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    Something I just do not understand people asking for a new kemper.

    I don't understand why people WOULDN'T ask for a new Kemper. Again, it's technology. There's always room for improvement.

    I remember interviewing Christoph for the Guitar Center Pro video we did on the KPA shortly after it was launched. He mentioned that there was no need in his mind to improve the profiling algorithm, because to his ears it sounded as good as/indistinguishable from the real thing. Which, of course, is a fine opinion for him or anyone to have. However, we know that it is mathematically and physically NOT a 1 to 1 - so, for the sake of advancement, there is definitely a usefulness in others continuing to evolve the technology, which is exactly what the QC has done with it's more extensive capturing process (more varied test tones, significantly more processing time to assemble the "capture", more CPU to harness). Not to mention the other additions such as stereo, tri-and quad amping - which is something I've been wanting the Kemper to do since day 1.

    I’ve owned a KPA since day one, and have owned a second for the last 5 years so I could do stereo amping. The easiest way I can say it is this - after having the Quad Cortex for 2 weeks, I’ve sold both my Kempers. The KPA was a game changer. But, it is not an amp, it is technology. Technology doesn’t age well, and isn’t built to. Technology evolves and improves, and the QC is the latest evolution. I will always respect Kemper for being the trailblazers they are. I don’t say this to start any inflammatory discussions, but I did not find any area in which the KPA did as well as the QC, with the ONE exception of the QC having fewer effects at this point. But I lived through the development of the KPA effects arsenal, so I know that it takes time. From form to function, feature set, design, sound, feel, build, and convenience, the QC takes it. Neural is the new king on the block for me. Anyone who is the least bit interested in guitar processing technology should try one for themselves.

    Of course there should be an editor. There is simply no good reason NOT to have one. If the Bricasti can retrofit one, surely the Kemper crew can. For recall of sounds/parameters in DAW projects, it would be invaluable.

    I don't know if it's every profile, I think it is not always equally evident. But it's definitely not tied to specific profiles or specific profileRS. Also, it is most prominent on the bridge pup.

    I am running the latest public release firmware. Updated yesterday after noticing the problem; didn't change anything.

    Yep, it is still present in the KPA but nowhere near as prevalent as it used to be with earlier firmware revisions. I notice it with unison bends sometimes, and with 5th diads sometimes as well. I was tracking a cue the other day and had to go through 10+ profiles to find one that had a small enough amount of it to use the KPA on the piece. It is the one "chink in the armor" of the KPA in my opinion. Hopefully they will find a way to eradicate it altogether.

    Or screw that thing into the inside of my 2x12 Avatar Cab!!

    You guys have inspired me to ACT!!

    Scotch industrial strength velcro. Mounts REALLY tight but it can still be removed for use with another cab. I mounted the big power supply inside with it as well. Tidy.

    Really nice job on these Andy - I like how for these new custom shop ones you are naming them 1-2-3-4 in order of brightness more or less. VERY cool and helpful as far as knowing which ones to pinpoint for selection.

    I have to agree with the praise regarding Pack 2 - I spent a while over the last few days culling down all 3600 rigs I have to 300. Then I bought Pack 2, and kept 50 of 60 on my Profiler. Hands down the best pack I've heard yet. And then the Dumble pack - kept almost 50 of those too. Michael clearly has some voodoo happening in Nashville.... :P Awesome stuff!