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    nice surgery!

    Great record for 80s guys (I am one) but definitely not girlfriend material.
    DLR is very present & it has an overall darker, more agressive tone - the first vanHagar was ok after that I turned away from vH.
    Very happy Eddie hasn't lost a step.

    The flat structure is fast and simple as long as the number of files/settings/effects is rel. small to medium.

    We tend to think, we have our stuff better organized by putting it in different boxes, and for some things this is true, BUT
    when the number of boxes increases - how many times have you been in a situation like - hmm did i put it here or there, this drawer?, that folder?
    Where did I save this picture? ...

    Implementing a folder system also opens up ALOT of potential new software flaws introducing further instabilities (file/folder naming, backup/restore problems ...
    PLUS it blows everything up (filenames including full paths) & slows everything down (climbing up and down the ladder (cd) takes time).
    Programming dedicated hardware is very different from using a windows api with predefined classes.

    I'd rather see them focus on a mac/windows config tool in a way that we keep/manage our profile collection on a computer (organized in folders ....) and just swap out the hot ones that survive the test period.

    Don't wanna be a smart ass here, but I really hate menus and folder structures with 2 or 3 or 4 sublevels. (like it used to be in Word or in my old car when I wanted to reset the board computer after a visit to the gas station).

    Well at some point it is also a matter of taste ... :)


    I keep it short:

    guitar lover, rock dude, fusion fan, sports nerd from Leverkusen living close to the danish border in SH, who tries to keep up with his chops beside his profession and other real life "applications".

    I have been following the threads & posts in this forum for a while and this place seems to be an enjoyable community. Hope it will stay that way for long.

    Long Live Rock!

    Announcements have a very special property - they are just announcements.

    As far as I recall KPA was introduced at last years NAMM and was expected to be shipped soon afterwards. It became 2012 until significant numbers became available.
    Now the FX people ANNOUNCE profiling will be available in the future. What does that mean except the "marketing department" expresses the intention of implementing something likewise. It is not even certain how this can be done given the particular hardware specs and layout of the fx.

    IMO it is a simple judgement call. What do you wanna do now?
    I have stopped taking people seriously who base their actions on marketing announcements about features that may become available in the future.

    The axe is an incredible piece of equipment and well worth the hype, the kpa is the same - incredible and worth the hype. They serve slightly different purposes, have different form factors and user interfaces and both have potential for further improvement & development.

    I haven't yet decided which road I will follow - again both have pros & cons. Maybe I will stick to my roadking, g-system and a few pedals, recording a demo with a pod. All things concerned the only constant in this universe is "change".

    Exciting times - aren't they !?