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    Stunning pack, other than the metal guys, these are the best sounding profiles ever as a foundation for everything else, just breathtaking

    get behind this guy kemper fans, you don't want him to stop his magic, and his efforts need your support

    Just a small request andy, any chance of a Bognor pack, I think he is possibly the most exciting and innovative modern amp designer

    However, we need andy, so help him out, he's invaluable to help our kempers deliver their full potential

    What I love with such a rich range, and despite my best efforts I still have over 600 active, is that every day I drift into a different amp or sound and play it for a while, and strangely different amps and profiles work for that session, so it is a constant journey, and an inspiring one. I have dedicated myself to becoming a better guitarist since getting the kemper, partly I'm sure because it gives me what I want straight away and I can focus on playing rather than endlessly tweaking to get the sound I want, it nails it every time. It has been the most enriching addition to my guitar playing life ever.

    No, I did do the system reset

    Believe it or not I resorted to how we used to treat the tv when it didn't behave, get mechanical, I tightened every screw on the back of the monitors, problem gone, no idea which of the little suckers was doing the vibrating, but nice tight clean sounds now

    Thank you for your advice, and taking the time to give it


    Thankyou for your help, I've done a system restart but unfortunately the difference is still there. My monitors are Adams a7x's, so pretty good. It's strange cos the sound main out from the kemper is fine, something happens as the signal comes out in spdif to rme fireface and then out from this unit to the the speakers. I hate these sonic challenges, trying to work out if there are any load variances through the digital out but can't find anything. Frustrating

    You know how it is when you hear something, it overtakes your life

    I have noticed a slight extra noise around my sound when I'm playing through spdif and monitoring through my rme fire face, my best description is some furry transients at higher register, and occasional bass vibrations through the monitors

    They are broadly not there if I monitor straight out of the kemper to my speakers, so something is happening from spdif to rme to speakers

    Anyone any advice?, it's hell when you hear something cos it spoils your playing


    Just wanted to say I bought a few profiles from Amin today, 52 deluxe just scrummy, but the star so far is the Bognor goldfinger, what a monster of an amp, and great profiles, really crisp and alive, fab job

    I think Bognor may well prove to be one of the greatest modern amp designers, always questing and doing new things, and IMHO the goldfinger is one his best, particularly as someone who doesn't need hi gain stuff

    I have recently moved house and was shocked when I fired up my kemper and mac in my lovely new studio to have a hum from hell. I have followed a bunch of advice and after hours of experimenting have tracked the source to a pair of dimmer switches in the kitchen below. Question is what do I do now? Anyone got any advice?

    Hi from sunny ish Dorset. I've used it in my studio for nearly 2 years, but as I'm starting to play live did a bunch of research and having upgraded to the powered kemper just needed a good cab, looked at various guitar cabs, but wanted something that played the full sound and found matrix who are based in Monmouth. Had a few chats with andy the owner, a passionate guy and fascinating to talk to, and went up to their base with guitar and kemper and they let me play through a bunch of cabs, some they've got in development. Eventually opted for their nl12, a super lightweight cab, it's literally the same weight as the kemper, or as Bruno says, one finger, to carry. But most importantly it has a huge sound,isn't frfr but is a wider range than a normal cab, and is the perfect partner, simply pop the kemper on top and you have a great rig, but if you have time give em a call when you have the kemper and go visit, it's fascinating. If you go for the unpowered kemper then they also do some great powered cabs, or ultra small power amps which will also do the job. Welcome to the brave new world, it's great out here

    I didn't try the q12, but they did have a range of cabs and the nl12 was just great, and so lightweight, it is a difficult judgement as it's so personal, they do have others available and andy there works closely with ck, so knows the kemper well

    He's very happy to chat as well so maybe get in touch, he is a very passionate guy, so fascinating to talk to

    I've not used one of these, but did go to the matrix factory in Monmouth where they let me try a range of cabs with my powered kemper and eventually bought a lightweight nl12 cab, which is super lightweight, yet pushes out a huge sound

    It's not full frfr but is wider than a normal cab, and for a majority of gigs is the perfect partner, and soooo easy to transport, just this and the kemper on top is great

    I've had my unit for over 18 months and I have to say I'm in agreement with most of the posts here, it just gets better and better, the sheer range ensures you never run out of things to try, if you're looking for some sonic inspiration, and so often I'm dialing through from one profile to another and I'll come across one I haven't played for a while, and the it's midnight........

    As a small mention I would also like to say that for me the work Andy at Ampfactory has done has allowed me to have everything I could ever have wished for, and a quality the consistently blows me, and my guitar playing buddies, away

    It's bizarre to have said goodbye to any amp GAS, and pretty much pedal as well, so I find all my GAS adventures are about new guitars, which is as it should be I guess

    It has completely given me everything, I upgraded to the power lunchbox with their deal as I will be going out live soon, and bought a Matrix Nl2, which is a brilliant partner, given that my venues won't be huge, as I haven't had the call from Madison Square gardens yet!

    This is the one that the kemper has been waiting for

    A sublime concoction of sweet chiming fender cleans and grit

    Notes bloom and grow with bell like clarity, giving all your guitars their true character and feel, some of these profiles are guitar heaven

    You've been working your way up to this level of skill Andy, and while there's plenty of rock blues and metal in all the other packs, the skill needed to deliver such an amazing clarity and quality of cleans and light break up is the holy grail for many guitarists, and wow your journey with the kemper over the last couple of years has brought you to this place, and I for one can just shout from the roof tops, you've arrived

    Bloody marvellous

    In my experience the kemper has allowed me to create and enjoy unparalleled guitar tones, which I enjoy through my Adams ax7's at home, I guess as that has always been my reference I have set up the sounds to give me what I want, but I cannot claim they are totally faithful to each amp, but they certainly rock my boat

    In my quest to find a live partner I wanted something that gave me the same feeling, and you'll see from my earlier post that I've found it in the matrix nl12.

    however I guess my point is simply that its about finding what works for you, we can get very carried away about categories and absolutes, for me this little cab does it for me, and while I know it's not complete frfr, it's certainly wide enough to feel right, I haven't yet experimented between cab on, cab off, but playing my profiles as they are set with cab on certainly gave me huge pleasure, which I suppose has to be the ultimate determinant, let your ears do the judging, and not get too worried about the technology

    hi all

    Thought I'd share my recent adventure up to Monmouth to visit the home of matrix amplification and cabs.

    I was given complete use of all of their different cab designs in my quest to find a partner for my new powered kemper, and wow, these guys really know their stuff, and Andy Hunt, the owner and passionate sound engineer is a fascinating guy. Their avowed quest is to produce solutions that musicians want, but most particularly to deliver solutions that are lightweight and portable. I was allowed to try all sorts of stuff, including some lightweight amps that will take back line amplification by storm, they are rewriting the rule book about how to get amazing guitar tone.

    I settled eventually for one of their lightweight nl12 cabs, a 1x12 cab that sounds huge, with a bigger than normal frequency range, which will deliver everything I need for any environment, until Madison square gardens come knocking that is. But the crucial thing is you can carry it with 2 fingers, and as a live rig with my new kemper happily perched on top is perfect, and beautifully portable.

    This particular cab isn't full frfr, but is certainly wider than most, and for me gave me a live reproduction of all my lovely kemper amps that is brilliant, and I can take it anywhere.

    There is loads of stuff in development though and Andy is passionate about the future, for anyone interested check out their site, and give him a call, he is delighted to talk through your needs and find the solution.

    Watch out tho, there is some industry busting stuff coming, and I reckon what he is doing for amplification is as radical as the kemper has been, one to watch kemper fans!

    you did a great super reverb in the last pack

    my 2 wishes are princeton and deluxe, the vibrolux in an earlier pack is one of my go to amps, so just those 2 please