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    Hi guys!

    I've already posted this question on TGP but as I'm more and more interested in the KPA and torn between it and the Mesa, I'm sure regular KPA users can tell me the truth :)
    So, I'm GASing for either a Kemper + some quality PA and cab (or FRFR solution) OR a Mesa Road King II head.
    Hearing so many good things about the KPA and being aware that the Mesa RKII has been profiled already as well, I'm really considering choosing the Kemper over the Mesa.
    The only thing that concerns me is live playing - will the Kemper ever come close to sounding as huge and dynamic like, for example, the Mesa would?
    If the answer is yes, which solution is better for making the KPA sound like a real guitar amp:

    1. Getting a solid-state power amp and using my 4*12 V30 cab
    2. Getting a tube power amp and using my 4*12 V30 cab
    3. Getting an Atomic FR solution and plugging straight into it
    4. Getting some powered speakers (think QSC K12) and running straight into them
    + a good solution seems to be getting an Atomic REACTOR 50/50 which is a full range power amp with 2*50 power and I could run one side 6L6 and the other side EL34 into my 4*12 cabinet = super versatility?

    I'm really waiting forward for your opinions guys, because I'm about to spend lots of $$$ here (I'm from Hungary, everything is ridiculously expensive here) and I'd really like to get the best possible results for my hard-earned bucks.