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    "welcome" guys. So cool to get together with people from all over the world. btw - I live close to Heide in Northern Germany, a place that is actually closer to Oslo than to Munich. ;-)

    H 8o

    I have marked my favorites by adding a number to the name. Say I want the rig EVH2 as one of my favs and assign the midi number 012 to it...then I change the rigs name to 012 EVH2 too. That way I find all my midiassigned rigs as a sequence sorted by name. When I like a rig but haven't finally tweaked it yet, I put the number 200 before it's name. That way I can easily find these rigs sorted by name. Think about it. It works well for me.



    This reminds of the the current mainstream in many European (American?) public diskussions: A sometimes "off-topic" form of political correctness becomes mandatory and more important than dealing with facts and arguments based on differing assumptions.

    Funny that esp. in Germany, which has famous philosophers like Hegel who proposed the thesis/anti-thesis as a necessary method for "dialectic" progress - off mainstream point of views get heavily beaten by the "political correctness watch".

    From what I remember Hadley has been a pro-guitarist for many moons. He owns a Kemper - meaning he is interested in the product and is trying to use it in a productive way in his environment.

    Before you beat him down step into his shoes and try to see what he is seeing. Then reply with a strong argument if that is not your point of view (like cK did). Arguments can be very sharp or pointed and sometimes even sarcastic, but judging people as trolls because they do not applaude your point of view has become way too easy and common.

    BTW - Total satisfaction means "end of all progress".

    I dig reading through threads with controversial discussions - as long as the BS is kept away. More often than not both parties have a point.

    Hadley I encourage you to continue to share your opinions - maybe offer samples or further explanations of what you do not like. Just because you did - cK replied with a very pointed post, that for itself contains useful background information we might not have otherwise.
    By exchanging controversial arguments we can all gain more "in-depth" understanding of this product.

    Be good sports guys! :)

    Great to see all you guys 'on the case' - with so much info, I'm sure CK will resolve this soon :thumbup:

    Having been in the process of software development myself - I can relate to how difficult testing can become.
    Isolating a bug and making it "reproducable"sometimes becomes way more difficult than fixing it afterwards.

    TY. Will update tonight.

    I have serious intentions to profile my amps (JTM 45, Roadking II, MARK V, Koch) with different cabs and mics at some point, but for now playing with the already provided profiles & rigs plus finding ways to integrate the KPA into my workflow is keeping me quite busy.

    I am not a pro - so I usually take it slower a step or two and follow the lead of others to a certain extent.
    Let me say this: I really really appreciate the input from you guys around here.


    I have been following this from post#1. Great stuff guys, I wish I've had more time to contribute myself.

    My question is: Would you suggest to update to 1.0.6? As far as I understand the bug is also in 1.0.4 (which I currently use).


    In the absence of a 'complete cab bypass', a workaround Ive been using is to load a 'direct' profile, save the cab (It should actually make no difference whether it is switched on or off) as 'direct' and use this as a blank cab profile. Works very well

    an old c-programmers' trick (void) - NICE!

    Will be traveling the "Hansalinie" again soon - probably next week. Will shoot you a pm with my cell# as soon as I know for sure. The 2x12 just ain't as heavy as the 4s and it is still load enough for my living room/home recording "corner". LOL

    profiles of a greenback cab. Anyone from northern Germany got one?

    Possibly yes. I never had any 2 x 12, but it would be interesting to try. Lets see if we can arrange a "hanseatic corporation" here :P

    Thx Man,

    i think i wouldnt be the right person to handle those vintage amps since i am more into hi gain and sparkling clean. I would really love to do more cab profiles though, but transporting that Recto 4 x 12 was not really an enjoyable experience. :wacko:

    However i still plan to do profiles of a greenback cab. Anyone from northern Germany got one?

    Wouldn't the 2061 fit into that category too?

    Got it for my jtm 45.

    (I live north from Hamburg)