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    1) Two powered Kabs = less gears to carry

    2) Two Kabs + amp = possibility to use any guitar cabs with your Kemper

    It all depends on your priority!

    I would personnaly choose number 1 cause I'm lazy ........

    Hi everybody,

    Have the beta firmware and congrats to Christoph and everyone at Kemper, the fuzzes are excellent.

    I have a question about a possible bug (feature?). When I turn the EQ of using the soft button on my non-powered head, the Amplifier turns off as well (same with just turning off the Amplifier, the EQ turns off). Indeed, they seem to be linked. Was this a change I missed somewhere? Sorry if it's already been discussed.

    Yes, same here. I think I read somewhere that it's a known bug or a voluntarily change made for a future feature but I can't find the post about it for the moment.

    I should add to this that it is not just a matter of getting this glassy clean tone but also all the tones you get between a germanium fuzz at full and progressively rolling off your volume pot. Using a germanium fuzz this way has something very organic in the feel and is a lot of fun to play.

    Creating a rig with this behavior using a morph pedal would be absolutely great!

    So I assume that it would be possible to start from a full germanium fuzz setting to a glassy clean progressively by using a morph pedal with the parameters you suggest here correctly set?:huh: It would be great if it works! I will have to try it because maybe I don't need my Sunface anymore!

    Considering that there are no videos on the internet that will give to the listeners the real feel and tone of an amp or a digital box I found this video as very interesting because of its ''non-bias'' and ''no paid for'' context blind test of both units.

    Pick909 That's cool, everyone is different. I'm not saying it's totally crap or unusable. It just isn't at the heirarchical level I like. It's definitely designed to be easy to use, but that ease costs some expressivity IMHO.

    Now... if there were 4 morph controllers, and you could assign each one to it's own expression pedal, and then each parameter got assigned to 1 of the 4 morph controllers.. we might be cooking with gas then!

    Ok, If for you the paradigm is to be able to use several expression pedals to control independantly each parameter then I understand that the morphing feature can be a downside for you. I'm on the absolute opposite and like to have one wah and one expression pedal and the fact that I can control a lot of parameters with the same pedal with a surgical precision for each is a real must for me. The best solution for both would be the possibility to use several morph pedals and it could be an upgrade for Kemper to consider.

    To my knowledge the morphing feature in the Kemper is the easiest, most flexible and most powerfull way to control parameter with an expression pedal I found in any devices I tried and used. In fact I would have a very hard time now using a device without this amazing feature.

    Very interesting indeed! I didn't notice at the time and was just floored. They sound sooo the same they have to be heard from the same cab.

    You'll find threads and comments from me going back to 2011/2012, where I spoke about palm mute response on the Kemper and lack of accuracy. It's not a new thing and it's nothing to do with buying new toys. I have plenty of toys!

    If you found what you're looking for in the QC I'm happy for you and I mean it! :) What I meant is that I personnaly don't see a so call ''game changer'' in this device that would urge me to make the change from my trusty Kemper that's it!

    Like the vast majority of users I mostly use commercial profiles from people who know how to make it right and I'm pretty sure it will be the same on the QC users side. So, why the easiness to profile seems to be so important all of a sudden? It's certainly not a reason to make me swap my Kemper for the new toy absolutely not. But, you know, people like buying new toys and there is nothing wrong with it! ;)

    IT WORKS !!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Thank you so much DanienGreda for your help, it was the final piece of my RIG !! And, in bonus, I learned how NRPN works and how to enter values! Great!! :) And thank you too schoko, what a good community in this Kemper forum!

    Where you can enter sysex in this editor? Maybe try with NRPN notation:

    You have to send four CC commands:
    $B0 $63 $04
    $B0 $62 $41
    $B0 $06 $00
    $B0 $26 $01 (0x00 for off)

    Now I'm lost! ;) I absolutly don't know how to enter those kind of value in my controler. You say these are CC? Or maybe SysEx? I can't find any $B0 character in my controler preset messages. I know, I'm not good in MIDI but thanks to enlight me please! :)