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    Not sure if this would work or not. I dont own a looper. But can you take a trs cable out of the headphones out (stereo trs to a tip sleeve cable) to the looper and then come out of the looper in stereo to the board? Not sure this will achieve what youre looking for. Just a thought.

    Yea I got them in right. I even watched a few vids on it. And I never said I was against using over the ear headphones at all. I just dont want to take my expensive headphones to church every week. I just love the 650s and I dont want anything to happen to them. I tired all 3 different size foam adapters last night (didnt try the rubber ones). It just sounds really thin and brittle. And like I said, I certainly dont expect the 215s to sound near as good as the 650, I was just shocked at the difference. I sincerely appreciate all of the responses. If I roll of the top end and presence on the profile, it sounds usable but then that sound going to the board will sound like poo poo. So Im not sure what Im going to do yet.

    Im the one who started the other thread. Just to explain what we're doing.......We are using a wired system. Its actually the Jamhub Green room. Im splitting all of the xlrs with an Art S8 Splitter. 1 feed feeds the Jamhub, the other goes to the snake. All of the gtrs are headphone out (kemper, Elevenrack) Bass and acoustic gtr are split in a di box. Pretty simple set up actually. I bought Shure Se215's to use and as of this point right now.....I absolutely hate them. Thinking I may just have to go with studio quality over the head headphones. If I drastically cut the highs on the profile I can get it to sound decent through the Shures, but it will sound super muddy through the mains. Im wishing the Kemper had a headphone out eq, but I know thats silly to even want. Anyways, good luck with your IEMs, and I certainly didnt want to hi jack your thread either. :thumbup:

    So Ive never used IEMs before. Our church is making the switch next week. I just got the Kemper yesterday (Ive had it multiple times before). So tonight I hooked my 500.00 studio headphones (Senn 650's) up to the Kemper. It sounded glorious. Just completely awesome. So I unboxed my Shure SE 215s which came yesterday as well. Plugged them into the Kemper and was super bummed. Terribly thin. Sounded awful. Im very discouraged at the moment. I knew the Shures werent going to sound exactly as good as the 650's but I didnt think they would sound this awful. I just dont have the money for 1k set of in ears with dual drivers and such. I hate the thought of taking my 650s to church every week, but I dunno, I may have to. Do you guys have the same issue with your in ears? Are there an affordable pair that may sound decent? I spent 100 bucks on the Shures and I feel like I just blew a 100 bucks. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Welcome back and stay. :-)

    I got it yesterday. Came way early. Just had a chance to mess with it today. Im never leaving again! The ONLY reason I left in the first place was due to financial reasons. Im serious stuck on the factory rig AC Top Boost Cactus. Just unreal. I havent even had the chance to load in my old rigs that I saved. Im just flat out stuck on this profile. The dynamics are just stellar. After playing through an AC 15 for the past year I just forgot how invaluable the Kemper is to me.

    We're in the process of switching to in ears at our church so everyone has to go direct. I knew the Kemper would be the only thing I would be happy with. It just doesnt disappoint in any way tone wise!

    My Kemper arrived yesterday (YES!) But it looks like I need a refresher course in the delay times. I searched the wiki, and then the deep reference manual under DELAY AND REVERB and I didnt find what I was looking for. So could someone refresh my memory on what the times are? The whole 3/16, 5/16 etc doesnt make sense to me. Im looking for a dotted 1/8th delay. If I recall that was the 3/16 setting? Sorry if this has been rehashed over and over and I did honestly try to find the answer I was looking for without starting a thread on it. ?(

    So can someone answer this for me......are there still issues with the leds on the toaster units? Previously I had to return 2 different toaster units and then a 3rd I just swapped out for the rack because I was sick of sending it in for replacement. The rack isnt available at AMS currently and Im dying to get the Kemper back. So Im not opposed to going toaster again but I sure dont want to have to deal with leds going out again.

    Thanks guys! I still have my usb with all of my amps saved on there so getting back into it will be a breeze. How are the new factory rigs that were released? Anything special? Im excited about faster switching time. Now does that apply to the KFC only? I will be getting a FCB1010 for now (cant wait 8 weeks for KFC) so will rig switching be faster on that as well? Ill eventually be getting the KFC so no biggie either way, I was just curious.

    Lower latency? Was that ever a problem? I dont recall ever feeling any latency issues.

    Do to financial reasons I had to sell the Kemper about a year ago (for the 3rd time). Im coming back for good as soon as the Rackmount version is available at AMS. So what have I missed in the last year? The Librarian had just came up when I had to sell. I know the foot controller is due out which is totally awesome. I see there is a new way to profile as well taking a DI of the amp itself. Any new effects released? What have firmware updates improved upon? I think I was on 2.1 or 2.2 when I sold it. Been seeing alot of love for the Mbritt profiles so Ill have to check that out. Even the forum look has changed since I was last here. So what else is new fellas?

    Ok I just tried selecting a bunch of rigs and hitting the Delete button on my computer. That worked. I re started Rig Manager, and those rigs are still deleted. Hmm. Wonder why the delete key works, and the drop down delete (when you right click a file) is not working. Anyways, seems to be ok now. Thanks for the help :thumbup:

    I was right clicking and selecting delete in the drop down. It deletes them just fine. But when I restart Rig Manager it puts all of the deleted files right back on my Kemper. I dont get it.

    My Name is the exact same on my Kemper as it is in preferences. Still keeps loading in rigs after I delete them. Now what? Any ideas?

    Try deleting with right click>delete. I just deleted 4 rigs hitting the DEL key but they stayed on the Profiler. I dis- then reconnected the Profiler, noe DEL works too.

    Ive been using the right click. Ill check name thing and see if that helps.