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    Can someone give me advise? I have a Lexicon PCM 80 I want to use in the Kemper loop using digital I/O. If I connect the KPA SPDIF out to the PCM 80 SPDIF in I see the PCM is receiving signal.So that's okay. I then connect the PCM SPDIF out to the KPA in. I select stereo loop in the "X" but I don't hear the PCM. I dialed the mix settings without result. On PCM I have set effect to all wet. Am I doing something wrong?

    Because the KPA SPDIF in didn't seem to work I used the analog out PCM to connect to the stereo in of the KPA. It works but it doesn't sound good. It seems like the input feeds the PCM again and at higher settings it is looping (feedback). I asume it is possible the connect the PCM this way without getting the feedback?

    I can confirm this. I've worked with 1300 rigs on FW 1.04 to play most of them and keep the best. When upgrading to FW 1.05: freeze. Now I'm on FW 1.05 with 300 rigs and np problems. I import 100 rigs at a time to try them out and keep some of them. I delete the others and as long as I stay around 300 rigs loaded then FW 1.05 works perfect!

    I had something like that with FW 1.04. I decided to give every preset a number that I want to assign to a midi PC. So for example 1Fender clean, 2Marshall drive etc... If I have a problem (mostly after reboot) I can find the presets I want to assign very fast. Do you know you can stay in system mode when assigning PC numbers to presets? This way I can assign the PC very fast (for live I use 10 presets).

    I have another problem with FW 1.05. It works only when I start up with a reboot holding system, rig and quick. During reboot the midi settings are initialised and when the reboot it's finished the welcome screen appears. I have to set my system settings again (pedals) and midi assign. I can do this fast but af cours it is annoying! I hope they can fixe this problems with the promised quick new FW regarding the plops.....

    @loulou 222: Are you working with stock profiles only or do you have imported rigs etc as well? I'm just wondering why some people (including me ;( ) always have freezes and other problems with new FW and others never have problems......

    I've got the same message yesterday twice. Got the KPA working again following Armin's fix. I know this fix by head now ;( But when 1.05 was working it worked fine and the latency has improved IMHO. I've tweaked some sounds and off course made a back up. If I do a restore then I can't find the sounds I've tweaked, save as...(renamed) anymore. Another thing is that when I have assigned midi PC numbers these ore gone when doing a restore. Does this mean that if I make a new rig that back up isn't enough and I always have to export new rigs to be sure they are saved (including midi PC number)? ?(

    I only have freezes when I turn the KPA of and only starting up if freezes many times. If it works it works fine. I think a go back to 1.04......

    Very nice! I'm going to try this profiles today. But there ara so many others I have to try! And first I have to update the new FW..... It's so much fun!

    Some people already mentioned the option to see more than 5 rigs on a page. It would be nice if it is possible to download more than 1 rig at a time I suggest by marking checkboxes of the rigs you want to download. Another useful function would be "download all rigs" or "download all Marshall /Fender etc rigs". Download all rigs could be very useful for new KPA owners to try them all...... Just my thoughts. :?:

    The same for me. Got mail from Sussi last saturday and replyed that I bought another device :) I think the Axe 2 waiting list becomes 1 shorter with delivery of each KPA to someone who's on the waiting list. So good news for everyone who's one the waiting list and didn't order a KPA....... ;)

    Tonight I have fixed the KPA using Armins reboot method. This always works. Installed the new FW and restored my back up. Everything is working fine again. Today I've bought 2 extra USB sticks. I'm gonna use this for emergency situations in case the KPA freezes again. At stick 1 I have put the old FW (6900) in the root directory and nothing more. So I can use this in case the KPA freezes again for the Armin reboot. At stick 2 I have put the newest FW in de OS map and all the rigs I use live in the Shared map and a back up in the Back up map. I'll keep both sticks with the KPA and before I go to a gig I put the must recent FW and rigs in the maps and if the KPA freezes on stage I can fix it within 5 minutes using the 2 sticks and so far this always worked. And I never had a crash when only playing the KPA. So now I don't feel uncomfortable anymore by using the KPA at rehearsels and on stage. But of course I hope the new FW doesn't cause crashes anymore.

    I'm a King Crimson fan and I tried to record some stuff that has a little Crimson feel. I'm not a metal player or drummer but I like the heavy Crimson sounds like on the song "red".
    All guitars and bass: Kemper
    Drums: Roland TD9 triggering Addictive Drums
    Effects: Kemper

    Kemper Crimson2

    Hi Erik,

    Tonight I tried your profiles. Unbelievable good! As said before the Legacy 414 with strat is very good and for me at the moment the best sound clean for recording. I'm going to try it with FRFR but I cannot do that within 2 weeks..... The OD Legacy's are also very good and I could not stop myself from playing with them. Sounds that give me inspiration. Thank you very much! :) :) :)


    Played all day with the KPA without any problems. Did some tweaking and changing cabs etc and at the end of the day I made a back up. I decided not to install the latest FW I saw today because I had a rehearsel tonight. When I started the KPA at the rehearsal room it got stuck on the start up screen. It's the third time since I own the KPA. I find this very frustrating. I tried to reboot several times but that didn't help. So I took an old amp to play.... Can someone (moderators or Christian Kemper?) please tell me how I can avoid this? I know the "Armin" method but I'm getting tired to reset and reinstall everything. It's only happening so far when I turn the KPA on. When it's on and working everthing is fine and no freeze then. It doesn't feel good for using the KPA live or for rehearsals. So please HELP.

    Today I made a heavy rock demo (soldano left ch / diezel right ch) and it sounds absoluteley fantastic. It's a wonderfull machine but the instable software makes me insecure for live use / rehearsal......