever they call them.. but it was f' expensive so I've never even tried it.

    Soon after I've realized that DA profiles + IR Works for me, I ve started to use Wall of Sound. It's a free plug in by Two Notes.

    It really opened up a New World for me.

    Now I use it (with a Topredo Captor) Everytime I profile an Amp so I get the DA profiles (just the amp, without the plugin) and also Studio profiles with my Personal/Custom IR's mix (in case I need something a little bit different from Celestion IR or Wall of Sound Presets).

    PS alligatorlizard 2 Z in Sollazzon please8o

    :D:D:D 👌

    seriously try it if you can.

    Maybe that's why professional profiles are so GOOD.

    as DonPetersen said the war of loudness is everywhere.

    back to Your former question how the profiling process establishes the level of the capture? I don't really know. Sorry.

    Maybe somebody in kemper's staff is allowed to explain it.

    I Know inside the profiler there's the ancient "Crunch" profile that is a sort of Master/First Profile ever made by ckemper himself (the genious big boss behinde all of this "magical" process.)

    Maybe that profile is still used by every machine as Reference "loudness" profile initilaly.

    I Also remind that it's recomended in the manual to adjust every profile according to that one.

    I Mean:

    - 1 set the KPA in profiler mode,

    - 2 Connect the complete signal chain you want to profile as Usual,

    (let's say with the Volume of Your amplifier at 5)

    -3 Press Profile (kpa sends an audio test signal and auto adjust the level)

    - 4 now turn up the Volume of Your amplifier from 5 to 5.5 or 6

    - 5 Refine the profile

    - 6 Save the profile

    Do what above twice to get 2 profiles:

    one without point 4 and one with point 4.

    Compare the 2 profiles.

    I Guess the 2nd one is a bit Louder than the first.

    Even if you did have their exact profile, the chances of you sounding identical to said person is not going to perfectly happen. Your guitar, pickups, cables, hands, pick, pick attack, signal chain, room, etc will most likely alter something in some way. My best advice is to find a profile that is close/similar and do your tweaking to your liking and be done with it so you can get on to playing your guitar and making music.

    Good advice! Totally agree.

    and I'd like to add that a different guitarist with THE SAME complete Rig sounds different. It's someting that I've always clearly noticed anytime I've seen Slash's Tech doing a quick soundcheck (of stage monitors) just before the show.

    And That's exactly what he confirm here. (Jump at 8:15 if You're not intrested in his rig)