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    I'm still bummed about this. I've owned mine for awhile now and can't believe this feature isn't available.

    Using the KPA as a preamp-only option into a poweramp/cab just doesn't produce decent results IMO.

    I'm afraid I'll have to shell out the $$$ for an AXE-FX II. Sad. :(

    I don't want to get into a discussion as to "why"...but I'd prefer to use direct profiles vs. an amp profile with the cab disabled.

    To me, the "punch" isn't as pronounced as a real amp and the speaker still colors the tone.

    I'm simply looking for suggestions from users who are also going KPA>Tube Poweramp>Speakers for real amp-in-room tone/feel. Especially in live situations.

    Thank you for the replies, but none have answered the original question.... :S

    After spending a ton of time searching through threads and profiles, I've come up with very little...

    I'm dying to get some great DI Marshalls, Voxs & Fenders.

    I'm planning on using these direct to power amp > cabinet for use live in my cover band (country, blues, southern rock, classic rock, hard rock). Hoping for lots of punch...equal to a real amp/cabinet.

    Anyone else have any luck/recommendations?

    "shame it was removed from the other web page..."

    I removed the explanation of the flash erase feature because CK did not like us to erase the KPA's flash - we should contact support.

    btw. it was the only way to get the KPA to work again for me also.


    So he'd rather a customer be stuck with an $1800 brick for days rather than fix a problem in minutes? I could see how this might be justified if they offered 24/7 tech support...


    Found out how to reinitialize the memory from another thread:

    "Erase the internal flash memory

    Note: ALL the rigs will be erased during this procedure!! ( credit to billruppert)
    Switch the main knob to off
    Hold the left/top soft-key above the LCD
    while still holding this key - switch KPA to tuner
    Maintenance Module will be started
    In the 'Maintenance' menu goto 'Memory'
    Use Memory FormatFlash and InitFlash
    Check if the KPA works (booting, tuner)
    Check all the KPA settings

    I will add, go into the SYSTEM block and hit Factory Rigs right most soft button. This restores all factory defaults."

    shame it was removed from the other web page...
    After that, I was able to update the os and import my rigs again...

    I recently purchased a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 1X12 and loaded an EV12L in it. I was looking for a great "amp-in-room" tone (as opposed to a FRFR setup). I sure found it.

    It hold it's own against any tube amp I own, and in some cases sounds better.

    Not a tube to be found.

    Quite amazing.

    Just in case you don't bond with the whole FRFR path and decide to go "amp-in-room", I found a great solution that rivals my 4X12's. In fact (I never though I'd say this) I think I like it BETTER.

    Basically it's a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 with an EV12L. The downside is the EV doesn't fit very well, and making it fit voids the warranty on the amp.

    Overall it's a small, compact rig that sounds UNBELIEVABLY great. Small enough for a jam session. Loud enough for a larger stage. The sound man gets a great sound direct from Kemper, so he's happy. I get great "real amp" tone & feel out of the PE60 so I'm happy. Best of both worlds IMO without having to spend a ton of money.

    Hope that helps.

    I was at Barnes & Noble last night and read a short, two-page (and fairly low-information) review of the KPA in Guitar Player, which awarded it "Editor's Pick". Oddly underwhelming review, though - it's as if either a) They didn't really get very deep with it, or b) Figured they had to say something but didn't want to do anything that might interfere with their their amp ad revenue stream. Is this the best they could do? Strange.


    I think you're on target with option B. :evil:

    The following settings take into account that I'm trying to approach the huge feel of my 4X12 cabinet with just a 1X12. :evil: . Obviously the bass response is set higher than normal to give me that "in-room 4x12 vibe". I would most likely roll back the bass settings live.

    Kemper>Power amp in (Mojotone Tone Machine EL34 head)>Cabinet (EV12L)
    Bass +5.0
    Mids +1.7
    Treble -0.9
    Presence -.09

    Kemper>Tech 21 Power Engine 60 (with EV12L)
    Bass +5.0
    Mids +1.7
    Treble <0.0>
    Presence <0.0>
    Note: I can also run the Kemper FLAT and get practically the same response by using bass, mid and treble controls on the PE60 instead.

    Kemper>FX Return (Bogner Shiva)>Cabinet (EV12L)
    Bass +5.0
    Mids +1.7
    Treble -2.3
    Presence -3.5

    I gotta tell ya...the punch and dynamics are a HUGE improvement over the older version. For guys like me that can't quite bond with the FRFR setup and want an "amp-in'room" solution...the new version is the ticket. I could easily live with any of these options, but the Tech 21 is my favorite due to size & simplicity.

    Today I tried running the following setup: KPA monitor out (cab bypassed)>15 band graphic EQ>Alesis RA100 power amp>1X12 EV12L speaker. Amazing.

    I tried using the return of a couple different amps (Shiva & Bambino Grande), but the Alesis & EV combo seems to leave the sound uncolored & let the true character of the amps in the KPA shine.

    I'm saving up for a Matrix GM50...I hope that's even better!


    Am I imagining things? ?(

    What a difference! 8o

    I actually scrolled through dozens of different cabinets (with auto-load on) and couldn't hear a difference at all. It was definitely NOT like this before. Awesome! :thumbsup:

    The only "odd" behavior I noticed was that the output volume dropped while I was scrolling through different cabinets. It seemed to stay that way until I re-selected the current rig or a new rig. 8|

    I ran the KPA directly into my Reason Bambino Grande effects return and into an EV12L 1X12 cabinet and was totally blown away. ^^

    For any users out there who had a problem with the KPA monitor out coloring the tone when might want to revisit the issue with this update. :thumbup: