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    Greetings fellow KPA'ers!

    I'm trying to find a solution for monitoring my KPA with a 1X12 combo amp. It's a Mesa Boogie F50 retrofitted with an EVM12L. It's a great grab-n-go combo for small/medium sized venues and also functions as a back up amp if the KPA fails.

    I connect the KPA to the F50 effects return, bypassing the amp's front panel controls and using it as a power amp/cabinet.

    My goal is to have the best of both worlds; a great KPA tone to the mains and a great "amp-in-room" tone for monitoring through the F50.

    The problem is that I find this setup has significantly less "punch" than the real amps I own. Especially on the light to medium overdrive sounds. I'm curious where that punch is getting lost.

    Do mics compress the original dynamic range of the amp/speaker? Is it lost during the profiling process?

    Could it be because the KPA "Monitor Cab Off" selection doesn't really remove 100% of the speaker profile?

    Has anyone else noticed this and found a solution?


    If your re amping the exact same take from the same performance then layering it several times with different amp tones but all from the same take it will have phase issues its normal as its the same initial performance. There's things you can do to correct it like inverting phase hard panning or slipping the time by 1-2 ms on certain tracks. but the bigger question is why are you using the same performance to re amp lots of amp sounds together? this will always sound better with different takes layered and also avoid any possible phase issues

    It's normal that you're having phasing issues due to the added latency from extra A/D D/A conversions. SPDIF will reduce the problem, but as Chris said you need to move the tracks in order to eliminate it

    That's what I needed guys. I wasn't sure if this was normal or not. If the accepted standard is to always do multi-takes, then that's the way I need to go.

    I'm trying to re-create the "wall of sound" I hear on professional recordings. Green Day "American Idiot" comes to mind. The guitars are HUGE. It doesn't sound like multiple takes either...maybe it's just hella tight. ;)

    Like I mentioned, the issue wasn't as noticeable when using multiple internal plugins or using a splitter to two real amps so I wasn't sure.

    That being many layers/performances would be common to achieve a sound like that? 2? 4? 6? More?

    Thanks! :D

    The signal chain is...

    1st recording (direct track):
    Guitar > KPA direct out > Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 > Logic

    Then, for re-amping:
    Logic > Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 > KPA main outs > Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 > Logic (different track)

    I should note that the tracks sound fine individually; it's when you combine them that it starts sounding crappy (phase?).

    Also, I've re-amped this way with real amps and not had issues.

    When I have a little more time, I'll upload clips.

    Hope that helps.

    I recorded 5 tracks using various amplifiers (with the same direct recorded guitar track). The results were terrible. All kinds of yucky tones and weird phase issues. :huh:

    But, if I physically played the parts five times, using the same amps as the previous tracks, the results were much better. :thumbup:

    And if I re-amp a direct recorded guitar signal using on-board guitar amp plugins (Guitar Rig, Amplitube, LePou) the results are fine. :thumbsup:

    I guess this might be obvious to some; I'm kind of a newb at this...but it still was a surprise. :wacko:

    Anyone else have better results re-amping? 8|

    Am I doing something obviously wrong? ?(

    +1 :thumbup:


    I will say that in my opinion, this does not happen with the KPA amps. It sounds like what I feed it, period.

    Agree with Feck 100% :thumbup:

    In my experiences with my KPA...

    Garbage in/garbage out.

    Great tone in/great tone out.

    Great distortion in/ great distortion out.

    My observation is that you seem to have a strong dislike of the "distortion engine" (judging by the number of posts and time you spend addressing the subject). I'm not sure what good it does to keep re-packaging such strong viewpoints about the same thing over and over.

    Sweeeeeeet profile man!!! I'm REALLY digging it w/my Tele.

    I love it when people make a profile so good that it needs no eq.

    I turned up the compressor a bit to get a beautiful shimmering clean with a soft pick attack and a nice gritty crunch when I dig in...all at the same volume...pure heaven bro...

    Thanks so much for such a great profile.


    I got one heck of a great sound going from the KPA monitor send (cab turned off) to an Alesis RA100 into a Marshall 4X12 w/Greenbacks. If they ever decide to make it so you can bypass the cab signal 100% it will go from great to HOLY GRAIL TONE. :thumbup: I tried using the effects return of various amps to test their power section, but they always seemed to color the sound too much. I guess since the Alesis is designed to be a studio reference monitor (albeit a cheap one), it seems to give me more of a true representation of the sound.

    I'm dying to get this out onstage and see if it sound as good live as it does in the room.

    Man I hope this happens soon.

    I've been touting the KPA to all my gigging Las Vegas guitar player friends (many performing on the Strip in front of thousands of people every month) and the response that keeps coming back is, "Can I go direct to a power/amp and guitar cab too?"

    Then I have to go into a lengthy explanation about how if you want to run it into a power amp & guitar cab, you would want 100% authentic preamp tone going into the power amp first. To accomplish that you would have to profile the preamp directly because the cabinet can't be disabled entirely. But that messes up your mic'd cabinet sound direct to the FOH. At that point you have to mic your cab anyway which defeats the purpose of having the KPA and turns it into a "preamp-only" solution.

    Then they look at me like I'm crazy. I can practically hear their minds thinking "The KPA is not for me".

    Very frustrating.