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    not really.

    the gain range in question should be very well within safe, linear limits of the preamp.

    all you are doing is possibly introducing a 12dB higher noise floor from the preamps.

    besides, "baking in more of the interfaces preamp tone" is just semantics. if you drive the preamps hard enough to introduce additional distortion, than this will lead to a noticeble change in the tone - but why would you want to do that? All you're doing is taken an authentic mic'ed guitar amp tone and add extra distortion resulting on severy limiting and extra, unpleasant overtones.
    If you're after this industrial, NIN-type effect, all the benefits of the authenticity of the PROFILER seems kinda wasted.

    the main challenge for a guitar player to play bass is not the different scale and string size, but the mindset.

    The are lots of people that play guitar on a bass and call themselves bass players ;)

    it's a different instruments that just happens to have a few similarities with guitar.

    the right hand is the weak part of many guitarists - developing a good right hand technique on bass takes time and effort, using a guitar pick gives you a very distinctive sound. I recommend the WEDGIE rubber bass picks for a convinient switch from guitar to bass, and a very believable tone and even dynamics.

    Maybe I am just looking for a "better than real" thing, but I have a small suspicion thet Kemper is a bit more noisy than a real amp. I don't remember, but I think back in the day when I was gigging with real amps I didn't have hum at such low gain tones. Maybe I am wrong of course.

    actually it has less noise than its analog (profiled) counterpart.

    did you try slowly rotating 90 degrees left and right? (you and your guitar that is, not the PROFILER) usually there is a position where there is no noise from external sources.
    The PROFILER is an amplifier, not a noise generator ;)

    My guess is that computer hardware, a cell phone etc. is creating the noise you pick up.

    If this were an issue of the PROFILER it would have been reported multiple times in the last eight years. ;)


    I am not a pro but I managed to tweak the Kemper drive so it was SO close and to be honest even though there was a slight difference (could probably be tweaked further) it was so close it was hard to decide which was the winner but I say Kemper Drive.

    It is a fantastic piece of gear!!:thumbup::thumbup:

    I wouldn't mind playing this preset :)

    Hi, everyone! I just got my Kemper a few days ago and have just read the manual and seen some tutorial videos,
    but still have a long way to go.
    I use Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and have installed Rig manager version 2.3.14.
    I have the Powerhead version with OS version

    I can't find my custom stored rigs on the Kemper in the Rig manager. Does these versions not support each other?

    from the website

    "PROFILER Operating System 7.5.4 Release for all PROFILER models

    KEMPER Rig Manager™ 3.0.136 or higher is required to communicate with this operating system version."

    "Rig Manager 3 Release (3.0.140) for Windows

    System requirements: Windows 8 or higher."

    2.3.14 was the last Rig Manager version to support Windows 7

    If you do this nonetheless, enjoy it and rest assured that you perfectly ignore Bill Finnegan's work and the reason he built this overdrive.

    there isn't and there never was a right way and a wrong way to use gear.
    tube amps originally weren't meant to distort and look how 'well' that held up in the long run.

    using gear differently than it was originally intended by the creator is an integral part of being a musician.

    could you please stop implying that you are the only one that uses this particular OD pedal 'the right way'?

    It's becoming a bit tedious to read, really. ;)

    hi, i bought my kemper in 2013 and in the required hardware it said "w7", not "w10 only". My current laptop from 2016 has a video card incompatible with w10. My producer, for example, works on a mac dating from 2009 in his professional studio (2 gold records to his credit). Many of us use w7. It would be a good idea to make RM W7 compatible. (Another funny example: I know 4 studios which bought melodyne5 but which use a hacked version compatible w7 ...)

    The RM is not mandatory to use the PROFILER.

    Windows 10 was released in June 2015, so it would have been pretty hard to put that on an announcement for a product released in 2012, even if that were applicable (see above).

    Even more of us don't use Windows 7 anymore (and I admit to have been a XP user for a long time myself) - Windows 10 is a superb OS, if you know your way around disabling unnecessary functions/visual effects or simply use google to help you out ;)

    and btw. there was very much the same debate going on when Windows7 replaced XP ;)