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    First off the RM is awesome! Thanks Kemper!. Im having a problem though. Everytime I delete a bunch of rigs from my profiler window, they all delete. But when I re-open the manager it just loads them all back on there. Why is this happening? Its done it 3 times now. Started out with 645 rigs. Get it down to 400. Everything deletes. Re-open rig manager and it re-loads everything I have deleted. Back up to 645 rigs. ?( I thought once you deleted from Rig Manager it was permanent.

    I have a couple of silly questions. I have read the manual and it states you can alter the tags. However when I select a rig and go over to the inspector window, it wont let me type anything in. Can we not rename the rigs there? Also, when I select a rig how do I delete the rig? I right click and the option to delete is grayed out.

    Edit: I figured it out. I wasnt in the Profiler location :thumbup:

    Ok solved for me. I couldnt wait to try the Rig Manager. So I put 2.3 back on. Sound was still bad. System reset and all is fine now in Performance mode. Havent checker browser mode yet but I suspect it is ok. One thing that still puzzles me and it just did it again when I re-loaded new OS, is it is literally changing my rigs in Performance Mode. The slot has the right name but it has moved a different rig into that slot. For example My main performance is labeled Morgan AC 20, Morgan AC20 +, Pitbull, Pittbull +. Once I did the OS though it was labeled right it was Initalised Rig, Pittbull, Pittbull, and Pitbull+. Not a huge deal, only took a second to set everything back up, but why is an OS update changing my rigs in Performance Mode? ?(

    You sure you didn't change any settings? The difference is massive.
    Well, I am going to check myself in 5.

    Didnt change a thing. Went through the process of doing the OS install (no problem there) then once it was done went immediately into Performance Mode to my main setting, thats when I discovered it didnt sound right. Thats why Im wondering if something in settings changed between 2.1 and 2.2. I never installed 2.2. I went right from 2.1 to 2.3.

    Im back at 2.1 for now. I have a really big gig this week. 2.1 is totally fine, sounds great. Maybe something changed in the setting between 2.1 and 2.2 as I went from 2.1 right to 2.3. Not sure. All I did for that sound clip was record sdif into pro tools for 2.3 first, then reverted back to 2.1 and did the same. So maybe it has something to do with spdif settings, though I didnt change anything. Im gonna get this gig out of the way Sunday, then Ill try system reset, check output, cab settings etc. Ive been updating OS since like 1.2 I think, and Ive never had any issues. And I know how these threads can get blown out of proportion, so it honestly could be some kind of user error here, though I didnt do anything differently. Hopefully Don can chime in. If all else fails, Ill send a back up to Kemper and see if they can see whats going on. Thanks for all of the feedback.

    Ok Im not trying to tick anyone off but I really hear a difference between OS 2.1 which is what I was on, to version 2.3. I thought at first it was in the upper range, but it sounds more like a boxiness. I recorded 2 different profiles. First Pittbull and Morgan AC 20 in 2.1, then the same exact profiles in OS 2.3. For now Im staying on 2.1.

    I have not done a system reset yet, so that very well could be the issue. What exactly does a system reset erase? I know it doesnt erase rigs, but does it erase anything important?

    I dont want to be a part of "the tone is off after update thread" but I have to be honest. There seems to be a tad more high end frequencies in my rigs than before this update. The update also removed some of my rigs from Performance Mode and replaced them with Initialised Rigs. Weird. I know the whole platform of the Kemper upgrades is to not change the tones. Im hoping Im just experiencing a placebo effect here. Im gonna wait until I have it hooked up to my RCF monitor before I say anymore. Im more use to hearing it through that than the KRKs here in my studio. So before someone chimes in and says "here we go again" :rolleyes: Im holding off saying its different until I investigate further. Maybe Ill try a system reset as suggested as well.

    I for one am just thriller the Rig Manager was announced. Its been a long time coming. Ive waited over 2 years for one, I certainly can wait a few more months. I would like an editor as well, but honestly I can adjust everything from the front panel. As a studio owner I can see the need for one. If an editor does come, great. If not, I wouldnt be terribly disappointed. Im also looking forward to the 2.3 update. Just wanted to say thanks to the Kemper team. I appreciate the effort put forth!

    If I understand this correctly to be able to audition different rigs directly from the Rig Exchange is FANTASTIC NEWS! Imagine going to Sam Ash and putting a Marshal Stack through the paces in the comfort of your own home and all of sudden you have the option of buying it free of charge out of the 4000 rigs available on the exchange at least 10 of them you can't tell the difference between the actual amplifier and the profile(is it real or is it Memorex)and maybe while I'm at it I'll throw in a Twin Reverb for good measure. For $3,000 (including the FRFR solution)I have $20,000 worth of guitar equipment, that's what you call a good investment. Not to mention the TAF and the other commercial rigs that are available I have not even explored. I also forgot to mention the tweaking capabilities of this unit. Keep on Rocking Mr. Kemper. Last of all I know that I am not alone on my thoughts and observations about the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. Thank You

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    Mats posted this over at TGP:

    From The press release:

    NAMM 2014 - RigManager For the Kemper Profiler
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    Press Information – for immediate release

    NAMM 2014 - RigManager For the Kemper Profiler

    Anaheim/ California, January 23rd, 2014 (ictw) - Kemper Amps, the company behind the multi award winning Kemper Profiler guitar amplifier today announced RigManager. RigManager allows to preview, tag and manage the thousands of rigs available for the Kemper Profiler. Equipped with extensive sort and search features, RigManger helps to find the right tone in no time and allows the guitarist to concentrate on his performance. RigManager also seamlessly integrates with RigExchange, a cloud storage system that thousands of Kemper Profiler users utilize to store their personal rigs and share them with the Kemper Profiler user community.

    RigManager is free of charge and available during Q1 2014. A Mac version will be released later this year.

    To learn more about RigManager, point your browser to:

    RigManager Basics
    One single application for windows acts as a content hub for the Kemper Profiler.
    rigs from within the Profiler, the local hard drive, USB sticks, backups and RigExchange can be searched, previews and tagged in groups or individually
    only one simple USB connection needed, RigManager talks directly with the Kemper Profiler
    Completely backup the Kemper Profiler
    Download and preview rigs from RigExchange. Currently nearly 4000 rigs from users available
    Sort rigs on local hard drive in groups and folders
    import rigs from third parties by drag and drop
    Preview thousands of rigs by simply moving the cursor on screen, mark rigs as favorite rigs conveniently
    Tag rigs individually and in groups. The better the tagging, the easier you find the rigs
    Search for specific gain settings (“++++” searches for a gain around 4)
    Rate rigs with a simple 5 stars system directly on the Kemper Profiler. RigExchange utilises user ratings to display score of a rig. Only rigs you have previewed can be rated.

    Update your Kemper Profiler using RigManager
    Mac version in 2014


    Mats N

    Apparently the link is not working though