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    Get someone else.
    The more anger you put into this the more you hurt yourself. I've been down that road a few times. I also run my own business so I know both sides of the medal. Venting is neither a true relief nor a solution. It's a waste of time and energy.

    Maybe your guy is a part-timer, kind of new or just not as organized as the other guys.
    In the end it doesn't matter - you only need your problem taken care of.

    Life ain't perfect. I've had good and bad experiences with support from large stores. I believe it always comes down to the one person's character and professionalism.

    I don't like that too.

    Yes, you can use your Mackie as an analog mixer - I am not certain it becomes as bad as Andy thinks, because I believe the mixing takes place before the first AD process, but in theory you could use the mixed out and feed that into a soundcard.

    There is no doubt about the quality of the FW-Soundcard in your Mackie!

    However AD/DAing back and forth would be a bad idea.

    The logical thing is still to get yourself a working FW (old MAC, repair, new one) or switch completely to a usb solution of the same quality.
    And yes there might be money involved. It all depends on your priorities.
    Life is about choices - almost always!



    TY for moving this further.

    Do you know, that you can edit the tags of a profile on the rig exchange, then edit a copy of it with your editor and do a binary file compare between the edited files afterwards?

    I'd rather not mess with my Kemper's installation at this point. The Kemper files don't have a checksum - afaik - so in theory i might cause a freeze or some other unwanted effect with a "corrupted" profile.


    The Mackie FW appears as Onyx-i in my device list (10.6.8), no drivers installed or needed.

    Do you have other audio devices connected? if yes unplugg them all.
    Do you have other devices connected to your FW-Bus -> unplugg them all.
    Did you switch your cable or did you make a successful connection with any other FW device through that cable and port?
    Boot the machine, then connect the Mixer, then switch it on, go to the device manager and see if it is there before you do anything else.
    Do you have a chance to connect the mixer to another PC through FW - to make sure the audio interface is working.

    Keep it simple - get rid of everything else and try to isolate the faulty part first.

    Installing a new OS would be kind of the last resort for me.

    I know that doesn't solve your problem, but rest assured - the installation is plain and simple. There should be a reason other than the driver.

    ADDON: I just saw you answered some of my questions, while I was writing. I use a short 400 to 800 cable with np at all. Not certain if cable length is critical for FW too.

    I copied the module/library into my working directory and got it working too.

    it appears that 10.6.8 has a very different installation setup.
    I am too lazy to adjust the environment settings properly.



    I believe it has to do with a version mixup - maybe terminal settings.

    What editor (IDE) are you using?
    What shell do you run it from?
    Where do you put the files (including the backup) on your system?
    What is the python version #?

    Can't believe I am stuck with this! LOL
    It has to be something simple

    TY for your work/help.

    I tried different ways.

    1. opening a shell and running the .py from the directory. I updated the environent var -> and checked the search path. The Python libs are included, but I still get this error message.

    2. The Python install left me with the programming environment. I loaded the source file and tried to run it. getting a syntax error! ?

    3. I double clicked the file in finder -> doesn't find the module.

    So you are programming under 10.7.4?

    I'd like to get this working because the .xls would be very helpful for cataloging and grading my profile library. I also see this tool as a workaround solution for an offline librarian, because it is easy to import an xls into almost any database. A simple filemaker app might be enough to keep track - as long as the filename is a column in the xls.chart.

    any idea, where I can look - usually I don't give up easily :)



    The "missing" feedback probably has alot to do with the fact that you opened your thread in the "introduce yourself" section, where many regular users do not show up regularly.

    I have been logged in here almost every day at least once and I found it just now.
    Will try if it works on my system and post here (running snow leopard 10.6.8).

    Please ask one of the admins to move your thread to the private section and away from the "introduce yourself" area.
    I am pretty certain more kemperers will use your tool and comment.

    thnx for your efforts.
    appreciate it.


    Running 10.6.8, installed latest Python & Tcl/Tk

    I receive a message it does not find the ttk module (line 1) and quits.
    How do I have to set the search path?

    I tried the QSC K10 which is supposed to be even less "boomy" and didn't like the bass at all. Just too much for my application (guitar cab replacement).

    I returned it and ended up with a line6 stage source. I am running this cab primarily as "monitor" or amp replacement.
    It all really depends on the room, the placement and the purpose.

    If you are not happy, try out at least one other cab. We sometimes sell stuff with loss we initially liked alot, but if you are not happy in the first place, I recommend spending more time on the "selection" process.