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    oh Thanks Per!.. in every Forum I've been there's a sort of topic like this,...

    in some of them it seems to be a battle like ''My d*ck is stronger than Your''

    Here I guess we just want to share something for free!

    Cheers guys!

    Have fun! (if you like.. if you don't like post Your's)

    It's cracked

    the led is iside, an it's fully working,

    what you show it's just a plastic transparent cilinder that helps the light of the led to come out.

    Google would say that



    no no What I told You Stops Before the Output Jack of the Guitar.

    Today You could almost tweak everything to sounds like almost everything..

    I was referring to You and the guitar-.

    Kemper is FAN-TA-STIC but it's another story.

    so that you can simulate how it feels playing a particular burst

    No sorry, ... I have 4 Custom shop, vos; aged; and bla bla bla...,... the feel is something YOU just feel When You play it!

    If I'm Playing a Strat that sounds like a ''Page'' because somebody has carefully 'profiled' it,.. well I'M Still Playing a Strat.. Sorry, I can't agree. the sound May Be 99,99% Like the original But I'm Still Playng a Strat! Full stop.

    My Round Belly/stomach/tummy Knows what it feels!

    maybe better than my hands but and for sure than My hears.

    once said that; follow the link of my first answer. they aready produced and it dosen't cost as a Kemper or as Gibson USA standard.

    I've never tried it.. but I guess it do his job-


    ok, I will tell you the whole story but please don't laught at me:

    I've picked up my first guitar when I was 15 just Because.. I quit with drugs and Suddenlty I have a LOT of free time in my life and I have to find a way to fill it, so I say to me, Angelo let's try with guitar, it shuold be funny.

    It was february..

    I didn't have any guitar hero to emulate or to be inspired by, and I wasn't even sure about what kind of guitar would be good for me ..

    so meanwhile looking around I builted this:

    That thing was enought for me to play Smoke on the Water, and actually It Was Fun! So I was sure, I absolutely needed a real guitar, the most affordable. It was a really basic Classical guitar named Clash. It costed 150.000 Lire (75€)

    My parents, to incourage me, bought me a book of songs with Chords Diagrams and I started speding time on the instrument.

    That summer, during sea holydays, I met a boy, he was always listening to Walkman, always the same cassette,

    one day I asked him about and he reply: ''Listen! Theese are GUNS N' ROSES''.


    I Need a Marshall and Les Paul

    End of the Story.

    times ago I had a Piezo PU on a Les Paul, like this

    It wasn't bad as ''acoustic simulation'' : too much thin and bright by itself, but good if played with the neck PU and rolling down the Tone control a bit.

    Then it just died. It's still on that Les Paul but it doesn't works anymore.

    The Kemper acoustic simultation will come soon or later so.. it's ok like this. no problem.

    Actually I guess once an Amp (+ eventually cabinet, mics etc) is ready to be profiled, it's not a big effrort to change settings and grab another 'screenshot' out of it. it just takes 1 minute or 2.

    I mean, Usually from each amp. I get a couple ot cleans, 2 or 3 crunch and one or two Lead Sounds, .. let's say 3 main settings and one alternative each. that's probably enought.

    But If you don't know exactly what kind of sound You're looking for (or if You're not the only one who's gonna use those profiles) well it's easy to end with 12..15...20 profiles of the same amp.

    Of course 125 Profiles seems a bit excessive, ..

    About the Effects, .. well it's ok to find them already there: it can be usefull to undestand better what that profile it's supposed to be or just to discover different effect' settings You've never explored before.

    If You don't like them, just turn them off or change them with Your favourite effect preset. it's not a big issue.

    So. . this quarantine has some good aspects: I have some free time to fullfill someway or another.

    In the last days I find out on YouTube some interesting videos of producers, sound engineers talking about how they made...

    Maybe it's ok to collect them in a place like this and whenever somebody have time can come and find them here.

    I start with theese two by Eric Valentine:

    (about capturing Slash's sound on his first solo album)

    (about the mix session of one of those songs)

    and this one (watching it right now) of Mike Plotnikoff: Aerosmith, Van Halen and more,

    he also talks about collecting Rig's in the Kemper at some point.