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    At first I want to apologize for my english...

    I have KPA Operating System 1.0.6 Public Beta firmware in my amp, and I'm experiencing problems with my Master Output section...
    After about ah hour of playing Master Output section "crashed" and refused to produce any sounds until full reboot of KPA. It happened 2nd time (the previous crash was 2 days ago) and I'm little worrying about it because it can happen on stage. At first I was thinking that it was my ProTools, but then I plugged my headphones into KPA and figured that "Send" and "Monitor" outputs are still active during the crash (at the same time Master Output section is not working). After reboot - Master Section starts functioning again... I didn't have those problems at previous firmware. Is there's any solution?


    Thanks Chris...
    Nope, it uses guitar F# string, there are several manufacturers who produce 8 string sets. The interesting thing is that if you make lowest string as drop E, then it will cover anything that could be played both on guitar and a 4 string bass.

    To Hectrucci :
    It's just like a regular 8 string - F#-B-E-A-D-G-B-E, got it this way from Schecter dealer.
    I need to practice more on that, it's my first 8 string, and it's bit difficult to do mute the strings because the neck is so wide :)

    To my opinion - KPA sounds warmer and more natural...I'm big fan of "brown" sound, and I was unable to dial it on AXE II. I had both Axe FX Ultra and Axe FX II, and older Axe Fx Ultra sounds superior to Axe II (to my ears). At least - I could use my Wampler pedals in a front of it and got a nice results. The effects on KPA are not the same league compare to Axe, but the "source" signal in KPA sounds better imho. P.S. I'm sorry for my english guys.)