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    It really does seem like operator error/inexperience with the KPA. Just because Fortus supposedly "uses modeling technology every day" doesn't mean he has bothered to figure out how to get the KPA to do what he wants. Trying it out "in rehearsal once" kind of speaks for itself as far as the time spent with the profiler.

    Also, I would imagine there is some significant pressure inside the band NOT to use any kind of modeler on stage with GnR. It's an image thing. I realize it's just a guess, but knowing all of the old-school mentalities in a band like this, I wouldn't be surprised.

    This is why I'm an unabashed toady.

    I've bought 5 PRS without having played them first. No fear. The other three took seconds to decide after playing them.

    Pretty hard to beat.

    Same here. I purchased all of these (and a dozen more) online. Sorry for the bad quality photo. They were all great players:

    If you watch the lastest MBritt video called "MBritt's Kemper profiling secrets" you can clearly hear differences between the Kemper and the real amp (listening with APS Klasik 2020 studio monitors). Don't get me wrong please, it's not night and day!! Maybe Kemper even sounds better. But if you focus on "authenticity" it is not 99 % and only 1 % missing here. Mr. Britt himself is hearing it and calling it mid hump. That is what some people mean, when they talk about recognizing the Kemper because of some TS like sound.

    So it seems that even Mr. Britt has to improve on refining than?

    I saw/heard the same thing and it had me scratching my head. I have played quite a few MBritt profiles, and I like them, so he's definitely got an ear for tone. So, I guess our ears are sensitive to different things, which is fine.

    I profiled a dozen of my boutique amps when I got my first KPA, and I would swear my profiles were much closer to the original amps than some of what I saw on that video. But maybe others might hear differences that escape my ears, just as I did on the MBritt video.

    Wow, that's not been my experience. Having gigged the DXR10, I was pleasantly surprised by the Headrush 108s. They sound better as studio monitors and as a FRFR speaker for the Kemper than my Yamahas ever did. Much flatter and fuller. I'm hugely impressed.

    YMMV, of course.

    I'm still using a Atomic CLR NEO CAB AND LOVE IT

    I ran this setup live and I liked it, too. But a few years ago I went back to school to get my Master's degree, and all gigging stopped. I sold the Neo CLR and just played my powered toaster at home through a no name 1x12 with a Mesa/Celestion Black Shadow speaker.

    School's done, and I'm looking to start gigging again soon, so I've been looking for a new setup. The march of miniaturization keeps going, so I dipped my toes into the small form water and just bought a pair of Headrush 108s. Based on the clips I've heard, I have high hopes these will be flatter and more even sounding than my Yamaha DXRs (what I used prior to the CLR). The Yamaha was small and well designed, but it was mid heavy and sounded a bit boxy. I hope the Headrush does a better job.

    Wow. Very interesting.

    I guess as plays were such a major communication method then that this was a reflection on the prejudice in general or was Shakespeare particularly guilty of this ( just curious - I was born in Stratford!).

    Anyway, welcome back!


    Almost 20% of the people in London saw a play each week, so playwrights had a unique and powerful position of influence in the Renaissance world. I assert in my thesis that the morality of the day (generally sympathetic to the disabled and deformed) was turned negative due to the way Shakespeare and his contemporaries presented their disabled characters (including Richard III, Hamlet, Michael Cassio (from Othello), and Kate (from Taming of the Shrew).

    Welcome back! What was your thesis on?

    Welcome back!

    And congratulations on the thesis! What did you study?

    Thanks everyone!

    My Masters is in English Literature. My thesis is a critical analysis of how Renaissance plays (primarily Shakespeare) negatively altered the public's view of the disabled - one that continues in subtle ways today.

    Hello Kemper friends,

    I took a hiatus from gigging and from the forum a while ago when I started grad school (was working full time, also, so free time was at zero). I sold my Kemper rack at the time, but kept my beloved Toaster. as my only amp. The lunchbox did not get much playing time during these school days, but I have just submitted my Masters Thesis, and I'm coming up for air. I've posted a bit during the past week, but I thought it would be good to make a formal greeting as I return to activity on the forum (and in playing my KPA!).

    My only new addition is a Kemper Remote to pair with my toaster (I sold my FCB1010/Uno4Kemper when I stopped gigging). I just got it, and I'll be checking it out fully this week.