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    morning kempers

    soon to receive my powered kemper so investigating what may be a suitable partner for playing live, just want a cab to sit on and play, small gig stuff, any experiences, one make being touted is the lightweight matrix for example, views?


    i have a 68 les paul which i adore, and dont have a problem with personally, but i recently aquirred a nik huber orca, and OMG what a guitar, and with its body shape may well also be a solution for those with rib ache, absolutely stunning, probably the best guitar i've ever owned (til the next one!)it

    Hey guys

    Been playing around with the 3 dumble profiles we have, and was swapping cabs to try and close to 'it'

    Then I realised there wasn't a cat in hells chance of me knowing what 'it' was, as I'd never seen one of these things, and never will, so as usual I don't know what I'm taking about

    However there are some seriously connected guys here now, and I'd love their advice about what they'd do to get the profiles close to the experience of actually playing one of these holy grails

    Any thoughts?

    have to say these are absolutely brilliant, a must for anyone who seeks real valve organic sounding tone, juicy, sensitive and really controllable off the guitar, i could never afford these 3 amps, i guess they'd be over £4000, so they're a snip, god i love the kemper, and i love what andy does with it

    as a side note i have not had any extra noise than with any other profiles

    to chuck a pennyworth in here, i recently upgraded my old les paul with a pair of bare knuckle mules, and can report these things are alive, such an improvement

    another thing that may be a bit contentious is i use the joe bonamassa stringing method, thats up over the top of the tailpiece, which allows the it to be tightened right down against the guitar, i also have tonepros bridge and tail piece, so its all locked down tight, which really helps sustain i find

    I have been a huge fan of Andys work since he first appeared on the kemper 'scene", and was delighted to help instigate the vintage pack through my association with Vintage and Rare. Your hard work and comments are also hugely welcome, I think he is getting better and better, I cannot wait for the Lazy J pack, which takes its heart from one of our best new amp designers, just ask Pete Townsend!!. Thankyou for your hard work in opening up the detail, I hope it encourages more people to take the plunge, Andys work is worth every penny

    to be able to play Gilmours actual recording amp is priceless, how much do you want £50, £100, £250 - its impossible to put a value on this type of opportunity

    unbelieveable Andy, well done

    just got em my friend, what a great set

    does just what it says on the tin, and a lot get really interesting with a bit of gain wound back as well

    a really successful set of sonic engineering, which as you say, is what the pros do in the studio to get to their final sound, so brilliant, and the new year hasn't even arrived yet

    keep exploring, just shows how much can be achieved with the green meanie

    whats next!?!?!?

    (lazy J maybe!!!!)

    As a kemper owner since Feb I have tried and played a significant number of profiles, and bought all of Andy's and some of Armins, so i've covered a lot of bases, and still have a small collection of 745 in my machine

    This new collection by Andy however just blows me away, the tones from the Gibson Bass amp, clean in particular, just fill the room whether you're on tele or les paul, but the sound of my les paul, newly equipped with its bare knuckle mules, through the brownface 1963 vibrolux is just breathtaking, on cranked or full, it has allowed my clumsy fingers to get close to the classic neil young black beauty sound, and is just THE sound, amazing

    OH MY GOD, Andy, Chris Kemper should send you lots and lots of money, you have realised his machines full potential with this set, they are sublime

    My digital green box takes on a whole new character when I play these with my eyes closed, it is battered and proud, smelling of slightly burnt dust on valves, and reacting to my playing like its alive

    it delivers the total promise of allowing us to complete the marriage of our beautiful guitars with stunning valve amplification produced when true craftsman soldered by hand and created these wonderous tones for the first time

    I am in heaven

    This is such a difficult area, it does come down to personal taste, and for me Andy's profiles are head and heels above any others i've used, and i have bought some of Armins, they just seem more real

    I think the beauty of a forum is that it does allow everyone to express opinions, effectively provide recommendations, and if anyone wanted any validation 100's of very satisfied customers tells its own story