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    How are people finding the results of this, I wasn't a fan when I had a quick play, it seemed to take the very basic sound of a cab and translate that but nothing special, I'm open to suggestions on good IRs to start with for those that are having success.



    So I finally picked up 2 CFR12s and they arrived today...
    Very curious how they will hold up against my Mesa4x12!

    First impression: man they are tiny 8|
    Let's hope they sound huge...

    I have two and they easily stack up against a 4x12, agreed that they are tiny though :)


    I would urge you to get to a shop and listen to these speakers, I had some for a year or so and although I could get good sounding mixes in my room, they never translated anywhere else. this could have been the room but I went to my local dealer and tested them side-by-side against a pair of Mackies. Both myself and my band mate, who came along for a listen, preferred the Mackies hands down and I went with those. In fact I still need to sell the A7x's thinking about it :)

    They are no doubt great speakers but I get the feeling that they wont work for everyone.


    I have two of the the Q12a little brother, the CFR12. I run them via a Matrix GT1500FXBD power amp and I love them to bits! By all accounts the Q12a has more low end and the built in power amp is a real bonus, I'm just gutted the Matrix never released their internal KPA power amp :(

    If you have any specific Q's then let me know and I'll do my best to answer :)


    I think it would be cool to have a feature where you can import new rigs from USB into an 'audition' area.

    This area would be separate from your permanent rigs so when you are browsing rigs you can switch between the two views (like you can in the new cab selection menu). You can then audition rigs without having to filter out pre-existing ones, if you like one you can select it and add it to your permanent rig folder.

    There would also be an option to wipe the audition area but leave your main rigs in place.

    I believe that this would vastly improve the ability to effectively manage rigs, especially with the new limits lurking around.

    Thanks for listening


    I'm running KPA - Matrix GT1500FXBD - 2 x Matrix CFR12. I also have the option of running to my 2x12 or 4x12 guitar cabs depending on the situation.


    Flexible (FRFR, Amp/Cab or both at the same time Options)
    Sounds Awesome


    None that I can think of off the top of my head


    Thanks for the info Xpenno, this thing might actually have me make the jump to FRFR, but the wedge format is a little weird in my book.
    Any comments? Can you easily put these up straight or on some sort of stand? What does it do to the sound, etc When you say you tested it with two speakers, they were just on the floor?
    Cheers :)

    I personally like wedges, they tend to point the sound at your head where a standard guitar cab would usually point at your feet. In my experience you can more accurately dial tones in when you are getting to tone straight at you, if you stand over a standard guitar cab then you lose some of the high frequencies and it can sound harsh when you move back to you position on stage. As the speakers are Coaxial you get a much more even tone wherever you stand.

    As for these wedges, they can easily be stood on end if you prefer that, we did not test this on either day however, it will probably alter the sound as more/less of the cab will be in contact with the ground. You would also get more reflections from the floor etc.. Neither method is right or wrong though :)


    Yup, this should be a killer product when it finally hits the street. I have spent a couple of days with the little beast and have used with both AxeII and KPA. It's small, light and really packs a punch. We added a second unit into the mix and others in the room thought we were playing through the 4x12 that we were using to stand the amps on! It really complements the guitar and sounds very cab like!

    We also tested the speaker with FR audio material (read songs :D ) and the results were excellent too.

    It will be a great companion to the GT1000FX or any other power amp for that matter.