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    Thanks viabcroce for your usual honesty

    I get it now, am exploring trading up to their 2x12 which has a power rating of 120 watts so hopefully much safer territory

    It's just a pain I guess, this amazing unit is the centre of guitar playing life, it just seems that this extra function would prevent anyone with any cab from having to worry

    I love the nl12, it's frequency range is wider than a normal guitar cab, it's not frfr, but using it with the cab function off has allowed me to dial in my perfect sounds, it's just a tad frustrating, and worrying, that for those live occasions, I might suddenly descend into silence, which some might say was a blessing!

    Ok, will have to check this out further to avoid a meltdown

    May seem like a daft question, but here goes, why put such a powerful amp in the unit without the ability to limit it's output other than by trial and error, surely it has the capacity to blow most cabs if the numbers are accurate?

    Hi all. I bought a matrix amps nl12 cab to use with my powered kemper, it's rated at 60 watts. I went to their factory and tried a bunch of stuff, it was the best sounding option to my ears, and using it at home plugged into the speaker out from the amp, with the speaker modules off, is delivering some fabulous tones. I have played it pretty loud to break it in, and when I get 'carried' away, but as yet haven't had the chance to use it in conjunction with our drummer, but it certainly sounds loud enough. My slight concern is simply a few reports about the reports of speaker cabs being blown, and as this is intended to be my live rig, whether there is a risk for me, I would never anticipate turning the kemper up full, don't play the kind of venues that would warrant that at all, but even so, is there a risk, and if so, anyone any advice about a different way to use it?

    Welcome your thoughts chaps

    I totally get the point about the difference between monitored speakers using the amp and cab sounds, and amp only through my nl12, and for recording it's amazing to have so much available options, but in a live situations my needs are rather simpler, and I can get the best mix of rock, blues and clean tones using the kemper and nl12

    I don't want or need to be changing sounds every song, but with a sonic palette of maybe 5 profiles can run the range from clean to billy gibbons beautifully, that this amazing tool can do both is more than enough for a passionately average guitarist like me

    But surely the point as well is that it can satisfy me, and also be huge enough to satisfy the more discerning and professional players like yourself

    I just hate small minded people, life is too short

    I don't own an amp anymore so my continued pleasure with this amazing machine is significantly down to the hard work of all you contributors

    I do buy profiles, love Andy's work, but thoroughly enjoy yours too,and a few other notable contributors

    Just think it is so sad that people cannot respect your effort and time, which is all for our benefit, complete strangers

    So respect man, respect

    gonna try em out later, thank you for all the hard work

    more importantly, who's the w******r that goes around putting one star on stuff, i mean for gods sake, if you've got nothing good to say, don't bother hey, these guys give their time and heart to improving ours, so if its not your bag, just shut up OK!

    As the author of what has turned into a fascinating and roller coaster commentary on kemper and IPA and Apple, let me restate why I thought it was important

    If someone creates something, anything, through their hard work, and makes a commercial decision to charge people for using/owning/accessing it, then if other people try to gain access or ownership without paying them for that work, then that is deliberate fraud and theft

    That applies to anything, most of you are musicians of many stripes, some amateur, some professional, and if you ever created anything which you decided people should pay to have, track, album, DVD, and others conspired to obtain it for free, then that is exactly the same

    It is simply the moral question of trying to obtain for free something that is clearly meant to be paid for

    This has nothing to do with whether what they are selling is worth it, should be created the way it is or indeed is any good, if they decide to sell it, and others try to obtain it for free, then that is theft

    and while on it, lost all my favourites again when upgrading to 2.3, really frustrating

    i know i should remember to backup before upgrading, but last did it 2 weeks ago

    noticing a definite problem when browsing around rigs, scroll onto one and its sound is very muffled, scroll off it and back on and its back to its full range, very strange, anyone else?

    As the originator of what has proved to be a lively debate, can I suggest we move on

    My intention in drawing it to the community's attention was to endeavour to protect guys like andy and Amin from having their work stolen, it wasn't a debate about whether they should charge, that's their right, as it is ours to buy or not, but having created their 'shop fronts' I feel we owe it to them to honour that

    I am sure stuff has been passed around , intentionally or not, but this felt so blatant, and consciously set up to effectively steal, I thought it important to 'out' it

    It is a tragedy that so many appear prepared to buy into their theft, but as has been commented by several, it's a reflection of the sad decline in what I would define as honourable attitudes, and a lack of respect

    Their work has enriched my enjoyment of the kemper, and therefore my life, I owe them a huge debt for that, and I think paved the way for the continuing development of new profiles and profilers, both free and paid for, r_u_sirius, you're becoming a genius, for example

    it'll happen, we have to try and rely on the integrity of the majority, and there seems to be a pretty large community of passionate guitarists who appreciate their work, so let's just keep supporting them when we can, they're very important to us

    Thankyou for your support everyone

    I sense this is getting larger than the original issues, but I think they remain the same here

    If someone consciously embarks on a path to invest their time and effort in creating something that they offer for sale, as compensation for that effort, then if other people try and acquire that for free, they are effectively stealing

    The fundamentals of how the kemper works, and what it does, i am sure were covered at length by chris and his legal team before the kemper went public, these amps turn up on millions of recordings we enjoy without the amp manufacturers expecting copyright

    There are thousands of free profiles, but there are guys who overtly, like Andy and Amin, and others less overtly, who ask for compensation for their efforts, and i firmly believe thats fair, and our choice if we want to buy into their work, or not, and I think its simply a just and fair response to honour that if you want their work

    I completely agree that applies to all material like movies and music, the more that is stolen, the less goes back to the producers, and the inevitable consequence is the less that gets produced

    I had Blockbuster as a client a few years ago, and even then they reckoned that 25% of all dvds watched were pirated, think what that does to the financial return to the studios that invest millions in making these films, and certainly as a musician if I publish my work for free, then enjoy it and great, but if I chose to charge for it, as its my livelihood, then that should be respected and protected

    I appreciate my views may sound out of touch with how life happens today, I fear very much a case of closing the stable door after the horse has left the field, let alone the stable, but its how i feel, and try to live, and try to encourage those around me to do the same, not always successfully, but you just have to do the best you can, and live with yourself i guess

    just my pennyworth

    The author of this post has been in touch and admitted he was wrong and I hope wants to wind the whole situation back

    He did ask me to remove his email address as he's been flooded by people wanting to join his site, what a sad indictment on a portion of our community

    These guys work hard to bring a new level of excellence to our kempers and deserve all of our support, and quite rightly should be renumerated for their hard work, it is shameful that there are so many out there who are happy to get access to this free through a back door, these profiles don't cost much, and can illuminate our playing and life, it's not much to ask that we honour and respect their work


    I received this private message yesterday from cybermax3d

    I think this is appalling and urge all right thinking honourable kemper fans to do what they can to stop this disgusting theft from people like Andy and Amin who have enriched our lives with their hard work

    I hope the moderators take note and take action

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    Chris Dodge"

    Sorry, yes I do, nl12, it's best with the cab sim off, opens up the sound

    There are a few higher gain sounds that take on an interesting character with the cab sim on as an alternative, but that's a tone choice, not an accurate recreation of what I hear through my studio monitors, just different, but the vast majority are much better with the cab sim off

    For gigs I save my selection as new profiles with cabs off

    I didn't get the chance to try loads of other cabs by other manufacturers, I had tried some powered monitors before I traded up to the powered unit, and did play quite a few different ones at their factory using my kemper, really impressive

    For me the great range, sheer portability, it's lighter than the kemper!, and ease of use, just plonk the kemper on top, plug in, and you have the widest live rig you can ever imagine, sold it to me

    I went to matrix at their home base in Monmouth and tried a host of their cabs, bought a super lightweight nl 4, a 12 inch 60 watt cab with a huge sound and you can carry it with 2 fingers!

    It absolutely sings with my powered toaster

    It's not true frfr, but does have a wider range than a traditional cab, does it for me

    What a wonderful varied musical world

    Enjoyed your profiles, thankyou

    Really enjoyed your videos, always a joy to stumble onto something completely new, it must be a blast for you

    keep up the good work, in all senses