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    Hi there.
    Tom here, been reading the forum for half a year now, and watched a lot of youtube video's.

    Got me a Kemper Rack (no poweramp).
    I'm the bassplayer/vocalist in DeadHead but always played guitar over the years, bought/sold a lot of different amps. Sold my Pre500 Recto to pay for the Kemper. The Recto is gone to Belgium so no profiles from that baby unfortunately.

    I will be profiling a Mesa Studio Preamp, a Engl E530 preamp and a Microtubes B7K basspedal the next few days, and will put them on the rig exchange (giving back to the community).

    Today I'm having a lot of fun playing some profiles over my Peavey 60/60 poweramp with a Mesa Rectifier V30 4x12.

    Thanx Kalvits for the Bogner Anniversary B, Okstrat for the Bogner XTC Red-FRP and Sarky Mekmora... for the EVH 5150 III S.G.S.. :thumbsup: