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    And what is your favorite cab(s)?

    It's Till's Cablab 017.
    Cablab has loads of cabs with each a different flavor.
    (If you don't wanna spend a lot of money on profiles, then buy Cablab and enjoy the amp-part of the free profiles)

    When I start testing the amp profiles (on power amp ) I eq because there are frequencies that bury the essential tones of an amp/cab. I hipass at around 100 hrz, this clears up a lot. Lowpass at 6000 hrz to get rid of some fizz without muffling the sound. Than it will sound boxy and nasal. Take around 300 hrz, normal q-factor and dip this lowmid by 7 or 8 db, after this it will sound heavy but still open, more expensive. And you will have lots more space for other instruments in the overal sound, guitars and other instruments will be easy mixing in.

    I now have the Monitor Out EQ neutral, and the EQ on the Main Out Bass -2.3, Middle +0.5, Treble - 0.6, Presence -1.3 (reverse smiley). But my monitors are KRK RP8 with don't have a lot of Mid. Later today I will try it on a small PA system, see how the EQ on the Main Out will change.

    But all this are my 2 cents, this works for me as e metal guy .

    I went to see the Poodles in Osnabruck last weekend (one of my wife's favorite).
    Guitarist playing a Gibby and Marshall JVM410H on Marshall 4x12. He had problems with the miked speaker, so during the show they flipped the mike over to another speaker. Although the show was great, the guitar sound stayed very muffled and the low-end palmmute peaks were pushing other instruments away at some point. If only more people were into the Kemper thingy.

    This is my approach to getting "great" sounds.

    I used to roam around all the 5150/recto/marshall/... profiles on RM, listening to them om my KRK studio speakers. Like many of you i don't like a most of them.
    I bought some commercial packs wich sounded a lot better.
    Then i used only the commercial cab profile with the free amp profiles............sounded good to me.

    Then it hit me...... Like in real life, cabs sound very different and miking a cab is a real magical and difficult proces with various end results.

    I now see a total profile as two separate profiles, the amp profile and the cab/mike profile.

    I deleted every profile (900+) on the Kemper.
    Started Rig Manager.
    Made seperate folders for every amp I wanted to explore.
    In RM, for exampIe I saved the newest 5150 profiles from different users and put them in the 5150 folder. Did the same with other amps.

    Here it comes.... I wanted to test the amp part of those profiles, not the cab/mike part!!
    So I killed the studio speakers and connected my power amp & Mesa Rectocab.
    Then, in RM, I went thru all the downloaded profiles keeping only my most favorite. Without the cab/mike part of the profile, the amp profiles really are very similar. I saved some profiles wich sounded great thru the real cab but sounded horrible thru the studio speakers. Adding my favorite cab profile (commercial pack) made the same amp profile sound great again!

    It took me a whole day going thru the hundreds of profiles but i'm now back to about 90 profiles (total of 20 different amps) wich are on the laptop on RM, not the Kemper.

    Tomorrow I will take the Kemper + laptop to the rehearsal room for more testing/deleting of the current 90 profiles at high volume. I hope to be ending up with only 10 amps and 3 profiles per amp.

    I hope more Kemper users will test the free profiles on RE this way cause there are a lot of really great amp profiles wich are covered up by bad cab/mike profiles.
    So the idea is to test only the amp profile, not the cab profile. And add an excellent and separate cab profile later.


    Great profile!!

    I was looking for metal profiles and got +1000 profiles to try (Mesa, Marshall, 5150, you name it).
    Spend 2 days playing all those profiles and keeping the best.
    For Marshall sound I was looking for JCM800 with overdrive stuff. The JVM is great for that stuff.
    I never looked at JMP profiles but the Jose Mod thing got my attention.

    I just love it. The JVM profiles are great but they don't have the raw open growl like yours. And it cleans up really well.

    A big thank you!!

    Finally got to perform the update and try the Pure Cab function, on my home studio monitors. I really like it.

    I've read that it might not work well for high gain profiles. I guess that might be true for very high definition (as in, the Kemper amp parameter) sounds for ultra tight djent or tech death riffing, where the "sharpness" of close miking is part of the intended effect; but I like my metal tones a little more fat and growly, and for me Pure Cab seems to work great. Can't wait to try it at full rehearsal volume!


    I also like the Pure Cab option for high gain. With Pure cab on, I tend to disconnect the studio eq.

    Got it!


    Great profile, very balsy.
    Edit: I love how the definition knob reacts to the bass guitar. The overdrive is very accurate this way. Higher definition settings will get you that SVT distortion/overdrive, lower settings will get you the balsy tones. Great!!

    I put an Ampeg 4x10 HLF cabinet from Sinmix behind this profile, works great.

    Heb net een Boss FC50 binnen, moet nog even een midikabel in maar ik ken em nog van de Diezel VH4.

    Had al de SinMix Producer pack gekocht, daarna de 6534+ pack van DeadLightStudios en nu de Cablabs van Tyler.
    De Cablabs cabprofiles zijn erg goed. Ik ben nu aan het stoeien met 1 bepaalde cab, beetje eq en daarna met deze instelling allerlei amps aan het switchen, werkt erg goed.
    Er zijn ook erg goede gratis 5150-III profiles en enkele gratis Marshall JVM die het erg goed doen op de Cablabs van Tyler. Ik hou van de Definition knop!! Ipv een tubescreamer of overdrive ervoor kun je nu lekker het orginele geluid intakt laten, ook meer leven en een rauwere korrel.
    Ook de Mark III van Thumas is niet te versmaden. Ik wacht nog op de nieuwe gratis profiles van de Mark 2C+ van Djemass, ik heb hem mijn Cascade Fathead gegeven zodat hij meer verschillende profiles kon maken.
    Sommigen verklaren me voor gek dat ik een mike weg geef maar de beste man heeft een unieke amp waar hij de profiles shared. Deze 2C+ heeft net als de Mark 3 van Thumas een heerlijk grove korrel.

    Absolutely crasy stuff. I am impressed about Thumas and Djemas work. Thanks a lot for your time spending to create top rigs for the community I tryed one rig after another (you make my sunday), and i cant say whats best. Could you be so kind to give an idea wich rig i could use best to get the sound of satch boogie from Joe Satriani and wich kind of effects i have to use?