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    I am very sadly having to leave Kemper land. I have been a user from the very early days, upgrading to a powerhead a couple of years ago. I adore the unit, it's capabilities and its sonic range,met has done everything for me I have always wanted, and more. A majority of the packs included in the sale are ampfactory, andy does the best in my humble opinion, and I have bought pretty much every pack he has produced, so it will have everything anyone could want loaded in it. I am investing in my fledgling luthier business, Bear guitars, you'll find me on Facebook at the moment, and I have to release some capital, in addition strangely since becoming an active designer and builder, I actually play guitar much less, weird. Anyway, it's in pristine condition, and represents a good saving for a unit that is mint, and fully loaded so to speak

    message me if you're interested, I don't want to, but if nothing comes through I'll have to resort to eBay, really don't want to

    I agree, the cds3 could be the greatest set ever

    The cleans are amazing

    Someone, somewhere here was asking about cleans

    I've played loads, Andy's and many others, and don't remember being so blown away as I have been by this amp

    It is all however a matter of personal taste of course, all I can say is that it's worth checking out, and forming your own judgement, but do at least give them a try, it really is worth it

    And if it's of any relevance, I've been here for over 2 years, and have played and tried a huge amount in that time, so while I'm not a professional guitarist, I'm not that good, I do think I have some experience despite that

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure, and indeed know, there a whole bunch of guys who do great profiles, and have developed their own skills and expertise. I'm pretty sure I've tried most of their profiles at some time or another, so as always in this guitar universe, it does come down to personal taste, and thank god for the differences that make us individuals

    The reason I've been so vocal is that this pack in particular has a resonance and quality I've not heard before, and i cannot recommend it highly enough, and as we all do when we discover something exciting, wanted to share my enthusiasm

    It is really well worth checking out, given the increasingly crowded world of profiles, commercial and free, I just wanted to encourage you all to at least give it a listen, I think it's the best I've ever heard, so didn't want people to miss out from at least giving it a consideration

    At the risk of repeating myself, which my wife will tell you I apparently do regularly, I think it's cos I'm sure she isn't listening the first time, this amazing unit has revolutionised guitar playing, but is only as good as the profiles it uses

    I have followed Andy's progress over the last couple of years and watched as he developed an expertise that makes him one of the best profilers in the world

    His work has provided us with enlightenment and delight as it has unlocked the potential of this beautiful box

    I know he has worked really hard,for not a huge amount of financial return, to develop these skills and make these profiles available, and without a doubt this latest pack is the absolute pinnacle of what can be done with profiles ans stunning amps

    He needs, and deserves, our support, you've got to get behind this pack guys, cos while he needs us, believe me, you need this pack more, don't pass it by


    I am a huge Andy fan, I need to get that out there first

    However, that aside, this is in my over 2 years of Kemper ownership the greatest set of profiles I have ever heard

    I have tried and enjoyed loads of stuff from many of you, bought a load of stuff from Andy and Amin, and even having done all that, and having an amazing set of profiles already, this collection just blows them all away

    I cannot find a bad sound, I cannot even find a good sound, they are all pretty amazing

    The cleans on the red plate CDS3 are sublime, everything I could ever want, a shimmer and 3D quality that represents the ultimate in 2 years hard gained profiling experience

    There is so much here, which I think will satisfy everything most could want, extreme metal aside, the hardest and most difficult thing I have to say is that this is it now, I do not need anything else, i am in guitar heaven, its lovely up here!


    Somehow, somewhere, I was told that 600w output from a digital amp was similar to 100w from a tube amp, hence the journey I've taken, never expecting to run it on full volume

    However clearly that's bollocks, and I can't remember how that notion got into my head, but it came from somewhere, however, I think the logical option is to swap out the 8ohm speaker for a 16ohm, that sounds like it improves the headroom, however based on use age so far, I've never taken it over 1/3 of it's play, so I can only hope it works without blowing everything

    Does my international support team think that's the most sensible path?

    This is the email from the really helpful people at matrix which basically re-confirms everything you have all said

    Seems to me this is a bit of an Achilles heel in the whole idea of the powered kemper, which wasn't, it doesn't feel like, clearly explained in it's presentation,and does slightly beg the question why when many of us are guitarists with cabs it wasn't configured so it could be safely used by us as well as those with high performance PAs

    bit fed up to be honest, although I still love it's sonic performance, wish I'd not gone near the powered deal

    Here's their quote

    "Hi Andrew,

    Hi Andrew, you mentioned you have an 8 Ohm NL12, if you want to swap the driver for a 16 Ohm one, thats not a problem. A 16 Ohm driver instead of an 8 ohm one will reduce the kempers power output by half, making things a little safer.

    You are welcome to upgrade to an NL212 if you wish, the NL212 has 2 x 16 ohm speakers wired across the amplifier terminals, so will handle twice the power of a single 16 ohm NL12 ... thats the good news.

    The bad news is of course that the Kemper will now see 8 ohms with the NL212, instead of 16 ohms with a single NL12, producing double the power, putting you back where you were, but now twice as loud :)

    Another way to look at it, the maximum position on the volume control will be the same for a single 16 ohm NL12 and the NL212, the difference will be that the NL212 will be producing twice the power.

    Remember the speaker is rated 60W AES (ie continuous) on music/programme material it will handle 120W, so an amplifier that delivers about 120W into 16 Ohms is about correct. The same setting will deliver 240W into 8 ohms, which is correct for the NL212, you may like to use a setting of around 100W / 200W peak to keep things a little safer.

    Let me re-state that again ... whether you are using a single 16 ohm NL12 (60W rated) or an 8 ohm NL212 (120W rated) the setting on the Kemper for maximum level will be the same. Assuming the Kemper is around 600W out ( I still cant find any mention of it in the site or manuals!!) and that is the 8 ohm figure, then the 16 ohm figure will be around 300W ... still too much, so if you set it at a level producing 100W into your 16 ohm NL12, when you plug the 8 ohm NL212 in, you will get 200W with the same setting. Thats the way amplifiers work, they are constant voltage, not constant power.

    I have no idea if the powered version of the Kemper has a "maximum power" or "power amp level" control, as I only have the non-powered one, but if there is some control, it would be an idea to not set it somewhere around 200W (peak) into 8 ohms (which will be the same setting as 100W peak into 16 ohms) this should drive both speakers nicely. Somewhere between -3 dB and -6dB of power amp attenuation would seem to be the correct figure.

    You are going to have the same trouble with ANY guitar cab out there ... nothing I know of will safely handle the Kempers full power of 600W into 8 ohms ... whatever cab you use, you are going to have to turn the power of the thing down from maximum to a lower level"


    Thanks for all the advice guys, I'm going to have to look at the db output level, I assume that's monitored on the front screen when you adjust the master output

    I have to say that if I'd known this issue could be this limiting, I'd have stayed with my first kemper and just bought a powered speaker, I thought it having the amp in was really neat and simple for live use, it's limitations really we're not clearly explained, not in words of one syllable for a dumb guitarist like me anyway

    Hey ho

    I don't get beyond bar band with a drummer levels, I'd really hope that if I go up to 2x12 it should be capable of handling what I need

    Will experiment with the power amp boost in the next couple of days, now I understand that it's actually more of a form of compressor/limiter on high peaks

    Very grateful for everyone's advice

    As a completely random mention btw, got married on a hilltop in Umbria last year, adore your country

    Many thanks

    Thanks guys

    Cos safety and sanity are both involved here, can i just be clear, I'm taking a feed from the speaker output of the power amp to my cab, with a speaker cable, that isn't monitor out

    Is that right?