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    I’ve always said that I can’t see CK being excited about redesigning the KPA for minor tweaks and upgrades. I don’t know him personally but everything I’ve ever seen about him leads me to believe he is excited by ground breaking challenges that are revolutionary rather than evolutionary.

    I totaly agree! To call a product a ''game changer'' it has to bring something revolutionary not only evolutionary even if it is a very interesting evolution. The creation of the very first modeler was a ''game changer'' then the creation of the first profiler too. All the rest is evolution. QC is evolution and if there is at some point a Kemper II I suppose that it will be more to it than just a repackaging with more power and a beautiful screen.

    Depends on the unit. The Axe-Fx III was so popular, users had to join a months long waiting list just to get one initially. But the Axe-Fx II had been on the market for over 7 years.

    If I remember well there was also Axe FX II MK II and Axe FX II XL at some points during these seven years. So the point is that if, as I did, you bought your Kemper in 2012 you never got to change your hardware since then and you're still with the same features as the latest model. It's pretty amazing when you think about it!

    It is normal that the gate choke your tone at low volume because it's its job to do so. But here is what I would try:

    1) Put a gate in stomp A

    2) Put a clean booster in stomp B

    3) Use your expression pedal as a Morph pedal which will back off the threshold of the gate in the same time as the volume of the booster.

    This way less gain will also equal to less gate!

    I didn't try it but it should be logical to work great! :)

    haha, well that explains it .. similar generation here i guess :D i still remember when the MC500 came out, i was stilll a teeny then but already a regular in the local guitar shop here who were cool enough to let me come around after school despite me not having any disposable income to spend. I remember they had the MC in a glass case cause it was ridiculously expensive at the time (maybe it was even a 5000). There's something about that shape and this combination of woods that speaks to me even today. They also had a Yamaha CP70 electric grand (even more ridiculously expensive at the time) which i was allowed to practice on and those two instruments were the stuff of my dreams during my youth. Managed to find a nice CP70 20 years later but never found a good MC.

    Found a ouple of MC500s over the years but since i've waited so long now i'm really picky and want a case queen where the wood grains is just right and not one that has been butchered, moded or refinished.I have an ST300 which is a bit the poor mans MC500 and very similar ... and yeah it weighs a ton like all the Matsumoko Ibanez. All the late 70 and 80s high end Ibanez are amazing guitars.

    I bought mine, believe it or not, for only $500.00 brand new in a closout sale. Most people were interested in Gibson and Fender stuff then I saw this beautifull Ibanez!... While I played it a lot during all those years it is still in excellent shape and, apart frets dressing, it is all original! Don't even know the value of these guitars but it is still my favorite especially for classic rock tone!

    Have a few fuzz pedals and have built several others from rare fancy transistors. They all do their thing into the kemper the same as a physical amp. No need to worry.

    From what I have, the biggest surprise was the cheap DOD Carcosa fuzz. It's really great and actually gets the most use. That's saying alot as there are some pretty cool and considerably more expensive fuzz's just sitting in the drawer (Analogman NKT275 & BC108, Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe, D.A.M Meathead, Earthquaker Devices HoofReaper, Zvex Fuzzfactory, original 1960s Maestro Fuzztone, and some others).

    Happy fuzz hunting!

    An Analogman NKT275 sitting in your drawer??? Man give me this drawer for christmas plllleeeeaaaase! ;) But, seriously this DOD Carcosa have to be good!

    ...and don;t forget, because the KPA can;t run 2 profiles, all you will have is the pedal sound, with no amp...

    It's why people profile the drive pedals in front of an amp, so you get this pedal in this amp tone. But, as you said, you can't use the pedal by itself, in a stomp slot, in front of any of your amp profiles in the Kemper.

    any suggestion settings for zendrive?

    I would suppose that the Zendrive is a very different circuit than the KD. It is more a Dumble in a pedal (to put in front of a clean amp) than a classic overdrive. Of course Roben Ford use it for his lead tone in a real Dumble so he use it kind of as an overdrive. Anyway I agree that it could be a fun stomp to have!

    In my years of studio ownership,,I have heard many times, two diff players plug into the exact same rig,, turn a few knobs, and sound completely diff,,

    Many of my budget sessions , I just set up a head, two pedals, and a 4-12, two mics, and cut tracks,for 2 players,,in the same band,with great results,One time a guy came in, did not like the set up,, pulled a Fender Pro Jr out of the back room, plugged in his strat, turned it on 10,, OMG,,he had his Vol knob thing down So well,,,,what a touch,,No Pedals,,, I have used that amp forever after that, still have it,My point is,, most of the tone, comes for the person playin, not the gear,,Just me exp,,cause I've also had my share of rich kids with their, EVH ,full set ups and matching gits, and sound nothing like Eddie( bless his soul)

    I'm lovin this,learnin a lot,,Thanks to all you guys for the passion to look further,,,,but for me... there are no rules,just great players,that make their own sound,,just saw and heard Jimi with a 3 pickup SG,and some weird amps???,,he still sounded like him,..funny how that works,,

    the ODs work great for me,,sound great,,very usable, Many thanks to the kemper team for more great stuff,,

    I totally agree with this! The hands and the amp! For example when you listen to the Jeff McErlain video about using Klon he sounds amazing even when the Klon is not engaged!

    Well, it is just my two cents, but I guess there is more in these simple controls than just what an analog EQ and drive would do. The interaction of those control is probably base on a complex algorythm. Anyways, we'll see by ourself very soon I guess!