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    Open up a new thread, if it is a particular question.
    There are no really important questions about an editor, that hasn't been released yet.
    Pretty much everything is speculation at this point.

    I come here randomly to check the status.

    In the meantime I use my Kemper. I got it in 2012, when the first OS was still beta.

    The features of that little box „exploded“ and I believe that thorough testing before the first release is in the best interest of everyone.

    It doesn’t really matter when we will get it. What matters is, that it should do the job properly and that it won‘t mess with our files in terms of file corruption, when untested scenarios lead to crashes.

    The KPA has been close to perfect in that regard so far. I‘d like the KPA to stay that way.

    Are you using the same outputs? XLR is hotter (+4) than TRS.

    Have you tried backing up the complete Kemper one and restoring that backup on Kemper two?

    I pay this thread a visit roughly every 3-4 months only to see that the arguments continue to be the same.
    In the meantime I use my Kemper.

    Being a guy, who has been on the developer side at some point in his business life, I still believe it is primarily a question of resources - which means time or money or both.

    We do know nothing about the actual projects and we have no idea, what resources are currently available to the mothership. Because of that we also have no clue about any prioritisation of programming topics at all.

    I understand that many people feel, they would benefit greatly from an editor, but the dilemma still is, that certain "whished for" functions or features still aren't implemented (like the spdif clock speeds were and the improved reverbs), while the editor - as handy as it would be - is not mandatory to use all the effects, that are already there.

    There is one other aspect, that gets completely lost: You guys are talking about a device that was "published/released" 6 years ago. I have never ever in my life experienced a lifespan of continued software updates and feature implementations like that for free.
    Most companies sell faulty products and let you pay to fix them - they call it support fee.

    This is amazing and I'd like everyone to revisit all the changes, new features, implementations of user ideas, that Kemper has put in over the years for free, before they fall back into the complaining mode and how unprofessional it is , that the unit still doesn't ship with a software editor for the built in effects.

    If the editor come - I will be happy. If not - I will be happy too.

    Enjoy the weekend. cheers!

    I totally agree with @elemefjot.

    The Kemper is an almost unique product anyway, because of all the feature updates and upgrade we received for free.
    There is absolutely no need to make any announcement regarding the next firmware until they know for sure.

    And if they don't know yet - then what's there to talk about.

    Anything a company will announce prematurely will almost always be used against it, when something happens internally, the schedule falls apart or unexpected difficulties delay the release.

    I can see why some people want an editor, but the critique about the company's "bad communication" is blown a bit out of proportion, in my opinion.

    There is hardly anything really modern below 1500$ these days.
    Maybe MacMini + 24'' Monitor, but that is "old" hardware.

    The transfer works on all Macs as far as I know.

    I have transfered a few installations over time and I never had a problem.
    You may need Adapters to connect FW or USB to Thunderbolt or USB 3.1, if you gonna buy a modern Mac.

    I have no experience with used or refurbished Macs. I never buy a used computer.

    Well that should shut the doubters up - no difference to me

    I love my kemper and this proves why...

    I love my Kemper and I use it 90% of the time. Don't know what to tell you, if you do not hear a difference though!

    I will never understand why some people try so hard to find almost scientific proof they purchased the right gear.
    I really don't care whether Tim - who is a great guy and in fact one of THE most respected guitar session masters around LA - likes the kemper or not. He used to not really like it for many years and it didn't matter to me. A few months ago I was in a live q&a on with him and he wasn't convinced of the digital units up to this point. It didn't matter to me then.

    No he starts using it and it still doesn't matter to me.

    I have been using it successfully and with great joy since I bought the unit in Jan 2012 and that is all I care about.

    My goto-guy is 6150 SS, because it is a good all-around compromise.

    When Nickel 6100s wear down, they will lead to intonation problems, when you play a lot of chords (because o their really wide base). Recrowning will help, but I hate having to deal with maintainance - so for me it is medium jumbos SS whenever I get o choose.

    They changed how the number of rigs in the folder is being calculated.
    Before it was the # in the actual folder - now it is the # of rigs in the actual folder and all subfolders.

    The extra level of subfolders had been introduced before.

    As a business owner I have to object.
    Being open about what to expect and when creates negativity when you cannot hold up to your earlier announcements - no matter what the reason is.
    Make announcements when you know it is really going to happen - everything else is a shot in the foot.

    I also do not believe that the active users in this particular thread represent the average Kemper user. That doesn't mean, that the request for an editor isn't valid, but it could mean that the business reality forces Kemper to focus on other topics first and with bigger emphasis.

    I expect more reverbs before anything else.

    G String,

    I am not mistaken, you misunderstood my point. ;-)

    I said "starting an update without triggering a backup" - not starting an update without pressing OK.
    It should be fairly easy for your programmers to include a routine that would ask for an USB stick and first perform a backup (or maybe save this to the connected computer) before the update actually starts.

    That is only a minor thing, but it would make the process a bit more streamlined and secure!

    As handy as this new feature may come - I disabled it.

    A notification is fine, but starting an update process without triggering an update is a "must not" in my case.
    I have not been around for a while, because my Kemper works just fine for what I want/need - so I don't if there is a feature request already.
    If not I will open open one (include automatic backup to connected pc before the update process is started).