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    I'm more in to Lexicon. I also have a mpx g2 that I hardly use although it has a very nice phaser that is lacking on the 81/91. And it has a nice looper so I keep if for that. Perhaps I'll buy a PCM 70 vs 2 if I can find one in good shape and nice price..... :)

    Although the Kemper effects are pretty good I rediscoverd my lexicon PCM 81/91. For studio use I use the 91 to add plate or room and the 81 for tape delays, chorus, pitch shift etc. For me Kemper&81&91 is tone and effects heaven. This trio sounds unbelievable good using headphones (Beyer dynamic dt 770). On stage I keep it simple and then I use the KPA effects. I'm sharing this for all the effects freaks who are not satisfied by the KPA effects and the lack of effects (pitch shifter). Here in Holland you can buy a used PCM 80/81 for € 300-500. In the USA $ 300-500. PCM 81 has very good midi functions such as morphing beween delay and reverb etc. I find this " old" device very impressive in sound quality and possibilities.

    Is the store snapshot function still available at FW 1.06? I'm using the beta 1.06 and I believe that in the "mainscreen" 4e softbutton "store snapshot" is replaced bij "enter name". I have the quick button dedicated to brows snapshots and that is working fine. I can't find anywhere "store snapshot". Am I missing something?

    Just did the update with 1700 rigs. No problems! Really great features and with the delete all but favs I think I finally can consider delete rigs to 50 or so....... Ducking and other new effect are fantastic. For me this is a big upgrade!!!! If Kemper comes with a harmoniser I'm gonna sell my lexicon pcm 81....... ;)

    I also, would like an opinion on the mackie HD stuff, looking at the hd1221 and 1531 as well. However, for what it is worth ( and it probably isn't much :D) I just played my KPA through a QSC k12, and 15 the other day at guitar center. This was also my first time trying FRFR ever actually. I was VERY impressed. They sounded phenominal in my opinion, and would not miss my 4x12s pumping behind me with these things up front. I am definitely going FRFR after that experience. The K12s have deep switches, and voice switches on the back that bump the highs/high mids a bit, and it sounded PHENOMINAL. It really brought the KPA alive with these switches. While they might not be a "flat" response at that point, for playing a band practice or something with them, it would be fantastic. And then to adjust your tones for what the FOH is hearing, you would just simply turn them off and EQ your tones then for live use.

    I am also looking at the mackie HD's, however I have heard about serious relability issues with them, you should do alittle research before taking the plunge on them, I'm glad I did. While I believe they will probably sound phenominal, those issues I have been hearing about scare me to the point that it would be hard for me to drop the cash on them. Just My opinion. Alot of people use the QSC stuff, and I doubt you could go wrong honestly. I have not tried the RCF NX12SMA that everyone is raving about (in fact I just made a post about it ) but it would be hard for me to drop that kind of cash on it, after hearing what the k12s are possible of, and the fact that I would probably never be able to play one.

    For live I use 2 x QSC K12 and that's a lot of power and IMO very good sound! I don't miss my 4x12......

    Pictures and my review of KPA and 2 x QSC K12: KPA and 2 X QSC K12 review :)

    I just bought a Roland GR55 and Roland had no editor. A user made one and that works very good. I'm sure there will be users that can make an e ;) ditor for the KPA too!

    Whow!!! That new noisegate is really good! On the high gain sounds that I use I can get out all the noise by combining the "standard" noise gate with the new gate at stompbox slot D. After finetuning I lose no attack and notes sound out very smooth and natural. And that's the same if I use boost + high gain! This is really really nice. Thanks a lot KPA team!!!!!!! :):thumbsup:

    Sounds good. It inspired me to reinstall my GR 300 again. It still is a wonderfull device! The profile is good but you can hear a guitar sound in it that's not in the original when using the trumpet sound. But you profiled it from the VG 99 and I think it's not possible to profile the original GR 300 due to the 24 pins in connector. Otherwise I could try to profile the original........