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    I get an error message if I try to download the drive profile. No problems with the clean one. In the rig exchange I can only find the clean profile?

    Also an ultra/axe2 guy. Only about a week in and I am loving this thing. Here are some axe2-headed thoughts...
    I dont use the axe2 to it's full extent and the only thing I miss is my violin patch(wonder if I could profile a synth patch?). Synth blocks can be useful, but I only used it as color on a floyd tune or two. The kpa/midimate was a blast last night. I can't remember the last time I was this happy with my tone. Cut like a chainsaw through the mix-when I wanted it to. Sunk back into it when I wanted to. Just perfect. I try to keep 2 banks of 5 patches from clean to mean so I can NOT mess with the head itself for the most part. I had to turn down some bass in a patch or two but that is so simple and fast with the retro interface. After the first ten minutes or so, I pretty much stuck on my first 5, which was a Nuno clean MP1, a bogner-maybe PT bogner blue or something, and a slash jcm I think. I really was just looking at whatever names I had stuck in the midimate. A mesa orange patch I got recently and a JSX ch3 or something round out the five. I have a cool Tills engl on the second bank but I didnt get to that. Didnt need to! Over 900 profiles, and I pretty much used the main 3 last night.
    I haven't had any issues like the ones you mention. I have the latest non-beta on one, and the latest 1.07 beta on the other(yeah I got two of them). Neither has an issue so far. My only complaint is that the backup doesnt completely clone one system to the other. That would be perfect. I lock my effects(on the axe2 I make one catch-all patch and change the amp/cab and sometimes drive pedals) The restore doesnt keep the ones I locked. Easy fix. Make one preset with all the effects I want and just relock those. Hope to do that this weekend. Got some wah specs off the forum and it works great.
    I dont use any of the default profiles. Many sound like they are in another room, or stuff in a closet. When I find one that hits hard like a real amp right outta the gate-that is a winner. I'm sure you can tweak to get more of them that way-but time isnt something I have a ton of. I've also found profiles I really like that I would never have even wanted to based on the amp choice. The glamorous high end amps that i want to like, so-so. Some little combo amp or mp1-wow. So ignore the name, trust your ears. Also, mess with cabs. If you don't have the cabs that Tills made, get them-I like the 1960 -6 a lot. Sometimes even good presets matched with a kickin cab get even better. I always struggled with IRs on the axe2.

    May I ask where you got FW 1.07? It's not on the support site?

    I did the same. I sold my Axe Ultra and bought the KPA. But I have to say the effects on the Axe are way better. KPA effects are good but nothing special. So today I bought a second hand Lexicon MPX G2 and put it in the KPA loop. I had this device before I bought the Ultra and I know it very well. IMHO the Lexicon effects are better than the Axe Ultra effects especially the reverbs and delays. Bought it for € 300 including flightcase and midi footcontroller!

    I'm going to rehearsal tonight and the last weeks I have no problems with FW 1.05. Tomorrow I will install FW 1.06 and I hope I can install all rigs without freeze! Anyone tried FW 1.06 with more than 1000 rigs?

    btw: my KPA case from Thomann arrived today and it's pretty cool!!!

    I thought about this to and I've saved appr. the same cabs as you did. But I decided to wait because of this announcement:

    Yet to be finished:
    Performance Mode
    Selective Browse (Soon it will be directly browse through all cabs of all rigs. We call it Selective Browse, and it will also be available for amp, eq, stomps and effects. It will look the same as browsing through the local presets). Those funktions will soon be available by firmware update.