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    Sharry - i can comment on things which available (performance mode). i'm happy to help and put things on lists once i understand that there's something we can do better.
    but as for what the future might bring. you and Inthrutheout need to understand that we do not comment on it. we just don't. and we are not up for discussing the reasons why either.

    Being a business owner myself, I totally understand this position.

    As for Gianfranco's question:
    I'd like to see RM evolve further into a more complex database tool that will also help to save/rename/sort/load effect presets and cabs. I treat the Kemper as an amp and none of my amps came with an editor nor does the designer has plans to develop an editor to turn the gain knob from my pc.

    Being out of touch with some people sometimes means you are actually in touch with the rest!

    Pre-stack delay has been a feature request since I came on this board 4 years ago. I like it a lot. Don't know, if that will render my belle epoche "useless", but it will give me many options I did not have before. Thank You.

    So even at a day with great news and a lot of promising new features, someone has to spill out his negativity and turn this "new kemper stuff" - thread into a "what is not there" discussion. I call that spamming.

    @Laurens Man, suck it up!

    If "the Kemper isn't as complete as other units are" sell your broken toy and get yourself a more complete piece of euqipment.
    If you simply enjoy complaining about what's missing, find a suitable thread - enough of them around already - or start one yourself.
    This one is about what is about to come - and not about what might still be missing (for some)!

    Everything Pete produces in his gear videos sounds great - and frankly - after watching his gear demos for a while - like Pete Thorn.
    The UA-Tone videos sounded great, his pedal demos sound great, .... it is part of his gig!

    Can you imagine him ever recording a video in which he does not sound great?

    Also in the video he says 50% of the tone is coming from his ownhammer IRs .... (he mentiones them quite a few times during the video!!!)
    The market is flooded with good sounding pedals and units - but there is only one device that can actually capture the actual amp you are sitting next to.

    Line 6 fooled me twice with their product update policy. Not anymore.

    I'm looking for a nice clean sound.
    Any tips?

    Start RM - sort by gain within the RE rigs - look at the ratings - pick a few and "audition" them.

    Go to one of the commercial rig sellers' pages - theampfactory, soundside and MBrittProfiles are the first that come to mind when looking for clean stuff - look for an amp you have in mind and listen to the soundbits.

    Use the search button in this forum. To me it feels like gazillions of clean rigs have been discussed and recommended over time.

    In the end only you know what kind of "tone" you are searching for. A clean Petrucchi like MK V sound is very different from a classic clean AC30 oder a clean Dumble(ish) sound.

    Well - he said that he was primarily after Reverb / Room - not delay.
    I can confirm that the Ocean Studio is a fantastic plug-in - but that applies to recording.

    @db9091 TY for your opinion. I have been weighing the cons and pros of the H9 for a while.

    I know that and while writing my post it felt like you were watching over my sholder - but in a good way; I would even go so far and say: "In that regard, I know you". :thumbsup:
    I almost forgot about Total Commander - thanks for reminding me. Great tool! I loved Norton Commander back in the days, but I finally got away from command line tools when I switched to Mac/OSX for photography and music.

    Ha! :D
    The truth is - I am a believer - in many ways - and "think it - get it" is concept I understand and use in my life - BUT nothing is perfect and when it comes to IT knowing is usually superior to believing.

    ...And factory rigs can be restored from the firmware itself too (no need for rig manager/USB etc for this). I think it's in the system menu.

    You can either re-install them from the firmware (page on of the system menu) or download them in seperate packs from the download section on the website.

    There are a few threads where the location of the rigs is mentioned and I am on OSX for the most part, but in my virtual Win 7 VM
    the rigs are stores here:

    ..... Username :: AppData :: Local :: Kemper Amps :: RigManager :: Local Library

    it is a hidden folder below your old user home that should contain the rig files - not the file LocalLibrary.db that contains your

    Provided RM backup has no serious flaw or hick-ups, using the built-in backup/restore feature comes with a few advantages:

    Everything ends up in one file.
    The file automatically has a meaningful and useful name (Date Time - Owner.rmbackup).
    It can easily be included in your system backup (Time machine, True Image, ...)
    You can keep as many versions as you like in one "handy" place.
    You do not have to interact with the file system.

    You do have to trust the Kemper software team though. ;-) I do. if you don't, then copying the folder structure manually is probably your best chance at keeping your RM's data safe.

    Never forget to do the occasional restore!
    Believing everything is backed up is often very different from actually having everything backed up properly.

    Bottom line:
    Backing up the Kemper will save all data, that is stored and contained on the Profiler, backing up Rig Manager will save all data that is saved in the RM database.