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    Actually I guess once an Amp (+ eventually cabinet, mics etc) is ready to be profiled, it's not a big effrort to change settings and grab another 'screenshot' out of it. it just takes 1 minute or 2.

    I mean, Usually from each amp. I get a couple ot cleans, 2 or 3 crunch and one or two Lead Sounds, .. let's say 3 main settings and one alternative each. that's probably enought.

    But If you don't know exactly what kind of sound You're looking for (or if You're not the only one who's gonna use those profiles) well it's easy to end with 12..15...20 profiles of the same amp.

    Of course 125 Profiles seems a bit excessive, ..

    About the Effects, .. well it's ok to find them already there: it can be usefull to undestand better what that profile it's supposed to be or just to discover different effect' settings You've never explored before.

    If You don't like them, just turn them off or change them with Your favourite effect preset. it's not a big issue.

    So. . this quarantine has some good aspects: I have some free time to fullfill someway or another.

    In the last days I find out on YouTube some interesting videos of producers, sound engineers talking about how they made...

    Maybe it's ok to collect them in a place like this and whenever somebody have time can come and find them here.

    I start with theese two by Eric Valentine:

    (about capturing Slash's sound on his first solo album)

    (about the mix session of one of those songs)

    and this one (watching it right now) of Mike Plotnikoff: Aerosmith, Van Halen and more,

    he also talks about collecting Rig's in the Kemper at some point.


    Just finished to quckly try them all,

    Good Stuff man! well done!

    As always I had to lower their Volume a bit to have them at the same loudness of my other profiles,

    but they play great!

    No doubt you have to replace Your band-presets with your Profiles, and be proud of them!:thumbup:8)

    tramite Rig Manager (V2.3.14) , in modalità performance, riesco a fare ben poco anch'io:

    Anteprima, Copia, Esporta, Sposta su Spota giù.

    Il tutto cliccando col tasto destro su uno dei rig già assegnati della performance.


    Hi, are you wanting to see if there is something wrong with your guitar?

    No I think he just want to discover if he's reamping correctly or why he's not able to reamp correctly.

    We've altready discussed the same here.

    I've already spent some time tring to explain him How to do,

    At the end I quit and he replied it's not possible to do. Well al least I tried.

    About the output volumes of different guitars, and the possibility to adjust Clean and Distorted sense, I normally use to leave them at 0.. just because I have many Les Paul, and I like to NOT adjust the amp. I like to Keep the little differences in output and tone between eachother, useing the same sound, not tweaking anyting.

    But (according to my wife) they're all the same guitar, and basically it's true.

    Sometimes I see the input Led turnig red, just for a moment so it's ok like this to me.

    Of course I've saved a specific Input Section called 'Telecaster' to adjust a bit the clean sense when I rarely use it.

    About the automatically fine-tuned during the PROFILING™ process I think it's ok and it works fine.

    Leveling My own Profiles, I didn't have to tweak so much, they already were more or less at the same level.

    Completely agree with Alan: This happens with some commercial profilers but is more common on Rig Exchange. We generally hear louder as “better” so people tweak their profiles to sound “better”. However, this also makes them sit less well with other profiles which haven’t been pushed. Using RE can sometimes feel like the mastering loudness wars.

    I guess there's a War outhere, and actually the Initial Idea to spend some time to adjust all Rig's Levels Started exactly beacuse My Profiles were not as good (Loud) as the other's ones.

    I quickly discoverd why.

    sambrox I got You. pretty clear.

    In my mind, I figured out the Amp Volume as a Linear master volume of a Clean Amp and the Rig Volume as the gain/the trim pot on a console.


    actually in the Kemper, the Amp volume it's the last Volume Before Fx section (maybe it intercats a bit on thier behaviour) and the Rig Volume it's the last Volume before the Output section.

    Thanks for the answers Guys! really appreciated.

    Yes, I have used a plugin (Ozone) to adjust My Rigs to the reference CK Crunch Rig.

    ..and Yes, me too, I did it ''the wrong way'' just because it's faster.

    I've initially locked every Rig with the same cab and Without any effect,

    I can't see (or hear) any differences useing the Amp or the Rig Volume.

    that's why I wonder why the manual recommends to use Amp Volume.

    In the last few days I've spent some time to set all the profiiles to the same loudness level but I do not understand one thing:

    I was reading the manual, when it talks about the Amplifier (AMP module), explaining 'Volume' parameter it says:

    This parameter can be used to balance volume gaps between different PROFILEs. The Rig named “Crunch”, which is default in all Slots in Performance Mode, could be used as a volume reference.

    And when it talks about Rig Settings, explainig the 'Rig Volume' parameter it also says:

    Use this parameter to adjust the level of each Rig to suit a song in a set list, we don’t recommend using it to balance the levels between all the Rigs.

    and just a few lines after that:

    If you feel that any of the Rigs sound particularly loud or soft,...

    ...adjust the “Volume” parameter, found in the amplifier module, until the Rig sounds at the correct level.

    Honestly I don't undersand Why it's not reccomended to Adjust the Rig Volume with the Rig Volume knob.

    Maybe 'cause You're creating a Loop on the Left channel of SPIDIF. Keep the SPDIF out on GIt/Stack,

    One question:

    Once You have:

    1) Your DI guitar Track recorded (I see You got it)

    2) setted the Input source of the Kemper on SPDIF Reamp,

    3) setted in your DAW the Output of the track of Your DI to one of the SPDIF of Your Scarlett,

    When You click play in Your DAW (sending that track via SPDIF out of Your Scarlett to the Kemper),

    can You see the leds above the 'Input' soft button and the 'Output' Soft button on Kemper working ?

    Do you see the Kemper is receiving and processing the DI signal?

    Sorry to read that, I manage to reamp through SPDIF without any problem but I use different OS, Audio Interface, and DAW so I can't fix Your problem, but I can answer to this:

    When my Kemper input source is set to SPDIF input reamp, I still get signal from my guitar which is plugged in the front input. Is that the case with you guys as well?

    Yes, me too, and I notice that at some point the Kemper cut the sound off from the front input for one second or so.

    It sounds to me like when the battery of my wireless transmiter is going to die.. it starts to cut off the sound for a second. Maybe the Kemper do the same just to remind to switch the imput source... I don't know.

    It was Exactly 6 yeras ago today, a lot of hairs more and lots of Kg less than today;(

    I had booked a visit to the production line at the Marshall Factory,

    Just finished to Upload 7 videos of that experience.

    I havn't edited anyting so probably the audio is not so good.


    Non Saprei, son fermo alla 7.1.5 del sistema operativo e alla 2.3.14 del Rig Manager (per via del fatto che non voglio abbandonare Windows 7)

    Ti consiglierei di provale ad installare questa versione, è stabile e funziona bene.

    se non la trovi più sul sito puoi scaricarla QUI

    Hi and welcome to the Forum!

    I wish I had got all this free time when I bought my Kemper to explore it carefully ..

    To answer Your question I can say that sometimes it happened to me to forgot it on, even for long period (more than one day) But I haven't got any issue with that.

    So I'd say it's not dangerous for the machine itself, maybe not so 'safe' for the wasted elctrical consuption.

    I mean, it's like when I fall asleep on my couch and the TV goes on all night long.