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    Hey man! No problem if you prefer the AXE FX over the Kemper! No problem at all! Axe FX is a fantastic unit!

    It's just that, you'll have to agree, you look like the guy that is already convince that the Axe FX is the best of the best and tried a Kemper for a few hours just to be able to justify this assertion. Eight hours is not much even with experience. But it's your choice and I respect it!

    Be happy with you AXE man! :)

    He already own an AXE FX and he obviously like it so I feel he just wanted to know if the Kemper had that something special for him that he didn't want to miss. Simple curiosity I guess. The problem is that he didn't give himself the necessary time to get there... I owned myself an AXE FX in the past and the time curve to only beginning to get the tone you wanted was a lot more than just ''many hours'', a loooot more. Whith the Kemper it's easier but still you have give to yourself a few days at the least!

    I would encourage you to learn the Kemper interface which is very intuitive and simple. When I play live I know that I can modify anything on the fly without the need of a computer. I'm not saying that the editor will not be a welcome improvement but the downside is that people just don't know anymore how to use the interface when needed.

    I know I know it's all in the fingers! And when we talk about David Gilmour (Mister Feeling himself) this assertion is obviously very very relevant! But it seems difficult to achieve this tone with so much effects and still cutting thru the mix. Any rigs suggestions from you guys?

    I found this video from Andrey Korolev (which sounds amazing!!!:huh:) and he uses a Kemper (and his fingers!!!) to get there. Maybe he could chime in? :)

    It looks fantastic! And this guitar will carry a very interesting story!

    I think the key is for Kemper to have a standard speaker cab so that they can compensate digitally from a known point.

    Even if it isn't FRFR the Kemper "understands" it's lack of flatness and compensates.

    This would be an absolutely amazing innovation!!!

    Got my unpowered head in 2012 sold all my amps and never looked back! Apart from guitars I never kept a gear so long and it still makes me smile like the first day I got iteach time I plug my guitar in this amazing piece of gear!

    Nice protection

    I put a piece of memory foam between the KPA and the remote with no problem since several years of gigging. At first it will need some stretch which will happen very fast and everything will sit very well! Don't forget that the Kemper bag was design before the introduction of the foot controler.

    You really nailed ''this sound'' perfectly man! Most of the spring reverb pedals out there miss this very audible dripping sound which, in my opinion, makes the Kemper reverb absolutely amazing!