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    How's the latency compared to 1.0.5?

    I miss a substraction in previous ONE and I did some more accurate measurements, here you have the results...

    The conclusion is that latency is a little worst then in the 1.0.5, but still good compared to 1.0.4.

    Here you have the data:
    1.0.4 latency was about 207 samples (4,7 ms);
    1.0.5 latency was about 107 samples (2,43 ms) (and THE BEST TILL NOW reached and that really meets the specifications);
    1.0.6 latency was about 134 samples (3,04 ms)...

    I try before and after System restart, and the latency is exactly the same, so no need for that.
    Also, indipendently from the measurements method (anyone has its), I use always the same for every KPA version, so at least the comparison from them is totally effective.

    Did anyone measure it? I believe that on latency the Kemper Profiling Amp still must find his stability :|
    Also I noticed little difference latency depending on the chain effects used (with others MultiEffect consolle this not happened).
    For example I measure that in 1.0.6 if all the chain is off (also Stack module off) latency is 2,6 ms.


    Hi, just an advice to be more precise in the comparison. I clearly ear differences between the two tracks, but it is very important they sound EXACT the same from the beginning, so, even if you use same guitar, same pickup etc... but you are playing a different TAKE, the sound will be different!
    Can you (or others too) next times use a looper with the same take? It will be in this case definitively a REAL comparison with no more doubts!
    Try it... believe me... 8)

    This is done in purpose. If the reference amp was muted, when you switch to the profile, the A/B comparison would be bad. Even the slightest direct sound that you hear from your reference amp will affect your perception when you do the A/B comparison.
    Try to pull the cable whenever you switch to the profile. When the slightest sound of the reference amp was bleeding thru the air into your room, you will miss it now, making the A/B comparison fail.

    Anyway, in a future update you will have the ability to mute the reference amp by switching to the browser mode.


    I totally agree on that. it is better a slight reference amp to be present anyway in tha A/B comparison to have the right feeling. Obiously if we cannot put the reference amp in another room... thanks Mr. Kemper again for this unbelievable product, and please continue to develop on it and to improve all the things! :thumbup:

    This is a very useful stuff guys. I use a lot the looper, not only to make profiles, but also to build sounds and add effects, because you really need in every comparison to be independent from all other stuff that can generate confusion.

    Anyway Mr. Kemper likes the idea... so we are on the right track :thumbsup:

    Welcome Manlio!
    We are waiting for your profiles...

    Finalmente un negozio italiano a cui potersi riferire per questo fantastico prodotto! Spesso siamo gli ultmi ad arrivare... ma speriamo che qualcosa migliori in futuro ;)

    Non farci stare troppo sulle spine! ciao!!

    That´s right. But as soon as you use the lock function on the input section, the individueal noise gate settings are overridden. I am pretty sure that 90% of all KPA noise gate problems are due to this fact that many users are not aware of this. I already made the suggestion to the support to "decouple" the noise gate from the input lock function. Lets hope they change this.

    I believe that "decoupling" noise gate from input lock function would be important.
    When we use the same guitar we like to lock input sensivity, but we still want noise gate saved per rig...

    Hi, I also measured latency of KPA after new version 1.0.5.
    What I measured is the latency between the signal enter to the KPA (input) until come out (output) and I found about 107 samples (2,43 ms) respect to the old version 1.0.4 where latency was about double (5 ms).

    So a very good improvement and compatible with the specifications :thumbup: , we have only to solve the POPs issue now...;(


    I have the KPA from one week VERSION 1.0.4 BETA, I notice a very little latency in some stressing clean pattern with strong attack.

    Then I measure it with a test (to see if it was subjective or not), I put the Guitar with same line in into BOSS GT-10 MultiProcessor and contemporary in the KPA LINE IN and with the same AUDIO CARD (MBOX PRO) I registered both OUTPUT from GT-10 and KPA.

    So, KPA has 6 ms more latency than the BOSS GT-10. If you sum on it 1-2 ms to reach the KPA and other ms added from the sound card it can be noticeable.

    I believe it is a compromise that we have to accept for such real digital modeling, but anyway I hope that Mr. Kemper will work with his team to reduce as much as possible in some way this 6 ms latency more than other multieffect consolle.