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    If you are in Italy, a Single Helix will cost you an RNAro, whereas a Double Helix will cost you a DeNAro. ;):P
    I'll be here all week, folks. Make sure to tip your waitress.

    Well, I just realized the price of a Helix, Holy Shit!!!! Keep your precious molecules @Tritium I thank more of something like $1299.00US but anyways we are in total speculation now and I'm perfectly happy with my Kemper head! :)

    What I personnaly meant was not a complete Kemper profiler in floorboard version but just a loader with which you would need the real Kemper head (or rack) to be able to use it. It would only be an accessory for gigging and It would not work if you don't already own a real Kemper.

    I don't know how they would achieve this thought. Otherwise I agree with deanR that the price of a complete Kemper floorboard version, even without profiling capabilities, would have to cost much more than 1K because a lot of users don't profile so much anyways and it could kill much of the actual Kemper forms sales.

    My idea WAS NOT an AX-8 style "profiler on the floor", but rather a companion product that is a profile "player" of sorts with very minimal controls that allows the user to load it up with profiles (from the Profiler) and take it on a gig.

    @benvigil, I was speaking about a full Kemper floorboard. Your idea would be nice if it cost a lot less than a full Kemper. For example a performance loader that would work only if you are a full Kemper owner but once load don't need the motherboard for the gig so your Kemper stay at your home studio. Why not if it would cost less than 1K and if Kemper can produce such a device. A lot of ''if'' thought! :)

    I'm personnaly amongst people who prefer not to have their precious $2000.00 rig at their feet on the floor where there is so much things that can fall on. But I understand how a one device rig can be appealing. My Kemper head with the remote in one bag is very cool too... and safer IMHO.

    The Ozone is a tone matching software. So you could for example match the tone of your miced acoustic guitar to the sound of your piezo acoustic guitar then make a profile of this.

    Yeah, I assume that, in the same way, you could profile the tone from ToneDexter and resale the device right after. :)

    I would be interested what I the sound if you change the guitar.
    Background of question:.
    I have a piezzo in my Strat and it sound quite nice via Kemper.
    But the warmness of my acoustic guitar I could not reach untill now. (For strumming chords its good enough)
    If an improvement of the tone could be reached, would it be also possible to profile it with the Kemper?

    From my reading you have to use the guitar itself to get best results. In the ''learning'' process the system will listen to the miced guitar in the same time than the piezo then translate the mic tone to the piezo.

    I know that Soundside have some acoustic guitars images for Kemper, which are more like Aura images, I don't know what is the exact process he used to make the profiles. But the difference with Dexter Pro is that the result is optimise for your piezo system and your guitar.

    I can't speak for the ASM12 which I never tried but there is a very large base of happy DXR10 users here. Most, as me, prefer it to the DXR12 because it give a more cabinet like feel. A lot of power on tap!

    I stopped by their booth @ NAMM and was extremely impressed. You could hear the "quack" disappearing as he played. The only downside, for me, is the $600 price....I just don't play acoustic enough to justify that. However, for someone who's primary instrument is acoustic, I'd say it's a no-brainer.

    So $600.00 will be the street price? Not so bad if I sell my Aura spectrum. Did they tell you a release date?

    As I understand it, this is much like the Fishman Aura system. I've played some higher end Martins equipped with Aura and definitely works very well. Aura is already on the market for years.

    Only problem with Aura is, you can't make your own profiles with it.

    Yeah, it looks a lot like fishman imaging but the big difference is that you can tailor your image by yourself for your own piezo system.

    Yeah, the Kemper will always sound more like your miced cab than your cab in the room. But did you try to use the ''pure cab'' feature in the output menu? It is meant to help a lot for this ''in the room'' feel.

    Here is what they say in the manual:

    "Pure Cabinet" will gently polish the sound of the virtual cabinet to move it toward the sound that you would hear directly - in other words: the sound of the cabinet without the microphone. The fundamental character of the sound will still be maintained.