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    Once again...there should be a certain place on the hp where people could check if they have everything and where they could download the factory content.

    Maybe I am getting you wrong, but you can restore the factory content in the SYSTEM menu with the "Factory Rigs" function (SYSTEM page 1/8, Softbutton 4).

    Right in the middle of all this the KPA throws up an error screen and reboots itself.
    First time I have ever seen it do that.

    Have you written the message down or taken a photo of it and sent it to support?
    Did it really reboot by itself?
    If it was a "SOFTWARE FAILURE" it means that the firmware itself was in a state that was not correct.
    The Kemper team needs your input on this, otherwise it is hard to track what actually happened.

    Timo, if you're going through the trouble to comment on what won't work, why don't you go all the way and suggest what would work? Or maybe let us know why what guitarnet70 suggested will "definitely not" work?
    Same thing in the other thread...

    Resetting the global settings will not help solve a "sticky" button. I wrote that function, I know what it does.
    My post was short, maybe too short, but what I wanted to express is: All this "press this or that on bootup", which is posted, including inconsistent naming of the buttons, does more damage than help. I just was annoyed that under every trouble report, some users propose this without having any clue.
    Usually, it does not help, since it is designed for a very special situation (corrupted data so the unit does not boot at all). On the other hand, it destroys the user settings like user and device name, leading to a situation where people might forget to reenter their name or reenter it different, so Rigs and Profiles from the same person have different tags, so entropy grows.
    We discussed this intensively with the support people and we all will try to be more specific.
    So, sorry for being too short, I hope this post clears it up a bit.

    Wel I'm hearing it, so it is happening on my unit, maybe not everyone has the problem that's why I've asked, I will test some more by recording it.

    The signal processor is located on a different PCB in the housing. There is no communication between DSP and main processor about which page is being displayed in the LCD. That's why I am so sure. But nevertheless, if you can hear something, you might can record it somehow, best case via SPDIF?

    To me with all the rigs when I try to change rotary speed using the preset "SteveRay" the KPA crasch. it's very unstable with this effect. what do you mean that you delete it? do we have to communicate this minor bug also to them?

    Ciao e grazie!

    Please send that rig with a short bug description to support. This is not a minor bug. I can not reproduce that behaviour here, I hope that I will with the rig you mentioned.

    Could some of you test this, not sure if it's already a known problem, or even related to the problem of the sound changing when changing rigs back and forth, but when you're in a patch and hit the Delay switch to edit delay settings on the LCD, while in that edit mode, till you hit Exit, the sound sounds different, not a huge change but definitely different, even before or after you change delay settings, it goes back to normal after you hit Exit, is this how it's supposed to work?

    I can assure you that there is no chance of this happening by just switching to the DELAY EDIT page and back.

    Maybe my ears are tricking me, but after I have upgraded my unit from 1.0.0 to 1.0.5 the latency did not decreased automatically. I had to do a system initialisation. I have not had enough time to test or measure it, but this was my impression.

    Yes, your ears tricked you. There is nothing that can be "resetted" regarding latency.


    This is a confirmed bug: when restoring a backup in 1.0.5, the global settings get lost. It is fixed in the next version of the firmware.