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    please make sure that the OUTPUT EQ is not doing something that makes you think all high gain Profiles are scooped - they most certainly are not.
    Try the factory rigs from MBritt, they have plenty of 'meat' ;)
    Also Mars Golub -I woudn't call that scooped at all.

    How are you monitoring things?

    I use pinch/pick harmonics a lot and have no issue producing them with the PROFILER.

    Is you Noise Gate maybe set quite high?

    The amp doesn't really play a role in this, you can do pick harmonics on an acoustic guitar.

    could the guitar monitor behind you 'bleed' into your mic and create this?

    feedback doesn't always have to be loud screeching, something like this (layering of identical signals a few milliseconds apart) could also happen.

    also, could one of the monitor signals be delayed just a tiny bit by some extra processing from the FOH or monitor mixer and the other signal not?

    do you send an extra signal for (mono) monitoring or is your Main Out stereo signal summed to mono by the FOH/monitor mixer? Using super short delay setings to create a 80s thickening effect in stereo could potentially be responsible for comb filtering when summed to mono.

    that's all I can think of right now, and no, I never experienced something like this, but my monitor is always receiving a mono signal from the PROFILER, with the Monitor Out set to 'Master Mono'.

    when it comes to multiple distortion stages

    Your profile includes multiple distorting stages, as in preamp + poweramp gain together?

    Ok, what I mean by "multiple distorting stages" is situations where you profile an amp with preamp and power amp distortion at the same time.

    I am referring to profiling amps with dual distorting stages

    but again, I am talking about multiple distorting stages.

    It can be your source/amp tone did not include multiple distorting stages,

    I think you made your point.

    Why bring it up again and again?

    Also, significantly distorting pre- and and power-amp stages are really quite rare.

    Bands like Sleep use this, but it's a very distinctive tone. In the vast majority of modern high gain applications, the distortion is coming from the pre-amp.
    The manual also clearly points out that a significantly distorting pre- and power-amp stage cannot be accurately profiled, but simply lowering the power amp saturation leads to very useable results. Or increase Tube Shape to get a more power amp like distortion.

    You almost seem to be on some kind of crusade and I ask you hereby to dial it back a little - this is not constructive posting behaviour.

    if there is an adapter involved, that's the first thing I'd be suspicious of.

    the headphones you mention are wireless/geared towards mobile devices (3.5mm).

    Can you check the sound of the Headphone output with a 'decent' 1/4" headphone?

    Yah, that´s my plan someday. But for now, I have no idea how to get close to a klon (I asked in another thread if somebody has found a way to get a Klon-like sound out of one of the stomps). But you´re absolutely right (ofc), listening to the raw preamp signal could help a lot, good idea.

    Aaaaaaaand this is more a scientific question on how the Kemper would translate multiple distorsions and gain stages into its serial distorsion programm.

    If I get any experiences during "re-profiling" soon I will share. Hey, maybe the mix of the distorsions glued into one will make some happy accidents :)

    You could get the white noise file from the Wah thread and send it through the Klon in your preferred setting (but at 100% mix - if that really is a thing with this pedal), then send it to me.

    This should yield some information about what's going on frequency-wise at least - which could be mimic'ed by adding a Studio EQ to an existing stomp.
    I have to warn you, though, as someone who owns way too many ODs, I do NOT believe that there is anything really special going on even with these 'holy grail' pedals. There's really just a bunch of ways distortion is created in a pedal, it's mostly the tuning of the circuit's pre and post EQ. If there is an area where weird stuff is happening, it's fuzzes, but not ODs ;)

    Multiple sources with notacibly different levels of distortion will not profile correctly since the PROFILER determines one level of distortion.

    What you could do is to listen to the raw (!) output of the Klon (at 100% mix) only and select a Stomp that is close. Add a Studio or Graphic EQ post Stomp and adjust for differences.

    Then reduce the Mix of the Stomp to your liking and add Direct Mix in your AMPLIFIER, too.