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    I am not questioning any smart workaround you guys have come up with - there have been decent "solutions" all over this place. I am just wondering, if there is anything official to expect kinda soon?
    And I am not demanding anything - except an answer maybe? :)

    I am very ok with the fact, that other projects like the foot controller need more attention/resources. Just a Yes/No and maybe a rough guess (time frame).

    A usable Rig/Profile management tool (librarian) is needed badly.

    The truth might be - that cK&Co. did not forsee a tornado of very usable to great profiles coming at them.
    But as a matter of fact - it is what it is!

    I have been thinking about uploading the profiles into my DMS system in my office and documenting them there. Any software with revision control capabilities will provide you with that functionality.
    Another way would be a DAM software - as long as it is not too focused on photographs and has text search & file name search functions

    The pros:
    You won't touch the files. All info, commentary, what you used it for, bla bla can be kept away from the file, meanings "almost" no limitations within reasonable boundries.
    I could even use check in/check out procedures for the backup files.
    Huge search capabilities most as RCSs provide full text search

    The cons:
    No "editing" of the file tags.
    No communication with the KPA (upload/download).
    The added information (documentation) will most likely be incompatible to other users profile databases.
    You are probably looking at at least one week of documentation, if you wanna do it right.

    The alternatives:

    flat file folder structures with telltale folder names, complex profile naming "systems", wait for ck&co to come up with a solution.

    Looking at what is still missing (full midi, performance mode, external tag editing) and for how long it has been missing I do not see the kemper librarian coming soon. (no critique - only an estimate)

    We who like/need/want it already have & use a Kemper. Further product development starting with delivering the missing features and making it a fully competitive product (midi pedal!), maybe even a rack version of the kpa or a dedicated power amp is needed more to keep the money coming and increase sales.

    I have been on the other end (developing software) and I know for a fact how time and money consuming that can be, esp. if you want to meet a certain quality standard. Providing a librarian will not boost sales significantly. It's a "nice to have".

    Christoph - I would love to receive an honest statement from you as far as if we can expect a profile management software/interface other than the rig-x soon. Please just a yes/no if that is on your list & if "yes" a realistic time frame for when to expect it. Even an honest "NO - not any time soon" would be helpful, because then, people, who are really interested or in need of it could start investing time&effort into alternatives. The uncertainty what to expect is difficult to handle.


    Thnx man - I downloaded more than once so don't get mad, when you check the d/l : donation ratio :)

    These are great profiles. Happy to support.


    I think it is because it is a "soft thing" compared to a "hard thing".

    As a software developer I get this all the time, "all software should be free, as some is free". The idea being that if some people want to write free software then all the other software is over priced. The same thing has happened to music over the last 15 years.

    A hard thing such as a burger or a beer for instance then people expect to pay and they have no problem with it.

    I had similar experiences when I was working semi-pro as a photographer.
    Time, gear, knowledge all grow on trees out of thin air!

    We should close this thread - or at least end this discussion.

    Copying the same profile to different places is a bad idea (would create redundancies you couldn't handle properly)
    With folders it should be links (like unix systems use them). I'd prefer tags.
    Browsing through folders in case you are looking for a particular profile could be painful with this interface.

    Well this comes just right at the time when I am about to go FRFR with the Line 6 stage monitor and sell my Mesa 2:90.
    Now I will give that another try.

    Thank you for the detailed explanation, Christoph!
    ... and the continuing improvements :thumbup: