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    Marshall SL-X 01 (straight into amp, no pedals or pre-boost) , try the Kemper Drive!

    Marshall SL-X 02

    Marshall SL-X 03

    Marshall SL-X 04

    Marshall SL-X 05

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    Marshall SL-X 06 - 14

    These are DI only, straight from the Two Notes Torpedo. No external boosts, just different variations of the sensitivity/volume knobs of the preamp. They make the sound tighter or looser.

    You can turn of the pre-eq on the Kemper, and replace the cab with your own. These are just DI, no cab profiled!!!! I just turned the eq and cab on afterwards. Someone is coming to buy my Kemper in half an hour, so goodbye!!

    02-05 have different Boss RGE-10 settings as a clean boost, also different IR´s in the Two Notes Torpedo Live.

    I aso used the free IR´s from Catharsis, I believe these are from 2009 but still rule!

    If you feel there is too much bottom end, check the Studio-EQ and change the highpass to a higher setting.

    Cheers from the Netherlands!:)


    Engl E656 01

    Engl E656 02

    Engl E656 03

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    They are channel 3.

    Signal chain: Solar S1.6BLB with a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 bridge pickup>E656 channel 3 speaker out into>TwoNotes Torpedo Live.

    This is my first go at profiling of an amp.

    I was surprised about the outcome because the openess and thick grain of the E656 are still preserved in the profiles.

    This sound might be too ´in your face´ for some but thats the way I like my guitarsounds. I also have a Marshall SL-X that puts out a brutal but still open Slayer RIB sound. Also got a Engl E530 and a Revv G20.

    Cheers from the Netherlands!:)

    I also have the Mesa Boogie 295, but my Kemper Rack is the unpowered version. Also had the Studio Pre, now got a Triaxis. My band uses my EVH 5153 100 watt.

    I used to tweak at home all kind of 5153 profiles (tru nearfield studio monitors), sounded great. Until I brought the Kemper in the rehearsal room and connected it to the return (power amp) of our EVH 5153. It was awful, too trebly. Using the Kemper as a preamp and A/B'ing it with our EVH I realized the 5153 profiles sounded best (on the 4x12 cab) without any eq. With the Mesa 295 I liked the Kemper/295 better than the EVH.

    After that I took the uncolored profiles as the basis and tried all kind of cabinet profiles. And played them really loud over my studio monitors. What seems dull/muffled at bedroom level will sound good on higher levels (on a PA). The PA loves the mids in your sound , so pump that up. Put some hi- and lowpass (its in the master output settings) on the master output.

    So I did it the other way around. First I got myself a killing sound tru the 4x12 and Mesa295, then I searched for a cab profile that needed not much tweaking to sound good in a venue.

    Ps. I have tried the Matrix GT1000FX (also have a loud drummer) but it was no match for our 100 watt tube amps, the matrix couldn't keep up volume wise.

    I have this case, but also have as a 4 HE and 5 HE unit because of the the depth of 23 cm.

    At the back, the Kemper has 28mm space, measured at the switch/pedal connectors, with stick out the most.

    At the front, the Kemper knobs almost hit the outside. In other words, if I were to put the case on the front onto the floor (without the front lid on), the knobs do not hit the floor.

    The lids have 34mm space inside.

    So 28+34=62mm space at the back .

    I cannot seem to attach pictures from my phone here, but if you hit me up on facebook ( I will send you the pictures.

    Just this afternoon I took my Kemper Rack Pre to the rehearsal room to try out my Mesa Boogie 295 simul class poweramp. Connected a Mesa Standard 4x12 V30 cab.

    The idea was to go tru some favorite profiles stored in the Kemper, disabling the eq.

    I just ripped the Uberschall profiles you uploaded in 2017, these are so great!

    So this evening I browsed the forum on Uberschall profiles and saw you just uploaded some new Uber profiles.

    Downloaded them, thanx!!!!!

    I have the unpowered Rack, powered with a Matrix GT1000FX running in bridge mode 1000 watts at 8 Ohm, connected to two Marshall 4x12's (together 8 Ohm).

    It's not loud enough............ It's loud, just not loud enough for a thrashband with an insane loud drummer.

    This is just stupid, but it is. We also have 5150's with are so much more louder. Settings on the Kemper are fine, the Matrix also has lights that light up if max power is reached.
    When the Kemper is connected to the power amp of the 5150 it is so much louder and brutal. And we use a lot of mid's in the guitars.

    I have to say our old Marshall 4x12 (gt75 speakers) aren't the loudest. If we would use Engl ore Mesa 4x12''s with V30's the Matris would be sufficient.

    So we will be using our 5150's as power amp for the Kemper.

    (and yes, we use ear protection)

    A lot of free profiles do not sound great as a whole, but sometimes the cab part just buries the great sound of the amp profile underneath it, hope this makes sense.

    The way I go thru the free profiles on RE is this:

    - Connect the Monitor Out (cab off) to my power amp (Peavey 60/60, but recently a Matrix GT1000FX) and a random guitar cab (my Mesa rectocab V30 4x12).

    - Do NOT connect your studiospeakers or FRFR system to the Main Out, we don't wanna hear the cab profile.

    - Now scroll thru the free profiles. If you hear (thru your guitar cab) a great sounding profile, save it.

    - Turn your studiospeakers/FRFR on and add your favorite cab profile. Mine is Till's Cablab 031, bit bright so you gotta bring the treble/presence a bit down, but it sounds a lot like what I'm hearing from my Mesa 4x12. I bought Till's Cablab because these are great and easy to tune/adjust. Lots of choices.

    Recently I discovered another great free profile following these same steps above. It's a Bogner Uberschall from BulldogXTRM, very tight and dynamic. I backed down the bass almost 2 db, but it's a great profile and stays very clear and tight if you play with very little gain. I play it with the Till's Cablab 031 over the studiospeakers.

    Another one worth to mention is "PP 5153 Stealth 100S" by "PETE POTENS" again in the Rig Exchange.
    This one is a merged profile, use it with your favorite cab and it rocks.

    I just love the PP 5153 Stealth 100S" by "PETE POTENS in the Rig Exchange.

    This ia a great dynamic profile for metal players. It is my most favorite profile. It sounds amazing tru my tube poweramp+4x12, but also with Till's Cablab 031 over studiospeakers.

    i can't imagine it would sound "the same", but it could end up sounding bigger. I've only just got my Kemper, but I think they're going to be happier with the power amp and cab. The PA will generally give you more dispersed sounds, but in my short Kemper experience, you lose some of the bark and focused punch of a tube power amp into 4x12 guitar cabinet. So dispersion can sound bigger, or muddier and softer. Just my 2 cents.

    Quick thought: are there any audio rental places you could rent a PA from for a night and try it out at your rehearsal space?

    My bad, I just changed my question. I wanted to know if a solidstate amp (normally used for the PA) would sound the same driving our 4x12's.

    No offence to the non-metal players but I would like advice from those who need the brutal wall of sound, in the rehearsal room and live.

    My situation now:
    I'm the bass player/singer in DeadHead, a thrash metal band from Holland. We just finished the recording and mix of a new album (guitars=Kemper). I own a Kemper and want my both 2 guitar players to use it. I will probably buy another one because I really want my band to sound good live. Both my guitar player were skeptical about the Kemper but after playing it they really like it playing it trough tube power amps and 4x12's.

    I have the non powered version and will buy a non powered too.

    We love the Kemper with a tube power amp (from 5150, but also have 2 x 19" Peavey 60/60 amps).

    I want to travel light. Having the Kemper/wireless/poweramp in 1 case would be one heavy case. I could keep the Kemper/wireless and Peavey 60/60 in 2 separate cases, but then I would have to connect the Kemper to the power amp. This is easy but I would want the rig to be lighter and more compact.

    The question.......

    I'm leaning on buying a PA power amp (2 EH) with loads of power. Those are 2 EH and light and would keep my case small as 6EH total.
    What bothers me is: would a powerful PA amp (driving our 4x12's) give me the same massive wall of sound as a tube power amp? Will it have the same feel?

    Thanx guys!! :thumbup: