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    Thanks. I've seen this. I have to make a rectification on the midi and system settings bug I mentioned before. I've just did the init flash and memory flash. Installed the original FW (1.01) en after that FW 1.08. Then I restored the back up. Not the latest back up but the one before that (that worked fine). KPA seems allright now I turned it on and off several times without problems. And, the midi assignments and all the system settings were also restored! So that's good news and this brings back al little trust..... So it looks like it has something to do with the latest profiles I've imported. That's also what support suggests:

    Dear rolandvdh,

    possible, that you loaded corrupted files. You might want open the suspect backup archive (e. g. with 7-Zip) and screen through the details. Are there any 0kB files?

    I'll check it tonight..... But even if this is correct and causes the bugs how can I avoid them? Should I look at every profile and check if it's not 0 kb before I import it to the KPA???????

    Edit: Checked the files and no files with 0 Kb.

    I have no clue how complicated it is to write code for these devices, but it seems over the years tons of little digital units like the Roland VG's, GT series, Korgs and cheap ZOOMs etc, every time you turn them on they always work! with some of these expensive units, you cross your fingers and hope they actually boot, it makes you nervous when you're at a gig(haven't gigged with the kpa yet) i just don't understand why this is the case, I think having a unit that's 100% reliable is the most important thing on these devices, sure I understand the occasional failure of some electronic part inside, but other then that we should feel confident that the unit will turn on at rehearsal and especially at gigs.
    Hope they get these bugs fixed soon, because it's a very good sounding unit and it would be a shame if people start getting rid of them for these reasons.

    I have a Roland VG88, Roland GR 33 and I had an Axe FX Ultra for 2 years, Lexicon MPXG2 an PCM 81 and never had a bug or needed a restart. Stable as a rock. Axe fx always worked as it should and I always used it for live performance. I bought the KPA because I think the amps + cab sims sound much better. For effects I use the Lexicons in the KPA loop. I think I have reported the bugs properly to the KPA team and don't know what I can do more. If it isn't solved soon I'll hope I can return it or otherwise I'll sell it.....


    I have noted some issues with midi program assignments being saved... and it's something which I thought might have been a result of my not following the protocol to the letter. THAT needs to be addressed if it's a save problem with the software... particularly prior to marketing a foot controller, IMO. That sorta thing needs to be bulletproof, or some feedback from Kemper regarding how to be certain the assignment is solidly held. I'm with you on that.

    That's another problem I also have! When I've "cleared" the KPA (init flash, memory flash) and reload the latest back up all the midi assignments and system settings are gone. So I have to assign the midi PC and I use a lot of them because that's an easy way to mark the profiles and I can find them with one push on the (midi) switch. But now I assign no more then 10 PC's because I know after a freeze I have to find and assign them again.

    And for the people who doubt what kind of action I"ve taken to solve the problem here are some answers I got from Kemper on my bug reports:
    Dear rolandvdh,

    Hi Roland,

    if you hold Quick during startup, you'll erase all Midi Prg.Changes,
    try to press only sytem and rig buttons

    Dear rolandvdh,

    Hi Roland,
    sorry for your trouble with the unit,

    Are you working under firmware 1.0.4 ? Please let us know.

    Dear rolandvdh,

    Hi Roland,

    yes, our technicians are working on a new firmware to fix the problem.
    may take a while.

    This was february.............

    Well thanks for all your comments so far. I have done the init and memory flash reboot procedure several times. I've bought the KPA early januari and I know and accept to some level that it's a new radical product. But after 4 months I expect that the reboot bugs are gone. I don't talk about the extras like more effects etc. How is it possible people telling me I have downloaded corrupt profiles? Can they tell me how I can see they are corrupt? I only download them from rig exchange. But this way it's not save for me to use it live. I still think it's a remarkable product and the profiles sound very very good! And perhaps I'll keep it for studio work.

    I've reported earlier bugs and the reply was that they are working on it and the new FW should solve the bugs. That was on FW 1.04, Now I'm on FW 1.08! I've reported this bug once again (and for the last time) and I've included 2 back up files (one before the freeze problems and one after). I hope they solve this problem soon. I'll give it some time but not too much......

    Tonight I went to rehearsal with my band. I turned on the KPA and it got stuck on the boot up screen. Frozen again! I've had this at least ten times now (with different FW)! I'm on FW 1.08 now and everthing was stable untill tonight. Yesterday I imported some new profiles and no problems. Untill tonight. I've spent 15 minutes to reboot (yes I know the Armin procedure), got it workin again but after installing the back up it was frozen again! I'm done with it. It's too instable to play live. I've took my tube amp and that felt good. I've decided to use the KPA no longer live or for rehearsal. If there's FW that's stable soon than perhaps I'll keep the KPA for studio use. But when it keeps freezing I might sell it no matter how much I like the sound quality. It's too frustrating.......... :(

    [quote='MisterC',index.php?page=Thread&postID=31069#post31069]Hi everyone, last monday i take my kemper with me to test it in rehearsal condition.

    I had not a lot of time to test a lot of things but i wanted to tell you some "issues" i had and maybe have some comment about that if someone ever noticed those kind of things.

    First: The Hiss

    I was plug in a system audio (low-medium quality) and i was surprized by the Hiss noise ! level of hiss wass so high, i didn't understand why but that was not good at all.
    For comparison, i played this system with Pod 2.0 and a guitarist who i played with used an Axe-fx ultra i it. I never noticed Hiss problem in those case.
    For me smothing was wrong cause in can't imagine have hiss noises like that in live conditions (especially from a numerical product)

    Tonight I had my third gig with the KPA on a big stage (support Carl Palmer band). I use 2 powered QSC K12. A lot of power and with clean and crunch sounds no hiss. With high gain sounds I use the NG set at 2-3 and then I have some hiss but not much for a high gain sound! If I use stomp boxes from the KPA (compressor and/or boost) there's more hiss but for me no big deal for liver performance.

    For high gain and OD sounds I found out that the input sense of the clean input influences the noisegate. Voor high gain sound I set the clean input to 10 and that works very well. I don't know why.... :?:

    Am I the only one missing a consistent and detailed changelog for every release? Or is this information available and I missed it?

    I have just downloaded the 1.0.8 .zip file and could just find a hint to "the most relevant" changes.
    I would like to be able to follow what's going on, improvements-wise X)

    If there's a more accurate source of information about this, I'd love to be addressed to it.
    Thanks everyone!

    I do agree! More info on the FW would be welcome!

    After 4 months I received an email from G66 that my Axe 2 was ready to ship. I had the KPA for 2 months then and I was so convinced of the quality that I cancelled the Axe 2 order. I sold my Ultra for a good price to finance the 2. Now after cancelling the 2 I have hunders of euro's left.......Untill today I have no regret of that decision.