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    yet another fantastic set

    my personal favourites

    Dr Z - just leaps out of the speakers
    Soldano - as you say, what a huge range of tones from one amp, for all lovers of warren haynes
    Princeton 65 - just nails that lush transparency
    The 2 clapton amps just growl, so much attitude, a long way from their original heritage
    Lindy Fralin VVT amp - what a toneful chap
    Peavey classic 50 - loved this when you featured it in your first pack, even better

    I have to say that i think your profiling is also getting even better - theres some timeless and absolute stone cold classics here

    how about some vintage amps - think you could get hold of some really rare unique stuff?

    Hi all

    Just wanted to say that I have been busy with Andys profiles for a few weeks now, and there is no doubt they are the most alive and consistent profiles out there, with some amazing amps

    I know there a bunch of individual profiles out there which are also great, but the sheer volume and breadth of his is staggering

    I was of course tongue in cheek at the beginning, but since the ability to nail a great amp and make a great profile is clearly a skill, I would suggest he is one of the best in the world at this game, along with some others of course, but its a small club

    roll on with the next packs Andy, i cannot wait, and those extra special vintage ones sound like a fantastic idea

    well i'm 56 today, and what a birthday treat this new pack is

    to my uncultured ears, this is just getting better every time, and i think this set is possibly the best we've had yet (so far)

    love the trainwreck, of course, but adore the Supro and Bassman 59, think the Evil robot is really cool, and enjoy the Vibroking's cleans a lot too

    but only had an hour to browse through them

    think i'll just ditch everything except this set and the later set you did of your first group, there's just everything i could possibly need

    brilliant well done Andy

    hi all
    this is a slightly left field kemper question, but welcome any thoughts as i'm stumped

    I'm selling my Duet2 (anyone interested?) as i've just bought an RME ucx so I can take advantage of the kemper SPDIF output

    While everything seems fine, I can hear the input from the kemper and play through my monitor speakers, and also play itunes through it, it is not working as a record input into logic. My audio channels now offer me 18 inputs, which is strange, and when i record activate a channel to record, regardless of which input i pick, there is no signal coming into logic. As the kemper is the master clock output, I have had to return to 44.1khz, but nothing seems to work. I feel i'm missing something obvious - any advice?

    if its ebay they do have a dispute reconciliation procedure, but dont know how efficient it is, check out your method of payment as well, there may be something you can use there, if all else fails, knock on their door!

    Hiya, it's just that relentless sense there's something even better possible, it's why when we've pronounced to the world that this strat/ les paul/ tele/ prs is the one, and we'll never need another, we still find ourselves thinking maybe 6 months later!!

    I have invested in new Adams monitors so want to continue to get the set up as good as I can, so have traded my duet in for a new rme unit that does take spdif, and I look forward to the experience, and that is it, .......... honest!

    hi all in kemper land

    i use a duet2 into my mac, so take the audio feed from the kemper into the duet and out to monitor speakers and my recordong in logic

    is the audio improvement from using spdif out worth me changing my interface as duet2 doesnt handle spdif, and if it is, any suggestions about what interface would be a good one

    welcome thoughts


    which adams are you using, i assume for your guitar studio they are FRFR?, i have a pair of good powered yamaha monitors in my home studio, but since i got the kemper really want to get my sound as good as it can be, and from what you are saying this could be an improvement, the kemper is pretty much it for my guitar playing now, so i want to get the most out of it

    welcome your thoughts


    are you lot guitarists, or just out to find a problem to moan about?

    many of us have said buy, don't buy, its your choice

    personally they are the best collection available so far, and i've been here for months, and as a guitarist that is personally the thing that matters most, a peerless collection of amazing amps and tones, for less than the price of an average pedal

    if you don't want to buy there are over 1400 free profiles, get digging, theres gold in there

    I know for a fact how much work this became for Andy, and do not understand what the minorities problem is, its his choice, and yours, if you want to do this

    and on that basis, stop complaining, and do what suits you, its a free world, but don't knock others that choose to do it differently

    I completely agree, Andy's sounds are fantastic, and are the result of a huge amount of work, its not unreasonable to charge for that, and i for one have got a better guitar playing experience and enjoyment because of his hard work, so happy to reward that contribution to my life.

    There are also loads of great and interesting profiles available from other guys (tills I hope CK is helping pay for your back treatment!), but they are variable and they do take a huge amount of time to audition, which I don't have , so am happy to be able to concentrate on some core tones and return to playing and writing

    I think this thread should be about the quality of what has been produced, and celebrating that, not an endless debate about pay/not pay, everyone is free to decide, and that will determine whether theres a business model here or not, but it is all good, the kemper is an amazing tool, and the quality of profiles available is growing all the time, so that is brilliant

    i certainly agree with Tills, the system as it stands is not working, and due to the sheer volume of new members and profiles is beginning to be very unwieldy, in the early days i used to load and try everything, I now have profile fatigue and am much more selective, because to audition everything was meaning that i never got anything achieved. I think there must be more description added to help people, could we not evolve a lexicon of tags, which would be used to help search and scroll. These could be musical genre, but there could also be some to do with particular guitarists and maybe iconic tracks, as well as types of guitar, so one profile could have a range of references that could be used to help us understand a bit more about it, for example:

    'Jimmy Page, whole lotta love, humbuckers, les paul, classic rock'

    would this work, i certainly don't want to miss out on great profiles, but also i simply don't have the time to keep on top of it either, which means there is a danger of profile and forum fatigue, which would degrade the quality thats here

    blimey, when i get typing

    there was another important point i wanted to make, i have no amps, i've tried many times using nice amps in my home studio space and it is impossible to get what i want out of them here, so the kemper is by a country mile the best alternative. For that reason i have nothing to give back, so when someone does go that extra distance for my benefit, i am happy to reward that, i did donate for his first 2 packs, and have been happy to buy the new one

    Um, i am a huge fan of Andys profiling, I thought his first 2 packs were outstanding, and profile for profile more of his have passed the cut test than usual, and i think this new pack clearly represents a huge investment of time and effort to pull together, and from what i've listened to so far, has some stunning sounds in it. Andy is a sound engineer, i've found out after exchanging a few messages, and relies on his work in that field for his living, and like most things these days, its a bit patchy. I think that by taking the time to produce such a huge collection, of some iconic amps, it is entirely fair for him to try and recoup his costs, and even make a profit. The majority of profiles on here have come from guys who profile their own equipment, and share it free, and some of those profiles are stunning too, but I think the market forces will ultimately dictate what happens down the line. Andy will not get rich off the back of this, but if you buy the whole pack you are paying about £2 an amp for some stellar, well thought through, profiles, for me thats damn good value when you consider the richness they bring into my life, i really hope he does make some sort of profit, he deserves it. At the same time, this community will always be significantly about the passionate supporter posting half a dozen profiles for sharing, and long may it continue. I think Andys approach is totally valid, and i think the 99% of other profilers are equally, there has only been 2 guys who have taken it in this direction, and if there are more, good luck to them, but clearly the numbers speak for themselves, this will always remain a generous passionate place, and in the majority, free, this is just slight evolution, not revolution.

    Hi Andy, just bought the whole amp pack, i now have the most amazing collection of amps to choose from, some fantastic sounds and unbelievably even better than your first sets, which i never thought possible. This sets a platinum standard for the kemper profiles, as a previous guy mentioned, how the hell am I going to stop playing now!!

    well done

    wow, what an amazing list, i was happy to donate for the first 2 collections, and will be happy to buy this one when i get home tonight, without doubt whatever else i have in my kemper, your profiles are always there, the most resonant and real

    keep up the good work amigo

    then i think the profiles from him on Ac30 will give you something to smile about

    I think this unit is without doubt the thing i've been looking for for years, as a mainly studio guitarist these days, and you'll find that dialling up a great profile, certainly like one of Andys for example, and then just playing with the guitar controls, maybe tweaking the gain on the actual unit, having a listen to what the change in definition does, allows you such a sonic range even in one setting, its just like playing a real tube amp, but even more flexible, an hours gone by and you've got a big smile on your face, its great!

    i'm sure you'll be staggered by his vox stuff, enjoy