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    Wow guys ~ Thanks for some new information. I still love my KPA, so I keep trying to make it work in all areas. I have been getting some great OD, Crunch & Solo sounds... just haven't had as much luck with the Clean stuff (yet). I definitely will try bypassing the main Kemper NR and using the stomp NRs (I have used them once or twice before and they work well). It is also possible that using an outboard compressor could work, because of the additional stomp NR. BTW, I just bought a TC HyperGravity Compressor, and I am liking it (very quiet and programmable) 8o Thanks again for the input!

    BTW: For my clean sounds, I still desire considerable sustain (similar to a DynaComp set to medium sustain), and I have had a hard time dialing it in on my Kemper so far without the aforementioned artifacts. Perhaps it is the Kemper compression that is causing this, either in the Amp or the effect model? Ideally the KPA would give us enough transparent guitar compression to play a highly compressed Jim Messina Teliecaster solo, and yet sustain full chords with purity (no artifacts). Of course, I could use an outboard compressor pedal, but then the KPA's noise suppression becomes much less effective...

    Greetings to all Kempsters! A couple of things:

    1) Has anyone found a truly great clean profile (ideally with some smooth compression) ~ I have tried for a long time, but it seems I always hear some artifacts in the background when sustaining a chord (perhaps from the compression)... :(

    2) A tip I have discovered just recently while overdubbing solos: When tweaking an OD/Distortion sound ~ Listen to it in the track while messing with the Cab parameters (as opposed to the standard EQ tweaking) In order of importance: High Shift, Low Shift, and Character. I have found EQ tweaks and Cab selection are more time consuming and often less effective for getting the exact sound for any particular track. Of course you must start with a Cab you trust and has worked in the past :) Perhaps many of you already knew this, but it's been a major discovery for me!


    Have you made your own profiles and compared them thru your studio monitors?

    CK - Thanks for joining in. I'll be back in 'profiling mode' soon, and plan to try again with these two amps. Do you feel that the fattest amp profiles are attained with close mic'ing or distant? (up to this point, it's mainly been very close mic technique for me)

    Yes. You are right. I'm also a heavy compressor user on the clean sounds. Unfortunately, the compressor sound in my KPA is not the same like in my Roland GP100, or in my older or newest Roland/Boss gear, even if I,m using compressors on the KPAs amp section or in the stomp or X slots. :( I have tried using even EQ after/before the comp...., but it,s simply not the same.....For the same reason I,ve selled my Keeley compressor pedal. :(
    Which is Your most succesfull Roland/Boss-like compressor setting?

    As I recall it's a combination of amp compression and the dedicated compressor with a fairly fast attack time, and a minus setting on the pick parameter...

    I would add this: Pertaining to the KPA clean sounds, I am happy, but not yet totally thrilled - this is because I can't get my ideal compression sound from it yet. By ideal, I mean the type of compression that sustains and sings like an overdriven amp, without distortion or overblown/thumpy attack to the notes (I can easily get this from my Boss modelers, one of their particular strengths). I'm talking about clean Solo sounds, mind you...

    Radley, I recall reading that you struggled to profile your old Fender amp. Any success?

    I have struggled a bit with a couple of my Fender profiles (my 65 Super-Reverb & Blackface Deluxe-Reverb) - both profiles came out sounding a bit bright & thin compared to the actual amps. I traced the problem to the Cab aspect - by using other Cabs they sound noticeably better and thicker, but not totally like the orig. amps. I may try these same profiles again soon.... wish me luck. :wacko:

    PS: I was using the same dynamic mic as on my Gibson Lancer profile.

    Hello, the most critical sounds to reproduce on older modelers are in the clean and low gain range. the KPA excels in this domain with a amp tube feel & dynamic. It's even better than some real vintage tube amps since you can expand their tonal range to some extents you won't find on the actual amp (Gain course, EQ, verbs ...). All my tube amps are now collecting dust.

    I don't play any hi gain, but there are some real gems in this range too.

    Remember however you'll have to find the right rigs that match you guitars , lots of rigs are matched to a specific type of pickups & output level. Some combinations are pure magic. You'll find tons of goods low gain & clean rigs if you got a telecaster.

    We have a Winner! Translation: I agree with this assessment 8) I also feel that the KPA does all jobs well, but I am particularly fond of the lower gain feel & mojo...

    Read somewhere, maybe TGP,(paraphrasing here) that Cliff feels MIMIC is near the right wall for tone improvement. He is allegedly going to focus on IRs now. I can't see him being satisfied though. Probably still lots of power left in that box for future upgrades too.

    30 years ago, I thought I was at 'the right wall of tone' running a Tube Screamer into my Super-Reverb amp, and although it did sound very good, I eventually had to eat my words (or at least my thoughts) when I found more expressive sounds by integrating digital gear/modelers into the mix - I believe both Cliff and CK will have future revelations which will again advance the modeling potential to another degree. I stated many years ago that the day will come when the vast majority of guitarists will prefer a digital modeler over their favorite tube amps, and I believe that day is just around the corner...

    I personally like CK's product and humorous attitude 8) The reason I retain both the AFX and the Kemper: They both do an excellent job, but from a different angle, which makes them both unique. I also keep both platforms to see what improvements/sounds/features they will introduce in the future... Great days to be a guitarist! 8o

    Hey guys ~ I personally don't get all the minimizing of the new Depth feature - It's not just for headphones, and it can add a lot if you know how & when to use it. In other words, I dig it and it has a level control if you don't.... :thumbup:

    "I use 2 mics:

    TLM 103 @ 8" from face--->LA 610---->y cable into Kemper. Settings on the UA? Darned if I remember. I used my ears. Comp was on.
    [email protected] degree angle to edge of cone on grill->Chameleon 7602->same y cable into Kemper. Had the EQ off. No phase set. Matched volume.

    The amp was about 3 feet from any wall. Swart AST and Tungsten Crema Wheat."


    Thanks DB ~ Was this a clean or OD profile?

    And yet you are rather careful not to share it ~ I thought the idea was to share whatever tips we have found that work...

    I hope to be posting some new profiles of certain Mesa, Marshall, and Fender amps I have recently acquired and modded to my liking in the next month or so... :thumbup:

    Keep On Rockin'...