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    Welcome to the Kemper community. On what OS are you? I am on OSX 10.11 and I can resize the inspector to change the column width.

    "Sorry to say" - but please post this in the proper section.

    Again "sorry to say" but as a supposedly new user - many guys including me have been using RM for a long time and really like it and yes, we know it is not perfect - you may wanna consider trying not to alienate the good and friendly people who are more than willing to help and support you in their free time with that kind of negativity.

    Then - for technical support - you should provide a screen shot, your display resolution, the os version you are working with and the specs of your mb. I run an external display (Apple Cinema Display) on my mbpro (2012) and had no display problems like that at all - since the very first beta.


    just did the new update,,Big lag time is still there, sounds great, but useless as a giging amp at the moment,
    hope they sort it out soon, If I have to go back to 3 do you just put in that OS in a folder and hit update, even tho its backwards,,?

    I guess you can, but I always prefer to "restore" a backup from my usb stick.

    What do you mean by old? old OS version? old hardware?

    If you really don't want to update your MAC OS, which may make sense in certain situations, consider getting Parallels and a cheap OEM Win7 or Win8 License Key to be able to run RigManager.
    You can install the Virtual Machine on an external harddrive, if you don't want to clogg your main drive.

    You may find a few discussions in regard to your question when you use the search, but to be honest - you can do as Paul explained but managing performances without Rig Manager is a pita. The Kemper deserves better - and you do too!

    Na ja, der Vergleich hinkt möglicherweise ein wenig.
    Wenn ich mich als Sound-Hypochonder bezeichne, habe ich zwar ein Gefühl für den Sound aber noch lange nicht recht.
    Vielleicht bilde ich mir das alles auch ein. Aber dageben spricht das gleiche Empfinden der Bandkollegen...

    Damit meinte ich lediglich, dass es aus meiner Sicht keine Rolle spielt, wie Du zu einem für Dich/Euch zufrieden stellenden Ergebnis kommst und wollte Dich auffordern ruhig Deinen Ideen einfach nachzugehen.
    Tills Hinweis auf eine Referenz finde ich am wichtigsten.

    You guys play the KPA connected to computer all the time?

    At home - yes! Connected via USB for the use of RM and through SPDIF for quick recording ideas, Skype, ...
    I have RM on my Laptop too - just in case, but I never use it.
    I also keep the number of rigs on my Kemper around 50 (only favs, of which I use 10 to 15 at this point).

    Enough being said about this guy's attitude already.

    The (ab)use of the return policy is a debate of its own and has nothing to do with technology. The general conflict is that people pretend to have a buy interest when their actual interest is borrowing a certain item. Women buy dresses/shoes online all the time, wear them on one occasion with the tags still being attached but put on the inside and return them sometimes without even cleaning them. This is a well know behavior of people - it has nothing to do with the technical evolution of the Kemper.
    People have been returning items forever - the only thing that has changed is - you can do it anonymously through the internet now, which makes the cheating easier, because you don't have to lie to someone in person and look him in the eye when you return what you intended to "borrow" all along.

    New technology has always rivaled and in many cases replaced old and established technology. Examples have been given here too.

    The BIAS of this guy is so obvious. The real threat for amp builders are modelers and plug-ins, because you don't need any amp at all to run these things. The Kemper needs an amp to generate a profile. And it creates a snapshot of a certain sound at a certain time. It's not a replicator.
    Michael Wagener makes a good point of that in the comments section.

    Our guy of course doesn't mind using plug-ins at all.

    "Ethical" is a big word and I doubt that it is the proper term in this context anyway, but if you want to think big, then you cannot care about something so small as an amp manufacturer. There is only so much money available to be spent on the music industries' products and in the big picture it doesn't matter at all, whether it goes to Marshall, Line6 or Kemper.

    On an even bigger picture, hypothetically - one could argue that the Kemper is a very social and ethical device, because it helps sharing knowledge, sounds and technology, that poor musicians and amateurs otherwise couldn't afford. Please don't kill me for this example - this is not my view on things - just saying ...

    I wonder what this guy's true agenda really is!

    okay - it's a request and I now understand what you are asking for.

    I doubt that it would be of great practical value for many users, but I see, why you think you need it.
    I don't know how Kemper's programming resources are distributed among the different projects, but I believe the are more pressing needs.

    Once the delay/reverb lust of the Kemperites has been (hopefully) satified, I hope for further development of Rig Manager.

    So what you you basically want is a stepping (discrete stages of volume levels) instead of a continuos volume change? Is that right?

    Beside the point that Don is making - the number doesn't mean a thing - I seriously doubt that many users would like the volume pot to behave like you suggest.