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    Yea I know. The midi cable has an ac adaptor that the plug that comes with the Midi Raider plugs into so I can plug it in by the Kemper instead of running extension cord across the stage.

    Ok I just ordered Rocktron Midi Raider as well as their hex volume/wah pedal and 7 to 5pin powered midi cable. I will report back and let everyone know if its easy to set up and use.

    Ok all did not go as well as planned today. Both of us had conflicting schedules and profiling was done in less than optimal fashion. We only had time to do one profile. Did not have time to mess with mic position, different cabinets, different pedals, or DI profiles. I had no way to isolate the amp as this was a wide open basement. So take it for what its worth. We used an SM57 through an Avalon pre with a Dr. Z "Z Best" 2x12 cab. We plan on hooking up again sometime late next week so I can do all of his amps and cabinets, vintage Rat Dist, Fulltone Robert Trower Dst, and a modded ts pedal. There are some pics below Profile will be up soon. This is my first profiling attempt so it may not be adequate.

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    Do you think Kemper plans on making a midi foot controller? If so, how far away do you think they are? I know this is all speculation but Im curious. I have the FCB 1010, but its so cumbersome. I was looking at the softstep or the Ground Control which are smaller but then I would have to get to additional pedals for volume and wah which would take up as much or more space than the FCB 1010. What are you guys using? Im wondering if I should hold off and see if Kemper comes out with something.

    Id love to get the little giant, but I just cant swing that kinda money. But thats the perfect size. The Peavey Vyper foot controller looks interesting but I dont know if that can even be programmed to work with other units. The Rocktron Midi Raider looks nice too.

    Someone else has the issue too? Thats good that you think it can be fixed with firmware. I was hoping I would not have to send it back. I contacted support and wrote them the following:

    Hello. I am really enjoying my Kemper! I have had a few quirks with it so far. The main one is the direct out is acting strange. I have had the Kemper for 6 days now. The first 3 days the direct out worked just as it should. However then it just stopped working altogether. I have been using the direct out to record dry signal to my recording to re amp later if the sound isnt working in the mix. Anyways, I was getting no signal at all from the direct out. I did a restart on the Kemper (holding down System while starting up the Kemper) with no luck. I then swapped out 3 different cords to make sure I didnt have a bad cord. No luck. So I did a few more restarts all with no luck. So I switched into Profile mode and it instantly came on. Switched back to Browser mode and everything was fine again. IS it possible this is a bug or may I have a faulty unit? Also, sometimes when switching over to Profile mode, it doesnt switch at all. I have to turn it back to Browser mode and then back to Profile mode before it will launch the profile assistant. Is this normal behavior? Your assistance will be much appreciated. Thank you! Jeff

    So I did a restart again and used a 3rd different cord that I know works and I still had no direct out signal. I quickly realized that I NEED the direct out for profiling. I am doing a small profiling session tomorrow! So I threw the Kemper into Profiling mode, and instantly had a signal again. Put it back into Browser mode and still have a signal. Im thrilled that its working, but I dont get it. Im wondering if there is some issue with my unit. Ill mess with it some more tonight to see if it acts up, but for whatever reason, it is working again just by flipping it to profile mode and then back to browser mode.

    No loop. Spdif out to Sdif on my interface, then direct out to input 1 on my interface. Worked perfectly Thursday and Friday night, not working at all now. Leaves me scratching my head. Not a deal breaker, I have di boxes I can use, but it would be nice to have everything working.
    I guess I didnt explain well enough in first post but i did do a system reset, following the instructions posted all over the forum (holding system down until it says initialiizing) and once that is done with it takes me to a set up page where you enter time, date, and user name.

    Last night I recorded some stuff and as always, I recorded the direct signal as well for editing purposes or re-amping if the sound isnt jiving with the mix. Everything worked great. Tonight I went to record again and no signal from the direct out as well. I turned off the Kemper and a loud hum started to come through the speakers from the direct out signal. I swapped out cable, held down the system button and turned it on hoping a system reset would resolve the issue. No luck. I turned off Kemper again and again loud hum coming through the direct out signal. Any ideas?