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    I was able to get very close with the Marshalls from and44's profile packs (both free and paid versions,, even though I'm playing a Squier Tele (Gibson LP coming soon). I wouldn't say that using a 2555SL profile is that important.

    1. Choose one of the Marshall profiles (I'd say and44's JTM or Plexi)
    2. Switch the cab to the Siggi Mehl's Greenback cab (instant JB heaven)
    3. Add distortion (this could either be the Green Scream or Fuzz, JB is known to use a Fuzz Face)
    3. Tweak delay and reverb to your tastes
    4. Don't forget to play as accurately and in style as you can, because most of it is still in the hands.

    Have fun :)

    You see, we are working on all these topics.
    Please understand that we cannot track every single user that has reported a problem and continuously feed them with individual informations.
    The best and most effective thing we can do is solve issues, bundle solutions into a new firmware and release it ASAP. That is our answer. Of course releasing a new Firmware takes some time, especially for testing, that is done in several stages. That takes many days or weeks.

    Ok Sir, thank your for your answer, I'll keep this in mind!

    Isnt's that pretty much what Manfred wrote? What else do you need?

    Hello, Mr. Kemper!
    I was really hoping you would join this conversation at some point.
    The first time I reported a bug with the Kemper was in May. It was about the problem that still happens to me sometimes: the KPA doesn't boot up, it gets stuck for minutes and nothing happens. I think it's understandable that, for me, this problem is not something that is easy to get over, because it really creates a feeling of unreliability, while knowing that this doesn't happen every day now, but still regularly.
    I talked about this issue with Manfred on the phone back then, who asked me for backups, which I've sent to him. Then I've recieved a mail from him 6 days later, saying that sorry, but there is a lot going on there, thus I had to wait for an answer longer than usual, but he wants to let me know that the next day he will look into my backups and contact me again.
    Now, this is what never happened since then. More than 2 months have passed without a single word or any form of contact. I think my frustration would be easily understandable after this happened, but as you know, I've reported another problem (the clipping issue) 2 weeks ago, and I'm just afraid that the same would happen than it did with the boot issue before.
    Look, I didn't want to be offensive by any means, nor I wanted to sound impatient. I can accept that software development is a real resource hog. It's just what I wrote in my post that you quoted: I'm ready to wait forever for solutions, but there should be some kind of reassurence involved in the process, to let users know that they are not forgotten. That's all I am sensitive about.


    No brainer. The Axe is not even on the same page.


    I'd like to put an end to this conversation now.
    I always loved and will always love my KPA. I still think it was my best buy ever, and I still think it surpasses everything, and has no competitors at all.
    I accept that software development and fixing problems is an issue for every company, and needs extreme amount of resources and time. I understand that some problems are harder to fix than others and that there are priorities.
    The only thing that I found a little problematic is the communication being stuck between the customer and support. I think it would be best if the person reporting a bug or an issue would get a simple yet straightforward message telling that the problem has been identified, it's known, and steps have been made for correcting it. I'm ready to wait forever for solutions, but there should be some kind of reassurence involved in the process, to let users know that they are not forgotten. That's all I am sensitive about.

    Hey Manfred!

    Yes, what you're saying is absolutely true, I got the message, but I didn't get anything since then. Your message said that you will talk to an engineer and Christoph, but you didn't get back to me to give me at least a little information on the progress or anything.
    I'm no support expert or anything, but I know that when I turn to any kinds of support with a problem, the biggest concern for me is communication - informing and staying informed. I'm not there with you guys to know what's going on. The only thing I know is that my KPA gets really hard clipping sometimes that is not my fault in any way, and I still get the booting problem sometimes that we have talked about earlier, which I still didn't get an answer from you about. :(
    Also, sadly, as I stated in my original enquiry, I was able to create the same issue with a different rig as well (I forgot to mark which one was it, so I'm lost, but I'm pretty sure that I was trying a stock rig and I could get the same effect), so it must not just be a problem with that single rig.


    Hi guys, just to let you know, I still have this problem.And seeing that Support didn't give a half damn to help me out or even contact me after reporting this problem directly by phone and sending my rig attached personally to one of the support members by e-mail (have to mention that this is the second issue I reported this way and got no answer on), I have to sadly say that I've lost my faith in Kemper Support.
    Now I can't trust my KPA to work as it should in a live situation, and it also seems to me that I can't even rely on Kemper Support with my issues. I'm sad and I feel betrayed. I alway told everyone I talked to (over the web or even personally) great things about the KPA because I really liked this unit, but from now on I'll have to add that reliability is an issue, and help is not to be expected.
    And I'm also considering selling my unit.

    Well no matter what I tried or how long I let it sit, it would not start. I had to resort to erasing the internal flash memory and reloading the factory rigs. Imported my user profiles and all seems fine again. I love the sounds but I don't know how comfortable I would feel using this live at this point. Only had it for a couple months and already had an "Unknown Error" trying to import rigs and now this. Hopefully it was just a fluke and things go a little smoother from here on out.

    I don't want to sound dubious, however, I'm still having this issue from time to time, I reported it, got no answer since then... and I have some different ones, too (like a clipping problem that I've already reported to support personally by phone, and guess what, I still didn't get an answer from them).
    I'm really starting to wonder if the KPA will ever reach the stability to be even on par with a Line 6 or similar cheaper unit in terms of reliability...
    You have pretty much summarized what I feel with this sentence: " I love the sounds but I don't know how comfortable I would feel using this live at this point."
    Sad but true.