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    Ein ähnlich leistungsstarkes und solides Windows Notebook ist nicht günstiger. Bei stationären Rechnern haben die Windosen einen Preisvorteil und für diejenigen, die es wirklich brauchen, die ganze Palette der individuellen Erweiterbarkeit.

    Ich habe mich für Musik & Fotografie vor mittlerweile 10 Jahren von Windows verabschiedet, obwohl ich vorher Hardcore-PC_Schrauber war und habe es noch nicht einen Tag bereut. Ich arbeite mittlerweile mit meinen Rechnern, statt sie permanent zu warten. Ich habe mich für ein MacBookPro und einen externen Monitor + Audiointerface entschieden. Nicht die billigste Variante, aber ich bin total zufrieden und würde mich ohne zu zögern wieder so entscheiden.

    In der Firma nutze ich weiterhin Windows in verschiedenen Konfigurationen und bin oft einfach nur genervt.
    Spiele, Programmierung, Datenbaken, Branchenlösungen, Bürobetrieb, small Budget -> alles Standard und zu mindestens 90% Windows PC, keine Frage.

    Bei Musik und Fotografie muss man sich den Mist aber nicht antun - und es ist eine Freude!

    I don't need an editor, when I play or rehearse, but I understand the wish for an editor in recording and tweaking situations.
    As this has been said a couple of times - I really believe it is still a question of resources and priorities.

    As long as the Kemper can be further improved with more or deeper functions and fx, I feel the HQ will use most of their programming resources towards that goal and I agree with that.

    In der zeitgleichen Kombination mit neuen Saiten, zudem noch eines anderen Herstellers, würde ich mir da keine Differenzierung, was welchen Einfluss hat zutrauen.

    In my opinion the Kemper guys have been very "moderate" in how they moderate the forum. I'd issued a few more warnings and probably a few permanent bans too, if I was responsible for it - not talking about this particular issue.
    I know of a few places where you could receive a ban for even talking openly and critically about an issue like that.

    It's the mothership's forum, they are responsible for it and its rules in every way. We have always been encouraged to offer opinions, but we don't have legal rights to claim or demand anything here. If I had been given a luxury suite for my business like this, I'd be happy to follow a few formal rules - and if I'd ever screw up, which can happen to anyone - for whatever reason - I'd swallow the bitter pill - and be happy to return.

    let's move on.

    When you all say yanks are you referring to people in the more northern states of the U.S. or all of them? To us ,here, yanks mean people who live in the northern states while the southern states are rednecks or hillbillies.

    I guess guys from Australia consider almost everybody "northern" ;-)

    Hatte zwischenzeitlich die beiden bekannten Phänomen unter El Capitan, die aber mit der Version 46 gefixt wurden. Läuft wieder glatt und zuverlässig wie eh und je - an einem USB 3 Hub!

    For some weird reason, resetting my Kemper seems to have fixed the problem for me.

    I definitely was experiencing this for a while but now the usb/sleep issue magically disappeared.

    @MLScola harddrives were never a reason FOR sleep mode as far as I recall. Spinning up and down was always more stress to drives than constantly rotating. Sleep mode and early suspend to disk or suspend to RAM modes were about about saving power and fast bootup times when resuming work - having the system in the state where you left it at.

    @viabcroce modern SSDs are rock solid - pro versions have been used in servers for a while now. Beside the speed I also embrace the "quiet" of SSDs. I replaced 3 traditional server grade WD drives - only to have one of it failing randomly after 6 weeks and replacing it again yesterday. I have experienced countless mechanical and electronical failures of harddrives over the years and I am very happy that this technology has become state of the art. I ordered a new SSD only server for my office yesterday.

    Sorry - didn't see you replied here too!

    Yes - power napping is enabled.

    Right now the screen was dark, the Profiler was on. RM was not loaded. I woke the guy up, logged in started RM and the profiler is being recognized. I reboot the profiler and it is not recognized anymore. Restarting RM or both makes no difference. I have to reboot.

    After reboot (with Kemper left running) starting RM, it recognizes the Kemper. Going to sleep (system menu).
    wakin' it up - the profiler is being recognized.

    Sorry I was wrong and did not investigate precisely - it seems to be the shutdown of the Kemper, which is causing the trouble. I usually go to sleep AND shut the Kemper down. Then wake the system up and start the Kemper.