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    hi all

    been active with this unit for over 6 weeks now, and love it, and thanks for all your help with profiles etc

    very recent problem is that i seem to be getting a lot more background noise, up to feedback, from both single coil and P90 guitars, when i didn't used to at all

    There is a strange ticking, and while i am adjusting noise gate and clean sense, it only goes if noise gate is well up, which a lot of you don't recommend, and clean sense at 0, which therefore doesn't take account of the pick ups output, so bit confused where this has come from, any thoughts?

    Been playing with this profile for a couple of hours yesterday and have to say its brilliant

    I have no amps to profile, so simply enjoy everyones else's hard work, so many thanks

    I like this one so much i've saved the cab as a separate element and it sounded great with another vox I like

    I don't know, because i have nothing to profile, what makes the difference, but some profiles are just alive, others aren't, but this one is one of the best, well done :thumbsup:

    i appreciate his freedom to sell them, enterprising i guess, and as you say he will have put a lot of work into them, my main question was one of quality, there are a some amazing profiles here, the only one of his that caught my attention was the mesa lodestar, and amp i've often lusted after, but never able to justify or afford

    Hi all

    i got directed to this site recently that is selling kemper profiles. Wondered if anyone had tried them, and indeed if they were superior to our (your) own efforts

    can I also say that I am blown away by this unit, and while i'm afraid I have no fantastic amps to profile, i am doing what i can to spread the word amongst my guitar playing community.

    So to echo an earlier post, huge thanks to all of you that are making and sharing profiles, its brilliant and hugely appreciated, and it really feels like we are all on a great journey together, i am sure Chris has more up his sleeve, and we are sharing the fun together



    Hi all

    first to say what an amazing thing this is, many congratulations to chris and the team, just make sure you protect yourself from the big bad boys out there, they'll be coming for you, this could do them a lot of harm

    my specific question was in the manual it says i can swap around cabinets on different rigs, how do i do this

    when a push and hold the cabinet button it offers a menu, but that contains very few cabinets, so i'm not sure how i take a cabinet from one setting and move it to a different amplifier

    has anyone run spdif into a macbook pro by the way, can you/how do you do it?

    many thanks